Networking in Glasgow (part 2) – Past & Future

Over the years I’ve done a few posts about networking in Glasgow. A recent one was over on Linkedin and and another much older one was a post that was a “part one” which still gets a fair bit of visits. So I thought it was high time to update it with some broad options for places to Network in…Read moreRead more

June #29Social – One Week to Go

Well it’s Wednesday – which means that the June #29Social is just one week away! What is #29Social? It’s simply a chance for a bit of socialising – plus some networking in Glasgow and to learn a few things along the way. The topics discussed are always Social Media in nature – past topics included Linkedin,…Read moreRead more

It’s the Return of #29Social

For those who enjoy a little evening networking in Glasgow, I have the very thing for you! In the Fall of 2013 – along with 29 Private Members Club, I ran a few social networking events that you might say emphasised the “social” aspect. The first one had 3 speakers — Lesley Wood, Emer O’Leary…Read moreRead more

A Charity Idea to help Foster Kids in Glasgow

This week I was chatting to someone, who was a social worker for Glasgow City Council, about Fostering children. It’s something I am interested in (doing), and so I have lots of questions about the whole process… When I learned that kids are being removed from their homes with their personal items in “bin bags”…Read moreRead more

Valley Girl Update – Week 1

So it’s always a mixed blessing being back in the Valley. San Jose (the Bay Area in general) is a great place… to visit. The weather is good. Food-a-plenty. Gas is cheap (compared to the UK anyway). Shops galore. Etc. Etc. Etc. The flip side, however, is that it’s hot, crowded, over-priced (in many ways)…Read moreRead more