Searching for the Best Music for Spotify Playlists
Thea's Things - the Best music for Spotify Playlist

Searching for the Best Music for Spotify Playlists Music is my life. Really, it’s as important to me as food, air, and all the other essentials we humans need to live. So I’ve been creating and curating some of the best music for Spotify playlists that I can uncover. I’m finding songs that are old,…Read moreRead more

Canva Training Courses Coming Up – Book Now
Thea Newcomb - Canva trainer in Scotland

Canva Training & Workshops Good news for anyone local who is interested in some Canva training courses, there are a few coming up in a few different regions of Central Scotland. All of the following events are FREE events with Business Gateway. Read on to see where and when these upcoming events are taking place… What…Read moreRead more

Thea’s T-Shirts: A Design a Day on Red Bubble & Merch Too
Click the pic to buy a Ralph Says Things T-shirt on Amazon

T-Shirts: My Design a Day on RedBubble & Amazon Too Just a really quick update about the world of Thea’s t-shirts. In particular how I am doing a “Design a Day” on Red Bubble & Merch By Amazon Tees too. So this whole t-shirt thing started last summer – when I stumbled across a video…Read moreRead more

Thea Newcomb Presents: Canyon City in Glasgow Feb 5, 2018
Canyon City in Glasgow - Get Midnight Waves before the show!

Thea Newcomb Presents: Canyon City in Glasgow Feb 5, 2018 Delighted to be presenting Canyon City in Glasgow on February 5, 2018 at Collabor8te co-working space. This unique event is the first ever Canyon City  (CC) show in Scotland and, along with London (and possibly Leicester), will be among the first few CC dates in the UK…Read moreRead more

#TshirtDay2017 – It’s T-Shirt Day
It's #tshirtday 2017 - 10th anniversary 6 Music BBC

#TshirtDay – It’s T-Shirt Day 2017 It’s the 10th Anniversary of #tshirtday – which started by 6music, the Alternative radio station – BBC 6 Music. I’ve been hearing about it on my way to work for the past week or two and debating on which old (or new I guess) band shirt I would wear…Read moreRead more