Thea Newcomb Presents: Canyon City in Glasgow Feb 5, 2018

Canyon City in Glasgow - Get Midnight Waves before the show!

Canyon City in Glasgow - Live on Feb 5, 2018 at Collabor8te

Thea Newcomb Presents: Canyon City in Glasgow Feb 5, 2018

Delighted to be presenting Canyon City in Glasgow on February 5, 2018 at Collabor8te co-working space. This unique event is the first ever Canyon City  (CC) show in Scotland and, along with London (and possibly Leicester), will be among the first few CC dates in the UK ever.

It’s  an absolute honour to be bringing such an esteemed musician to do this private, free concert in my beautiful city.

Read on to learn who Canyon City is, how this unique gig came about, and how to claim your FREE ticket to see this live and exclusive show…

Who is Canyon City?

Canyon City is the moniker for Nashville-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Paul Johnson. Don’t be fooled by the city he is coming from. Though he’s based in Nashville, it’s not what I would call “country music”. Paul actually writes and performs catchy, acoustic, indie pop tunes overlaid with dulcet lyrical tones. (I’m not sure that makes sense but it does in my head).

To date there are two full length albums Midnight Waves (2016) and Constellation (2017). His music has appeared in Gerard Butler’s film ‘A Family Man’, as well as the Hallmark TV program ‘Chesapeake Shores’ (a personal fave of mine). Among others.

I first discovered Canyon City via – a wonderful site to discover all kinds of fabulous creators (not just music but books are on there too).

I downloaded what was simply titled ‘Canyon City Full Catalog’ in April of 2016.

From the opening bars “Smoke and Ash”, I was hooked on Canyon City. Threw a CD mix together for my car that day and off I went to work in Campbelltown.

Canyon City provided a beautiful soundtrack for the 140 miles. Whenever I hear those earlier CC tracks now, it reminds me of that idyllic drive. Always.

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

Since discovering CC nearly two years ago, I’ve been playing tracks on my various radio shows, getting to “know him” via social media and keeping up to date via the Canyon City Mailing list.

That’s how I learned of the upcoming London show in February. Not wasting a moment, I immediately reached out and invited him to Glasgow. I said I’d book him a hotel room and find the venue. Basically “get yourself here and I’ll do the rest”. Somewhat surprisingly, he agreed.

My first thought was to host it at Celtic Music Radio (where I do the odd show), but then I decided the room where they have their living room shows was too small…

The next thought was Collabor8te. I wanted something different, and because it’s a great space, it’s central and, hey, it’s my second home in Glasgow…it was sorted. Teresa, Collabor8te’s owner, was delighted to host Canyon City as she’s always looking for innovative ways to both use her space and promote it to wider audiences.

Here’s a recent video to see Paul in action…

The Glasgow Gig

The Canyon City show in Glasgow is a FREE, private, intimate show. We’re the capping the guest list quite low. Though he doesn’t know it yet, I’ll likely interview him just as I would if he were appearing on my radio show. He’ll be playing an unplugged set – most likely without a mic or any amps (numbers permitting).

So if you’d like to come along to the Glasgow show you need to register on the Canyon City Glasgow Eventbrite link.

If you are within traveling distance of Glasgow then this is a show you won’t want to miss.

I guarantee you that the next time you see Canyon City in Glasgow, it will be to much larger crowds. Tuts. Barrowlands. Hydro. Larger. Mark my words friends, this show will be unmissable.

If you want to feature Canyon City in press or on the radio – please reach out to me on 0141 416 1492. Thanks!

Canyon City in Glasgow - Get Midnight Waves before the show!


In Case You Missed It…

Did you see my T-shirt Day 2017 post? Or the post about my new re-purposed Thea’s Things Facebook Page?

I have been remiss with my blogging but will endeavour to do better going forward in 2018. Until next time, I’m Thea saying “see ya”! 🙂

UPDATE: 10 JAN 2018

This brand new video was just shared on social media – premiering on The Blue Grass Station website – but as their video looks all wonky on the page, I thought I’d share the video here…straight from YT. It’s already added to Thea’s Canyon City Playlist on my YT channel.

There’s No Such Thing as a British Accent

There is No such thing as a british accent!

There’s No Such Thing as a British Accent (And Other Things I’ve Learned from Living in Scotland for Twenty Five Years)

For those who don’t know me, I am Thea. I moved from California to Scotland in the early 90s. I’ve now lived in Scotland longer than I did in America. Honestly, that’s a weird concept to me. You see I no longer feel “American” as such, but then I am definitely not “Scottish” either. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between. I thought I’d start to do the odd blog post about my life straddling two worlds. The first is about a pet peeve of mine, if you’ll allow me to indulge myself just a bit.

No such thing as a british accent!

Britain is not England

For a long time something that has perturbed me, just a little, is hearing people say he (or she) “has a British Accent”.

Well folks, I am here to inform you that there is no such thing as a British Accent.

To be honest, I am not sure if it’s a phrase that gets used beyond America, or if it’s just a stateside thing, but I thought, instead of getting annoyed, I’d try to educate my American comrades.

You’d be amazed at the questions and comments I get, when back in California, from family and friends about Scotland.

To be fair, some people are informed, but many whom I come across when stateside don’t even know where Scotland is. Some even ask me how England is. Many do not know the geography or proximity of England to Scotland (and don’t even get me started about Wales or Northern Ireland).

I have to practice my empathy and remind myself that I didn’t know anything about the United Kingdom, aka Great Britain, before I came to study in London in 1987 either. And one could argue “why should they know” about the UK?

What is Britain?

Britain, is an island in northern Europe is comprised of four countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom’s full title is the The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It’s actually a bit confusing so perhaps you should watch this video because this guy explains it way better than I ever could.

OK, Back to the British Accent Remark

So coming back to the whole British accent thing…Those in the know will understand that each country’s inhabitants sound vastly different. And I do mean vastly.

What’s funny when people refer to a “British Accent” they not only usually mean an English accent, but also they tend to mean London or the southern region of the country accent.

Even withing England, you have very different accents with regional variations…so even saying someone has an English accent is arguably too broad of a term.

A northern “Geordie” accent (have a gander at this ‘How to Talk Geordie’ video – it’s pretty funny. Note: I couldn’t actually get any of the words they were talking about!) is different to a Mancunian or Liverpudlian accent! For some entertainment check out this kid and his accents (not just “British accents” but ones from around the world).

Scottish Accents

Scotland, my home, is no different. Take someone from the Borders, Central Belt, Fife or the Highlands and Islands – and all would have very different dialects.

Not only that – even breaking it down locally to my city, Glasgow, and you’ll find very very different accents. Someone from Govan, a southside, generally poorer area, in Glasgow sounds radically different from someone from a northern more affluent area in Glasgow such as Bearsden. There can be variations from north, south, east and west here.

Generally I pride myself on being pretty good with accents – on the whole. I definitely notice the differences as I travel around the country for work. I am intrigued by them too. Some accents, particularly in Glasgow can be beautiful and some can be well, how to put it tactfully, not.

It’s Not Just Americans Though…

Not to go too far “off topic” here but frankly stereotypes and cluelessness can go both ways – whether that’s about accents or general misconceptions about other countries.

On a daily basis, I am on the receiving end of so many erroneous remarks and assumptions about America and Americans.

In particular I find there are many about my birth place – California.

People in the UK often assume we all walk around going “have a nice day”, filled with positivity, and confidence. They also assume the sun shines every single day, and that we don’t get rain, or snow, or any bad weather.

During this recent winter in California, that could not be further from the truth…

On a personal level, just about every single day in Scotland, I hear the words, “You’ve not lost your accent”. I would think that would stand to reason as I moved over to Scotland in my twenties. My accent would have been fully formed by then.

In all that time I still can’t do a Scottish accent.

Incidentally, somewhat ironically, I hear “you have a bit of an accent” when I go to California.

So who’s right? Both I suspect. I refer to the earlier remark about not being Californian and not being Scottish either. I don’t know what I am to be honest, a mixture of both, I suspect.

But please help me spread the word to educate people – there is no such thing as a British Accent. Public Service announcement now over.

Linkedin Across Scotland 2016


It seems that 2016 has kicked off with a ton of varied Linkedin training for me. It’s taking me from Ayr all the way up to Aberdeen and honestly I can’t wait. Though it’s not the sexiest of all the social media platforms it is actually the one that benefits me most in all of my businesses, so I can’t help but be excited about teaching the merits to other SMEs.

Last month I was invited down to the Ayrshire Business Woman’s AGM. I gave three 20-minute lightning fast Linkedin sessions to the ladies there. It was a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got some flowers and a lovely meal in return.


Linkedin Training - Business Gateway

This month I covered for Stephen Whitelaw at Hillington for Business Gateway. I love doing that course so was grateful when I was asked to cover it for him. We had a good group of people across many sectors so the engagement in the room was fantastic. The delegates can make or break the course for me (and I suppose I for them). I highly encourage anyone in Scotland and in business to take advantage of the FREE courses that Business Gateway provides. If not my classes than my many colleagues who deliver training across the entire country.


What’s different about this month is that I’ve been asked to speak at four Scottish universities to teach some CMI students about the merits of Linkedin now too.

The first university, of the four, that I have visited was Paisley. It’s been a long time since I was on the Paisley UWS campus and boy, has it changed!

What was interesting for me was hearing from these graduates about what they’re hoping to achieve from the platform.  Many are looking for their first jobs or internships and they’re just at the beginning of building their networks and getting endorsements and recommendations.

Linkedin is the perfect place for all those goals – jobs, internships, endorsements, recommendations and building a network.

In addition to the Business Gateway training, in Hillington, and the various universities in Scotland, I’ve also been delivering some one to one training with SMEs, across Lanarkshire. That is fast becoming one of my favourite types of training because I can sit with the individual companies and work on their personal strategies. There are a few more companies to receive the one-to-one (or two) training this month and I for one couldn’t be happier.

So if you need some help with getting to grips with Linkedin – feel free to reach out to me on 0141 416 1492 or leave a comment on the board and I’ll come back to you. Otherwise do sign up for the Linkedin course that Business Gateway offers. It probably woo’t be me but I am sure it will be invaluable to you just the same!

September #29Social – Blogging Panel

Networking in Glasgow

Well it’s just over a week away from the #29Social September event at 29 Private Members Club in Glasgow. As ever the event will be held from 6pm and this month’s topic is Blogging. I’ve asked three lovely bloggers to come along and share their experience of blogging for business.

RSVP for #29Social - September - Blogging Event

#29Social September Panel

The format, like last time will be Q&A – so get your questions for the panel ready now. Oh do you want to know a bit more about who will be on the panel? They are as follows:

Click to RSVP to #29Social September1) Beauty blogger, Andrew James. So excited to hear his story, challenges and his experience of having just won “Best Beauty Blog” in Scotland for his blogbeautyandtheboy. (Follow Andrew on Twitter).

2) Also Emma Mykytyn, the Glasgow Foodie from Foodie Explorers at Food and Drink Glasgow. (Follow Emma and Co on Twitter)

3) Finally, last but not least, Alison Tinlin, “UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style” on Mrs P & P – Plans and Presents (Follow Alison on Twitter)

Please note that my #29Social events are open to everyone

The event is FREE for 29’s members and just £5.00 for non-members. The price includes a drink upon arrival and some wee nibbles to see you through!

If you have any questions feel free to ring me on: 0141 416 1492 or Tweet me @newthea


My Longest Love Affair…is With Glasgow

Where does the time go?

Today is my anniversary of living in Glasgow. I’ve spent nearly half of my life in this fine city…In that time, I’ve watched it grow, change and even mature – for the better.I love Glasgow - Photo and Blog Thea Newcomb - 23rd Anniversary

While it’s true that the weather leaves something to be desired, Glasgow more than makes up for it with its stunning architecture, varied music, abundance of parks, restaurants, museums and especially its amazing people.

While I look out my living room window, pondering all that I love about Glasgow, it’s a colour clash of green trees and gray skies. I hear the gentle, constant rumble of the M8 traffic, and birds engaged in an animated conversation too.

It feel like “home”.

If you told me, twenty-four years ago, that “a year from now you’ll marry a pen pal and move half way around the world” – I’d never have believed you. That’s life though isn’t it? It has funny way sometimes. I am not living the life I’d planned, but I don’t know if I ever had a plan.

Though my marriage only lasted a few years, my love affair with Glasgow endures and it actually grows year-on-year.

Every day there are a few things I hear, from people I meet, over and over “You’ve been here that long?” followed by something like “are you mad?” or “you haven’t lost your accent*”.

Both may or may not be true, I’m not entirely sure…

But I love this city for its diversity…There is something to do every night here! On any given week I can take in a film, gig, or go networking. Sometimes I even host my own events for networking (this week was #29Social at 29 Private Members Club in Glasgow) or for 80s music.#29social June 2015 - 29 Glasgow

As a California it’s been fun to host my own radio shows here (FYI: currently on Celtic Music Radio), and sometimes contribute to other shows – like next week, I am due to be on Kaye Adams show on Radio Scotland (all being well) – talking about viral content in the “Social Media Whirl”.

So what keeps me here? I am not sure. I guess I’ve never found a place I want to be more than here. I try to live in the principle of being happy wherever I am – and not let geography dictate it.

What do I love most? The music, the parks, the restaurants, River Clyde, and the friends I’ve made here over two decades…One thing I can say, it’s not the weather! (Though I often joke that it is why I came here in the first place).

Soon I am headed to my other “home”, the Silicon Valley, for somewhat major high school reunion, and I suspect there I’ll be told I have an accent, so I have to wonder who’s right? Do I have an accent or not?

For now it’s the best of both worlds. I spend a chunk of time each year in California and the bulk of my time in Scotland. Two of the most wonderful and beautiful places on earth. It’s not a bad life, it really isn’t.

As far as love affairs go, my love of Glasgow is the most enduring love I’ve ever had. Like all relationships it’s tested me at times. But when it comes down to it, it’s out-lasted all my other relationships combined.

Anyway, I’m off to celebrate my 23rd anniversary at a fave pub, McPhabbs with a fellow American, Lynette, who calls this city home too. We’ll no doubt compare notes over dinner and then we’re off to see a gig. Basically another normal night in this not-so-normal life of mine.