Abraham Says Hi – A Little Greeting From the Great Beyond
Abraham Says Hi - inspiration from the universe

Abraham Says Hi It’s Easter Monday, lunch time, and Abraham says hi. Though I have several other blogs in various stages of completion, I thought I’d write a quick one today about this,..the dream I had this morning. In my dream Abraham said “hi” to me. Who the F**K Is Abraham? Well Abraham could refer…Read moreRead more

Perspective is a Mirror, Not a Fact – A Quote by, Well Me
Perspective is a Mirror not a Fact - Thea Newcomb - Just say NO to copycats!

Perspective is a Mirror, Not a Fact The quotation – “Perspective is a Mirror, Not a Fact” is a quote I’ve said for many years now…I paraphrased it from a similar sounding quote, but essentially this one is mine. (Google it to see what I mean!) So as I am into tshirts and merch (short…Read moreRead more