My First Prezi at Linkedin Socially Tonight

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The day has finally arrived! I’m about to get changed to head to 29 Glasgow for the event we’ve been planning for weeks!

I don’t really mind admitting to you that I am a little nervous…While I deliver training regularly (every month even) to new groups of SMEs, this somehow feels different. I guess because I am expecting a number of people in the room to be my peers (and some competitors). Some of them will, no doubt, know more about the subject than me! Though I feel pretty confident about the subject matter itself (I’ve done brief Linkedin talks over the years) – this time just feels like there is more riding on it. That pressure of trying to prove oneself I suppose. Especially as I am currently in the process of launching a business that rides on those skills!

Thankfully, I have a number of friends and colleagues who will also be in attendance showing their support. (One of them is speaking at this too! Yay Lesley)

Cover image for Thea's Linkedin Socially TalkThanks to Gary Ennis at NSDesign, I use Prezi for my Business Gateway talks on their behalf, but the one that I am about to deliver is the first one I’ve ever made myself! (And it kind of shows!)

As I’ve just finished and downloaded it, I’ve not even worked out how long it is, or what exactly I am going to say in reference to the presentation. Guess I’ll have to wing it…

So here goes nothing folks…Wish me luck. OK?

‘Really excited to see some of you there! If not, I hope some of you local folks are off seeing my friend Stephen Whitelaw down at Working Digital. If I wasn’t at my event talking I’d definitely be down there seeing his! Back soon with an update on this and Working Digital Day 3 which was great yesterday!

Microsoft PowerPoint is Pointless – Use Prezi

Well, before I begin, this is just an opinion piece on presentations. I’ve been to quite a few conferences/events this year (both in Scotland and in Silicon Valley) and was quite frankly startled that 99% of the talks that I saw given still use PowerPoint. Frankly is just feels so 90s to use Powerpoint still. (Remember I said this is just an opinion piece – you may love PowerPoint…to each their own and all that.)

Over the last three years in working with NSDesign, I’ve seen what really good presentations can look like. Oh and they’re done in Prezi. They’re slick, attractive and engaging – if done right. Yes, it’s true that if you over do it on Prezi you can make people a bit quesy, but nine times out of ten when I’ve delivered my Business Gateway Training or Google Plus talks, people have asked me what the software I used was – because they loved it. Well, as much as anyone can “love” presentation software that is. . .

So if you’re a presentation maker who’s getting a bit fed up with PowerPoint, and wondering what Prezi is, then take two minutes and check this out.

If you’re interested in some training in Prezi – NSDesign is one of the only companies I’ve ever heard of who deliver it around here. They can do it one-to-one or train one-to-many (your whole staff) – the choice is yours. Find more information on their website on this Training and Consultancy page. Note: there may be some funding available to help cover some of the costs too!

Now, if you 1) loathe PowerPoint as much as me and 2) love to laugh – then you have to grab a tea or coffee (or beverage of your choice) and get a load of this. It did make me laugh so at least PowerPoint is good for something….

Hilarious or what?


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