Not Ready to Make Nice

Not Ready to Make Nice I have not been blogging personally much, but aim to change that now. Anyway I was surfing through the Interwebs looking for good Father/Daughter content to share on the Ralph Says Thing page when I stumbled across a site I’d never heard of…On there amongst their trending links I saw… Continue reading Not Ready to Make Nice

Celebrating Many Things

Celebrating Many Things… This is potentially going to be a random, waffly post about celebrating many things. First there is the fact that it’s Independence Day tomorrow, and even though I now live in the country we celebrate our independence from, I still like to celebrate…it’s a day that means a lot to me. I… Continue reading Celebrating Many Things

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There’s No Such Thing as a British Accent

There’s No Such Thing as a British Accent (And Other Things I’ve Learned from Living in Scotland for Twenty Five Years) For those who don’t know me, I am Thea. I moved from California to Scotland in the early 90s. I’ve now lived in Scotland longer than I did in America. Honestly, that’s a weird… Continue reading There’s No Such Thing as a British Accent

New Podcast – Perspectives

New Podcast –¬†Perspectives “Funny how life changes….” those were the final¬†words in a letter my mother started to me, but never finished, before she died. That’s all she wrote, so I often wonder what she was going to say to me…What changes were happening? My “funny how life changes” moment happened this week about this… Continue reading New Podcast – Perspectives

My Longest Love Affair…is With Glasgow

Where does the time go? Today is my anniversary of living in Glasgow. I’ve spent nearly half of my life in this fine city…In that time, I’ve watched it grow, change and even mature – for the better. While it’s true that the weather leaves something to be desired, Glasgow more than makes up for… Continue reading My Longest Love Affair…is With Glasgow