Got the Guts for Colonic Hydrotherapy?
Alison Sampson, Springs of Eden

Colonic Hydrotherapy Have you got the guts to go for some Colonic Hydrotherapy (aka Colonic Irrigation)? What does it even mean? Really it’s just the act of flushing out your colon in a gentle sort of way using warm, filtered water. Being the daughter of a mother who had colon Cancer, I’m regularly screened via Colonoscopies….Read moreRead more

A Guided Hour of Meditation in Glasgow…

For Mindfulness in Glasgow So yesterday, when wandering through Meetup, I discovered a Positive Thinking group that was holding a guided hour of meditation in Glasgow that sounded good to me, so I booked myself in for it. It’s in a place called inner-Space on Glasgow’s High Street. I’ve heard about it, a lot, from some of my…Read moreRead more