The Thea Newcomb Show – August 2017 All 4 Playlists
4 Radio Six International Playlists for The Thea Newcomb Show August 2017

4 Playlists – Aug 2017 Radio Six International Hey all, so I have just wrapped another month of shows on Radio Six International. As I’ve been a bit remiss about listing the playlists on social media each week, I thought I’d do a 4 Playlists post for all the August 2017 shows…It’s been fun. Some…Read moreRead more

Thea Newcomb Show – Back on Radio Six

The Thea Newcomb Show So pleased to be back on the radio for a new series of The Thea Newcomb Show (aka “September songs”, if you will) on Radio Six International, a Scotland-based internet radio station. It’ll likely just be for a month or possibly two – just to get my skills back up to scratch. Hopefully you’ll…Read moreRead more