December Already? My Younique Update 1 Month In

The Gimme Everything Collection from Younique

So I was teaching the Improve your Search Engine Rankings today and rather embarrassingly showed my blog (to illustrate the difference of landing on a “home” page versus a latest posts page) and realized I’ve not updated for a month. How on earth did that happen?

I’ve been getting my head down and building my Younique Business for the last five weeks! I’ve spent time blogging about that already on the Glatitude site – so no point repeating it too much here – but will recap just a little of what’s going on (See My Week in Younique – a new weekly feature for more details).

My Younique Journey – Five Weeks On

Ok, to update on my last blog 5 Days In With Younique:

  • I signed up with them at the end of October, and began selling when we launched in the UK November 1.
  • Got a few orders fairly fast and I qualified as “White status”.
  • 18 days later got my first team mate then quickly got another and another…There are six on my team currently (one may be quitting) and two others who have been recruited by my team. That makes 8 in my company overall. Well, 9 if you include me.
  • By the end of November I’d reached “Yellow” so got a pay bump from 20% to 25%. Forever. (Yippeee).

Thea Newcomb - Officially Younique Level Presenter
Sadly, I missed “Pink” status by a few hundred in November, so my stats reset on December 1st to $0 and I had to start all over again! I was bummed if I am being honest with you. I really wanted to whip out the credit card and self-fund Pink but that defeats the point in running your own business (if you’re your own biggest customer).

Thankfully the month of December (5 days in now) has been good for both myself and my team – so I am quite close to achieving “Pink” already (yippeee again).

The brilliant thing about Pink is that I get a % of my first level’s sales on top of my own 25%!

Are you following all this? It’s not the easiest compensation plan to wrap your head around. I have had to watch many videos to “get it” but I think I have got it – at least until Pink…Don’t ask me about the rest of the rainbow just yet.

Younique Fast Start

There’s one other thing – I believe I am just ONE order away from hitting Fast Start. What is it? It’s another milestone with Younique.

1. $2000 in Personal Retail Sales (PRS)
2. Sponsor at least 3 new Presenters

Once this is achieved, you will be sent a Fast Start Charm, and 250.00/US, 300.00/CAD, 325.00/AUS, 350.00/NZ Younique Cash automatically added to your Back Office.

The Gimme Everything Collection from YouniqueSo I get that $250 as soon as I hit Fast Start – which I am praying is maybe even by tomorrow. I’ll spend at Christmas!  I have my idea on the biggest collection – Gimme Everything Collection (pic right)

It’s been a profitable day today. I woke up and I’d made money while I slept (which as you may know is my main aim for all of this).

Another order came in during the day while I was training, and another one tonight. I don’t think that I’m allowed to tell you how much making, due to Ts and Cs, but I can tell you I’ve made my initial investment back in five weeks (multiplied several times!!)

So it’s definitely a Younique Opportunity 🙂

Want to find out a bit more and maybe join my team – theAteam? I’d love to have you (as long as you’re in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada – just now. (We’ll be expanding no doubt in 2015 – watch this space)

Incidentally as I was writing this blog post, our weekly Younique update has just come in, and we have our very first millionaire in the company…Shari Brown is her name (A fellow Cali gal) and she’s had to earn $83,333.33 in a single month to qualify as “millionaire status”. What an inspiration! Remember it’s only a two year old company. That’s incredible isn’t it? Another reason why I am loving this!

BG Training Winds Down

So today’s Business Gateway course went pretty well. It was SEO – my fave. The room was filled with a fabulous bunch of SMEs and most seemed to enjoy it! just one more Business Gateway training session for 2014. Can’t believe it’s over. Thankfully the 2015 diary already has dates booked in.

This final quarter of the year has made me re-evaluate my career plan. I actually felt pretty burned out on social media.

In 2015 my aim is to still do some social media training – but to focus on my own Younique team rather than do as much as I’ve done for other sources this year.

Feedback - Business Gateway Ayrshire Twitter
Twitter, BG Ayr 2014

Generally speaking, it’s been a pleasure teaching – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging, Youtube, and the e-business courses all over Scotland (from Ayr to Oban) –  but some days were more challenging that I’d have liked.

Because these courses can have a range of students from absolute luddites or newbies to more advanced marketers – it was often a challenge to pitch it right! On the same day as the feedback pictured above I also had the worst feedback I’ve ever had. So on days like those, when the audience was so diverse, I’d leave feeling more than a little deflated.

But without fail, (silver linings alert) I’ve never once had a course where I didn’t meet some fabulous people with fantastic businesses. Seriously every single course I’ve ever taught has had wonderful folk in it. I must have trained a thousand businesses this year and some of those trainees have become friends or Younique team mates. So from that stand point, I could not be more grateful for the work I’ve done over the past year (Thanks Gary and Mark especially)…

This week I was able to have a few days of one-to-one training and I think that’s my real passion. It’s bespoke. I can make sure people fully understand and it’s not an impossible dance to please a group of 15-30 people. So I do welcome more one-to-one training this month and next…

OK I have to go now as the laptop’s about out of juice, and I want to watch another episode of the Newsroom. I can’t tell you how happy that show makes me! I just love Aaron Sorkin. Still working my way through Season 4 of the West Wing (though not happy about Rob Lowe’s departure)…

Time to Fly

Here’s a random video you may or may not have seen. Kinda trippy. Enjoy. Until next time, I’m Thea, saying see ya! 🙂

A Charity Idea to help Foster Kids in Glasgow

All foster kids deserve a bag of their own - in Glasgow or anywhere else for that matter.This week I was chatting to someone, who was a social worker for Glasgow City Council, about Fostering children.

It’s something I am interested in (doing), and so I have lots of questions about the whole process…

When I learned that kids are being removed from their homes with their personal items in “bin bags” (black trash bags), I was a little shocked and very saddened. I mean here is a segment of the population, already feeling vulnerable, displaced, and perhaps disposable, and they’re being referred to as “black bag kids“? In other cases, I am told, their stuff is lobbed into a departmental suitcase, taken to the new place and then dumped out, so the social worker can take the case away with her (him). That’s not a whole lot better, is it?

Foster Kids in Glasgow Deserve Their Own Bag

Don’t all foster kids, in Glasgow (or anywhere else for that matter), who are being ripped from their home and placed elsewhere, deserve their own bags? This could be a backpack, rucksack, drawstring bag, carry-on style bag – just something that’s their own.

Well, I think they should have one at any rate, and so does everyone I’ve been talking to about this. You see, once I had this idea, I’ve slowly been reaching out to some women (and a few men) that I know here in Scotland, who I believe would be either sympathetic to the cause and want to be involved, or who might at least be able to supply some names of people they think would be helpful.

I don’t want to say too much just now, but I will expand on this idea more thoroughly very soon, and please let me know if you’d like to lend your time, contacts, cash, ideas, or skills to the cause. It’s at the very early stages just now – but I’d hope to get something in place for Christmas – which is not too far away!

Happy Social Media Day 2014


Well, I nearly forgot that it was Social Media Day today – until I saw my friend Stephen post about it on his Facebook profile. Good to have that reminder. Being a Web and Social Media trainer, I couldn’t let the day go without highlighting it, of course.


Happy Social Media Day - #smday 2014The thing is though, to my mind, every day is Social Media Day. These days we can not avoid using it – particularly in a business sense. Or we can but we’d be very foolish.

Our business may only be open 9-5 on weekdays, but that doesn’t mean the discussions aren’t 24/7. Or to put it another way, you may only be a B2B weekday business but there may be people searching for your product or service morning, noon and night, every night!


So even if you’re not if you’re not actively posting or engaging on Social Media,  I’d hope you’re at least monitoring the conversations that are taking place. This could be as simple as setting up Google Alerts for your name, your company name, competitors’ names, or any relevant keywords.

In any sort of business? Then ignore Social Media at your peril


It appears to be the fifth year of Social Media Day. (Who knew? If I did, I forgot.) It was, somewhat unsurprisingly, started by Mashable to celebrate the world’s online conversations. Read more about Social Media Day over there.

Networking in Glasgow – part 1

Networking in Glasgow - The River Clyde, Hydro, CraneTYPES OF NETWORKING IN GLASGOW

Updated 2018:  A lot has changed and some links were broken so updated post accordingly.

It has to be said that Glasgow is a fantastic and vibrant place to do business networking. Actually, Scotland on the whole is, but since I mostly network in Glasgow, this post will be biased toward this city.

There are so many networking groups here in Glasgow that you could could literally attend business networking events just about every day here. (Today alone, I’m doing three, but more on that later…)


Some networking events are weekly, some are every other week, some are monthly, some are quarterly and finally some are even less than that (e.g. sporadic).

There are networks that are brand new, and some have been running for years. Seems as though there are new ones cropping up all the time. In fact, in the past week I’ve been to two, brand new ones.

Some networking events are FREE, some cost a little, and still others cost a lot. (I tend to steer toward the free ones, personally).

Some networking groups are even geared specifically toward women business owners – e.g. Wib (Women in Business – mentioned later) or SWIB (Scottish Women in Business).


Are you a morning person or a night time person? When are you at your best? Do you like bigger groups or smaller ones? It’s not easy to find the right one for your business, but it is possible through trial and error.

I know that there are some people who love to network really early in the morning, so something like BNI might work for them. I, however, am not wired that way, so I steer toward later in the morning events or evening ones.

Because there are so many opportunities to network in Glasgow, I think for this initial post I’ll just talk about the ones I’ve been to (or am going to) this month.

Business Banter (no longer running) has been one of my more favourite places to network over the years. These days it takes place in Martha’s (St Vincent Street), in Glasgow city center, on a Thursday morning from 8-10am.

Mostly SMEs, the people tend to be pretty friendly, it is free, and unstructured. That all appeals to me. If Thursday is no good for you then why not try Friday on Byres Road at Paperinos (West End) from 9-11am? All the same applies there too.

Southsiders in Business (2018 relaunched as First Wednesday) is another free, unstructured, drop-in type networking event that takes place at the Village hotel – every first Wednesday of the month from 9:30am.

It’s billed as “Local, Relaxed and Informal Networking” and it lives up to its name. There have been evening events in the past, and hopefully they will be resurrected again. Find more on the Southsiders in Business Facebook page (Update: deleted).

A new event I attended last week actually took place outside of Glasgow. It was the inaugural networking event of the East Kilbride Business Hub. They’ll be running that regularly, are free, and you can find more info here: (deleted link)

3-in-1 Networking Opportunities

As for today, it’s a busy day with three networking opportunities. The day started out early (for me anyway) at a new, weekly event run by DEG (Digital Enterprise Glasgow) the digital hub. (update: deleted link)

Glasgow Imax - Cool places for Networking in GlasgowAgain it was a free event that kicked off at 7:30 am, but one thing that was pretty good about it was there was a 1-minute-round for people to say what they do (in exactly a minute or less), and then there were three, brief 5-minute talks.

A nice event, in a picturesque setting (over looking the Clyde, the Imax and Science Centre).

After that, it was a stroll over to the aforementioned Southsiders in Business and later the Women into Business event.

Run by Business Gateway Glasgow these Networking events take place monthly at Glasgow’s Caledonian University. I had the pleasure of being a speaker on social media there at their March event, which was a total blast, and I look forward to tonight’s.

Though I have attended a few other networking events this month, I’ve run out of time. I need to head of to tonight’s meeting in town, so will write Networking in Glasgow Part 2 – as soon as I can. Perhaps after next week’s Business 50 in Perth (deleted link!) – which I aim to be attending with my associates Neil and James over at Indigo Social Media

In the meantime, feel free to tell me your favourite place for business networking in Glasgow and why.

Smart Social Media Tools and Tips

Thea Newcomb | Women Into Business Glasgow | WiB March 18 2014Last week, I delivered a talk: “Smart Social Media” at the Women in Business (WiB) networking event in Glasgow.

Also on the bill was a another, fellow sunny transplant, Australian, Ann-Maree Morrison from Labels4Kids. whos talk was firey, fun and fab!

So yes, all in all, was a rather like an international Social Media summit in Glasgow on Tuesday!

As Online Marketing is such a vast subject to cover, let alone in twenty minutes, attendees got a bite-sized-prezi-at-break-neck-speed! (Ha, sorry to the 80+ attendees).

For a recap to those who attended (or for those who didn’t but are interested), here is a run down of the talk and some of the suggestions that I made.

What is Social Media?

Different people have their own definitions to that question, of course. We went around the room and women fired out words like “Fast” and “Word of Mouth” etc..

Well, here’s a definition I made up:

“Social Media is communicating, listening, engaging, sharing, and marketing through online platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+…)”

I stressed that the emphasis, at least to my mind, is on the engaging and sharing, and less about the marketing or promoting. 80-20 or even 90-10 rules apply here. No one likes to be sold to!

What is Content?

Next I asked the room what they thought “content” was. Content can be any number of things, some may be more obvious than others, but here are a few you can use to share on Social Media:

1. Text updates (with or without links)
2. Pictures with Text (in descriptions or on the pictures themselves)
3. Videos (highly recommended!)
4. Presentations (use things like SlideShare or Prezi)
5. Infographics (these are heavily shared when done right!)
6. Press Releases
7. Newsletters
8. Audio clips or Podcasts

Something else? Do you have other suggestions? Add them in the comments below…

Social Media Trends in 2014

Of course there are many “trends” that are happening in Social Media but I quickly cited four of them.

1) Mobile & Tablets. For using social media, but also viewing websites and buying online. Is yours optimized for mobile? Try it yourself, and have your friends/family beta-test it on theirs. How good is the experience?

2) Visual Marketing. “The only thing  shorter than a tweet  or a post is a picture.”   – Detavio Samuels. Yes, that about sums that up. FYI: For this, I had a picture of a rather hot, half-naked man sporting a kilt. (I believe that went down well – I certainly had no complaints)…   😉

3) Video. “According to WebDAM, visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text, and videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%.”

4) Google+. Well I would say that wouldn’t I? Given I am Glasgow’s Google+ Gal – soon to be training SMEs on Google Plus in Glasgow with my associate Brian Tait for Aillum.

Seriously though, I do know that poor G+ gets a lot of flack, it has its doubters, but I do feel it’s a place SMEs need to be if they have a product or service that people search Google for. If that’s you, get on it. As my Grandmother used to say “if it don’t do ya no good, won’t do ya no harm.”

NOTE: Please contact me if you’re in Central Scotland and are interested in the Google+ Training. You can email me my first name at this website or connect on any one of the social media channels at the top right!!

Social Media Tools

The Social Media tools I chose all had FREE and FEE versions and were ones I actually use regularly (most of them daily) for creating, sharing, monitoring and measuring social media activities.

1) HootSuite or some scheduling tool. Could be SproutSocial, TweetDeck or Buffer – but use something to help schedule tweets/posts. I’ve used all but the last one. I have heard great things about Buffer from my colleagues. Sprout is great but too pricy unless you manage a ton of social for clients. (IMHO).

My day-to-day effort is on Hootsuite with a pro account (which is only about 6 pounds!)

In addition to the scheduling, I also love that you can bring in “lists” and search by keywords and location. Very valuable to weed out the noise on social media (in particular Twitter). To be honest, I rarely look at my home stream – primarily just my various “lists” and my “keyword” streams.

2) Spundge – a tool that can help you curate content and archive articles for later use. I also use the pro account for that which has more features. I call it “Pinterest for content” as you create “notebooks” (not boards) to save articles, pictures, videos to. Spunge made some recent changes that I really don’t like, but the principle is still there and I still use it daily.

3) Manager Flitter is a “set of Twitter Tools loved by over 1 million people. Unfollow, Follow, Twitter Search & Analytics“. Basically I like it to help find who your key influencers are, and also to weed out the spammy or quiet followers. I subscribe to the “quality” over “quantity” on Twitter.

4) Bitly – Link shorteners. There are many others out there, but I use it and have stuck with it. It allows me to create a link that I can share across all platforms and then see which is working the best through it’s “Stats”. Very helpful to measure online activity!

5) Google Alerts – These are FREE email alerts that can sent to you any time your product or service gets mentioned. You can do alerts for your own name (maybe you’ve been quoted or mentioned somewhere in the press or on a site), your competitors, industry keywords, or whatever might relevant to you and your business.


1) Know your Audience. Who are they? Where are they? Where do they hangout online?

2) What is your message? Who are you? What do you do? Why should people buy from you or use your services? Quality? Price? Variety? What is your USP?

3) Engage online. It’s not just about sharing content, it’s about having conversations. It’s about building relationships. Not just ROI but ROR – Return on Relationship.

4) Measure it! Look at your Google Analytics (everyone with a website should be using it or similar – it’s free and helpful!) Or study your Facebook ‘Insights’. You have to set up some KPIs to know what you’re doing is working or not! Or else why put in all of this effort?

5) Own it! Don’t try to be everywhere. Pick a platform where you think the most of your users are and really OWN IT. Light it up as best you can. Try different types of posts, different times of day. Remember weekends and night times as that’s when many users may be on.

I mentioned that I try to schedule a post every night on the So You’ve Been Dumped Facebook page at 9 or 10pm each night. That’s when the most of my audience is on!

So yeah don’t get overwhelmed with it all. Start with one and add more as you go and grow.

One thing I meant to say but didn’t – is that you may want to register your name on many social media platforms to claim it so someone else doesn’t! Even if you don’t plan to actively use it, grab it, fill out the profiles, use key words in bios and link back to your website  >>  Claim your username on Knowem.Com


Delighted to say Twittersphere went stratospheric after the talk. There were tons but here are just a few of the tweets:

 Thanks to @BGGlasgow @OryxSolutions @Labels4Kids @WeCanOrganise @WildFloursBakes @InternGenieUK @livenlearnuk @sept_marketing @SecretlilStars @misstracyruth @wiretrace …And to a few other lovely ladies where not even in the room: @bestevermassage @busitimesaver Thanks all of you!