My Favourite Canva Shortcuts

Fave Shortcuts in Canva by Thea Newcomb

My Fave Shortcut in Canva

Here Are Some of My Favourite Canva Shortcuts

In case you’ve never attended one of my Canva workshops in Scotland, I thought I’d share  some of my favourite Canva shortcuts with you today.

As a Canva Certified Creative, there’s nothing I like more than talking about Canva all day every day and teaching people tips and tricks!

Although there are a number of shortcuts that are reached by pressing a combination of keys, a few I want to share with you are single letter keyboard shortcuts.

At the the bottom of the post, I’ll show you how/where to get the full list of all of these shortcuts – both types. (pun intended)

My Fave Canva Shortcut Letter T = Text Box

    1. Give Me  a ‘T’?

      First of all the Letter ‘T’ brings up your text box. Instead of hitting “text” from the left hand side of the dashboard, I always choose to hit the letter ‘T’…All day every day.

      Fave Canva Shortcut - Letter R brings up a Rectangle

2. Can I Get an ‘R’?

The Letter ‘R’ brings up a rectangle – one of the most versatile shapes you can use in Canva.

I use it to highlight certain parts of text in my graphics – (see bottom bar in illustration above where my social media links are…)

I also tilt it to make it triangles for the corners of a design. I use it to make strips.

I often use the rectangle to cover the entire design and then lower the transparency. It keeps everything on brand and consistent!

The rectangle may just be my fave thing in all of Canva! It’s truly so versatile!!

Ok I am sounding a bit too excited by a Canva Shape, I know, I know. Let’s move on to the next shortcut…

Face Canva Shortcuts Letter L for Line

3. Let Me Have a Letter ‘L’

The Letter ‘L’ brings up a line. It’s quite a thin line, but if you wanted to you could stretch it from the middle into a rectangle or square so it too is super versatile.

The ‘L’ is handy when trying to separate blocks of content, or most recently, I’ve been using it a lot to create bespoke, lined journals and books for KDP (Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing).

So three cheers for the Letter L! One more for good measure?
Fave Canva Shortcuts Letter C - new shortcut for Circle

4. Can I get a letter ‘C’?

The Letter ‘C’ is the new kid on the block, (or should I say on the blog?) The ‘C’ brings up a lovely circle. It’s the newest addition to the Canva shortcuts and I love it!

Again the circle can be so useful in a design. You can use it to put some important text in. You can make a bunch of a different sized circles to highlight parts of your design. You can put circles inside circles. It’s your call!

Well that’s all for the single letter shortcuts…

Other Canva Shortcuts

All Canva Shortcuts - bottom of your canvas
There are a bunch of Canva shortcuts that you may or may not have noticed. They’re changing all the time so it might be worth popping down to the bottom right hand corner of your canvas to see them.

Thinking of become a Canva Pro?

There are many reasons to consider becoming a Canva Pro…For me, the magic resize is a real bonus. Sure there are sort of “work arounds” but the ease with which I can make 1 template, say a FB post, and then resize to be used on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc…

It’s a huge time saver.

Become a Canva Pro Today!
Click to learn more about becoming a Canva Pro user*

As I want to keep this post short and sweet, (500 words and counting) I’ll save the differences between the Free version of Canva and Canva Pro * until a later date.

If you enjoyed this post, you might enjoy my Free Canva Resources and tools post on Linkedin.

PS: Let me know which shortcut is your favourite in the comments below. See ya next time!

*affiliate links in post.

Officially a Canva Certified Creative – Hooray!

Scotland's First Canva Trainer - Canva Certified Creative

Super excited to announce that I’m officially a Canva Certified Creative. My box of Canva Swag has just arrived from Australia and it felt a little like Christmas has come early! Will explain a bit more about what it means to be a Canva Certified Creative, and what comes in the swag box that gets sent out.

What does it mean to be a Canva Certified Creative?

Being a Canva Certified Creative is just a fancy way of saying I’m a brand ambassador. It’s an invite-only program from Canva for people who basically promote the wonderful, cloud-based graphic design software through social media, online tutorials and/or in person via workshops like myself.

I have been delivering half day Canva workshops, specifically for nearly three years, and been mentioning Canva in other workshops since their early days in 2013. Had the pleasure of meeting its co-founders at the BlogHer conference in San Jose in 2014, so when I heard of the Certified aspect of Canva, I reached out to founder Melanie and asked what the criteria was. The rest, as they say, is history.

What Are the Benefits of Being a CCC?

What are the Benefits of Being a Canva Certified Creative

There are a bunch of cool benefits of being a Canva Certified Creative – a few of which are listed below:

  • 20 Canva credits and discounts
  • Free Canva for Work account
  • Added to a CCC Canva team
  • Access to a private FB group
  • Canva Swag
  • Early access to new features
  • Priority support

That’s some of the benefits of being a Canva Certified Creative. Love the swag bag of goodies.

Well that’s all for today. The holidays are officially beginning for me as we celebrate Christmas tonight…a few days early. I’ll look forward to wearing my new Canva tshirt in the new year at my next round of Creating Killer Graphics in Canva 2.0 workshops for Business Gateway.

Kudos to Claire Duncan from Ayrshire who was the first person to ever offer a Canva BG workshop then everyone else just copied her. Her invitation to create this workshop effectively changed my life so thanks Claire.

Need Canva Training?

If you’re interested in one-to-one Canva training or if you need some for a group/staff, then please feel free to get in touch. Training can be anywhere between an hour, a half day or even a full day as needed. I am willing to travel anywhere, globally!

As Scotland’s First Canva trainer, and now a Canva Certfied Creative, I’d be only too happy to help. Tel: 0141 416 1492 or email my first name at