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Canva Feature Requests – What Would You Like to See in 2020?

Canva Feature Requests

New updates at the bottom!

It’s a whole new year and indeed new decade. Canva has made many changes and just last month, at the Summer Season opener, announced a bunch of new features that are coming soon. Some of the features I’ve already got access to as a Canva Certified Creative. Some have yet to be launched. What would your Canva Feature Requests be? What, if anything, do you find lacking in the tool?

Having a look through one of the groups I have seen a few features not currently available on Canva and I’ve had one or two I’d like to see.

Features I’d Love to See in Canva

Below, in no special order, are some of the features and functionality I’d love to see with any of the future Canva feature updates. To be fair many of the things I want to do often have some sort of “work arounds” but not all of them…

  • The ability to search images and filter by landscape and portrait
  • When searching for “Free” images/elements (a Canva Pro feature), to be able to filter out ones eligible for commercial use
    Search Canva FREE
  • Curved Text: This is a popular one that gets asked in most of my workshops. I’d love it – especially for designing my tshirts for my Print on Demand business.
  • Delete multiple items – It would be great to be able to delete lots of photos or former images in our “All Our Designs” area
  • Color/Colour Picker – While there is some aspect to this within the colour paletettes of an uploaded photo it’s not exact (Note: If you have a photo on the page, you’ll now find a palette suggested for you for recolouring other elements in your design, based on colors in your photo)
  • CMYK Export – An ability to export files with CMYK would be handy
  • Add textures
  • Add shadow effect (there is a work around, like most things in Canva but it can be a bit, well as we say in Scotland “faffy”)
  • Ability to add tables easily (again you can do it by using shapes but it’s a bit laborious)

Your Suggestions

So what sort of Canva feature requests would you have – if you could have them add any functionality? Have I missed any awesome features in my list above?

Thankfully new and exciting changes are coming all the time. Wonder what will be next…Any guesses?

Updates – Nov 2020:

Some of these things have now been added to Canva. Some others are in the works. Can’t say much about the latter…but  the colour Picker is rolling out, you can delete multiple items now (or file them in folders) and shadows are live now.


  1. Nicola Nicola

    The ability to have text run across columns (like on InDesign). Real pain to do newsletters with long stories.

    • I am not sure what you mean. Can you share a screen shot of what you’re saying? I’d probably make rectangles for tables and then they could be as long as you need. There are pretty much “work arounds” for anything you need to do in Canva…it’s just a matter of knowing them. Happy to help if I can! 🙂

      • I think what she means is this: In InDesign, you can “flow” your text from page to page and from column to column so that if you add a paragraph to your text, it automatically adjusts the columns and pagination. As it is right now, if you add or remove text, you have to adjust the columns and page breaks manually.

  2. Jay Jay

    The following ones would be very helpful for my designs. Sorry, I am a design novice so my terminology is probably way off 🙂
    – Ability to “cut” an element silhouette out of another. This is especially helpful for shirt designs. For example, creating transparent text in the middle of a heart.
    – Curved text. The workarounds are time-consuming. We pay for pro, and this would have unlocked even more potential in our designs.
    – Folder navigation UX on a desktop is unintuitive. I like the idea of being able to organize our designs, but the navigation bar still defaults to showing all designs and only pinning the most recently used 4-5 folders. So folders only made our organization less streamlined instead of more.
    – Folder navigation on mobile. This is a pro feature that only exists at all on desktop. When in a design you can navigate to a folder, but I want to navigate my designs in a folder experience.

    I can’t find anywhere to submit feature requests on Canva, but glad to see others voicing requests via other means.

    • Those are good ones – will pass on some of this info to them.

      I was going to say you could do the transparent backgrounds but I see what you mean about making something hollow like in a heart. (I do shirts and merch too).

      They know about Curved Text – that’s the number one most requested text feature. I do a lot of Curved Text designs but am using Merch Informer for those ones until Canva can roll it out.

      The folders thing is interesting…I had a call with Canva HQ in Sydney three weeks ago and was shown some upcoming UX changes.

      My dash now is showing the new UX so I am having to relearn my Canva experience so I think some of that will be covered soon too. Watch this space.

      I’ll email your comments now to the girl I had the Zoom with who is working on that specific team.

      If you’re on Facebook you can join the Canva run group and there are always posts about feature requests. I’ll see if I can find the URL to submit them to for you.

      Anything else do give me a holler and I can report to the team (as a Canva ambassador) 🙂

  3. 1. Love to see the (favorite any template) feature on a desktop which is only available on mobile devices
    2. The favorite templates which I have saved on the app are not displaying on a desktop device.
    3. Color Palette (able to search with a name or with HEX) which I can’t find on a mobile app

    • Some good choices there. I believe some updates are coming that will make you happy on some of that. Watch this space 🙂

  4. Spell check! Pagination / flowing text from page to page. Fillable boxes on downloaded PDFs. A real drop shadow on images! Just to name a few 🙂

  5. To make it short – because Canva serves thousands of people as a fast web-image creation tool, the ability to name files according to your ALT-text preferences would be a gamechanger.
    So basically, when you download the whole image set (.zip) of the pictures/graphics you just created, you could use an advanced feature that let’s say would allow you to name all the pictures inside the .zip something like this
    canva file name – picture name – general project name etc.
    Meaning you could construct different ways for the files to be named.
    A basic formula for blog post graphics could be: Blog post name – picture name – blog name. There would be multiple ALT-TEXT implications for this, furthermore it would be easier to have a very clean and organized picture database (now it’s just 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc.)
    I assume a lot of web-creators could benefit greatly from this.

    • Yes I agree as someone who has been doing websites for over 25 years now – you’re right. It’s frustrating when you do a bulk creation and you can name each page individually and then, when it downloads, it actually LOSES the info. It seems like it should keep the names if you’ve gone to the trouble of naming each canvas’s design. Good shout!

    • Louis gaulin Louis gaulin

      Similar to what you said,


      Ability to download design and use the design name to generate the file name.

      When creating designs that is on multiple pages, I usually name each design
      Page 1 – Main background
      Page 2 – Background Grey colors

      When downloading design CANVA will not use design name to generate the file (as single download or zip file):
      Page 1 – Main background WILL DOWNLOAD WITH NAME | 1.png
      Page 2 – Background Grey colors WILL DOWNLOAD WITH NAME | 2.png

  6. Johnny Johnny

    These would be game changers for me and many other t-shirt designers or other apparel: (Thank god they added the curved text finally)

    1. Cutting silhouette/text of another element like from a square example and the part would be hollow so the the background would be see through in different colors.

    2. Textures. Now they do have some effects for images like pixelate etc. But i would like to have some texture effects like distressed/grunge, water wave, glass etc. Of course the main one would be the distressed style to give the design more of a vintage look.

    • I would especially love “Distressed” and have had to get “distressed” fonts to do any designs but if it doesn’t apply to the elements it does look a bit random. LOL. Thanks for the comment. There are kind of workarounds to number one but I fully take your point…be nice to have them integrated to Canva.

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