December Already? My Younique Update 1 Month In
The Gimme Everything Collection from Younique

So I was teaching the Improve your Search Engine Rankings today and rather embarrassingly showed my blog (to illustrate the difference of landing on a “home” page versus a latest posts page) and realized I’ve not updated for a month. How on earth did that happen? I’ve been getting my head down and building my…Read moreRead more

A Charity Idea to help Foster Kids in Glasgow

This week I was chatting to someone, who was a social worker for Glasgow City Council, about Fostering children. It’s something I am interested in (doing), and so I have lots of questions about the whole process… When I learned that kids are being removed from their homes with their personal items in “bin bags”…Read moreRead more

Happy Social Media Day 2014

SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT JUST A DAY… Well, I nearly forgot that it was Social Media Day today – until I saw my friend Stephen post about it on his Facebook profile. Good to have that reminder. Being a Web and Social Media trainer, I couldn’t let the day go without highlighting it, of course….Read moreRead more

Networking in Glasgow – part 1

TYPES OF NETWORKING IN GLASGOW Updated 2018:  A lot has changed and some links were broken so updated post accordingly. It has to be said that Glasgow is a fantastic and vibrant place to do business networking. Actually, Scotland on the whole is, but since I mostly network in Glasgow, this post will be biased…Read moreRead more

Smart Social Media Tools and Tips

Last week, I delivered a talk: “Smart Social Media” at the Women in Business (WiB) networking event in Glasgow. Also on the bill was a another, fellow sunny transplant, Australian, Ann-Maree Morrison from Labels4Kids. whos talk was firey, fun and fab! So yes, all in all, was a rather like an international Social Media summit…Read moreRead more