My Dad Moved On – My New Life Begins

So it’s exactly three weeks to the day that my father went away. His transition was swift, somewhat unexpected (at least in that moment) and fairly painless. That said, he never complained about pain so, honestly, who knows? I’m already in the process of writing a blog for his own website, about his final movements…Read moreRead more

Officially a Canva Certified Creative – Hooray!

Super excited to announce that I’m officially a Canva Certified Creative. My box of Canva Swag has just arrived from Australia and it felt a little like Christmas has come early! Will explain a bit more about what it means to be a Canva Certified Creative, and what comes in the swag box that gets…Read moreRead more

First Wednesday Networking in Glasgow – 1st Event Nov 7 2018
First Wednesday Glasgow Networking

First Wednesday Networking in Glasgow Here we are three years later from when I resurrected Southsiders in Business after an 18-month hiatus, and I find myself doing the same thing again. Is that the definition of insanity? For the last three years, Southsiders has been run at the Village Hotel in Glasgow from 9:30am. It’s…Read moreRead more

Perspective is a Mirror, Not a Fact – A Quote by, Well Me
Perspective is a Mirror not a Fact - Thea Newcomb - Just say NO to copycats!

Perspective is a Mirror, Not a Fact The quotation – “Perspective is a Mirror, Not a Fact” is a quote I’ve said for many years now…I paraphrased it from a similar sounding quote, but essentially this one is mine. (Google it to see what I mean!) So as I am into tshirts and merch (short…Read moreRead more

Design a Day Challenge 2018 – Print on Demand
Design-a-Day Challenge Print on Demand

Design-a-Day Challenge 2018 So I’ve been doing a Print on Demand (POD) Design-a-Day Challenge on Red Bubble which began on January 1, 2018. The idea was to do a t-shirt design (or merch of any kind) every single day in the year 2018.  The hope was that two things would result at the end year,…1) I’d sell…Read moreRead more