My Fitbit Versa Review – A Month in With My Swimming Smartwatch
Fitbit Versa Swimming Smartwatch Header

My Fitbit Versa Review – A Month in With My Swimming Smartwatch I have been a Fitbit user for many years now. I have had quite a few Fitbits now, most recently the Flex and the Charge 2. I wanted a new health and fitness tracker and so my most recent purchase was the Fitbit…Read moreRead more

#5x50Chal – Day 23

Don’t worry lovely readers, I’ve been doing the #5x50chal every day – as I committed to doing. Most days it’s been pretty easy to do my alloted 30 minutes of exercise. In fact, almost too easy. I’ve maybe averaged the 5k a day or thereabouts. Yesterday was 10km I think. Boy did I feel it, too. Had…Read moreRead more

#5x50chal – Update through Day 15

Update on the #5x50chal I seem to have left my daily blogging by the way-side. I’ve managed to do the challenge all week as committed to – but I haven’t been doing so good with updating this blog I guess. The week has been spent walking. Weather for the most part has truly held out….Read moreRead more

#5x50Chal – Days 6-9

Well it’s been a super-busy Easter weekend and the weather has vastly improved since the start of the challenge. Thank goodness! As I was playing hostess for much of the break, I didn’t quite get the time to update the blog as I’d have liked to – so I am now…Mostly in pictures. It’s been a…Read moreRead more

#5x50Chal – Day 3

Day 3 of the #5x50Chal Well Cathie called and said “Do you fancy a walk?” I looked outside thinking, “nope, not really” but, alas, no such luck. I had to do something for my 30 mins of exercise today so may as well be a walk with a dear friend. Off we went. Boy it…Read moreRead more