Here’s to a Younique 2015

To be sure you're getting the REAL 3D Fiber Lash Mascara - Only buy from a Younique Distributor

Well this is probably the last post on this side of the holidays. I am writing by fairy lights – standing up in my living room. The wind is howling outside. I suppose it’s too much to ask for to see some nice white stuff in the AM. Maybe in 2015?

Red Band Society

My friend told me to check out a new TV show called The Red Band Society. I had no idea what it was but I did follow up her recommendation. It’s an interesting show about kids (teenagers) in a hospital and the highs and lows of their incarceration by disease. It boasts a good cast of young actors and a few familiar faces too – not to mention a pretty stellar soundtrack on each of the episodes I’ve seen thus far. Strange how many shows there seem to be about illness – in particular Cancer: ‘The Big C’ for one – ‘Chasing Life’ for another. In any event, it’s worth a watch if you’re into that sort of thing. Good family drama as it were.

Highs and Lows of Younique By Thea

It’s been a challenging week on the Younique By Thea front. Not with my own stuff but with my team’s. One in particular has been very unlucky on the Younique front, but she’s also sold more mascara then the rest of our “company” combined. Thankfully I stocked up on these lovely 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras as I suspected they’d be “in demand” if not from my own circles than my team’s. Good thing I did. All just about appear to be spoken for.

To be sure you're getting the REAL 3D Fiber Lash Mascara - Only buy from a Younique Distributor

Always Learning!

To help my Younique business, I’ve been the process of reading a variety of books on Direct Marketing and Selling. Things like ‘Go Pro’ by Eric Worre and ‘Duct Tape Selling’  by John Jantsch. There are so many great resources out there from other, Black Status especially, Younique presenters – so learning what I can from them too. But I think what attracts me most to Younique, beyond getting paid daily, playing with great makeup etc – is its flexibility. In other words what works for one Younique presenter won’t necessarily work for others.

So I am writing my own training for my own – #TheATeam. It will be ready for the time the next batch of recruits come on board to my team! Well that’s the theory anyway. As I say, learning as much as I can on all fronts. Every day’s a school day! Until next time…

7 Reasons I Signed up With Younique

Why I Became a Younique Presenter

My friend Cathie was over last week and we were talking about Multi-Level Marketing Companies (MLMs) in general. I’ve got several friends who do various different ones (beauty products, money saving ones etc). As someone who’d like to build a passive income business, I’ve been on the look out for years. I needed to find one that was right for me, but expressed a desire to find one where I could get in at the ground level. By that I mean before everyone has already heard about it – or knew someone doing it already…

Cathie then mentioned a friend of hers in the Highlands, Joanna, who was doing “something to do with makeup” – according to what she’d read on her Facebook timeline.

So we had a look at Joanna’s timeline and there it was – Younique Products. It’s an American company that is two years old and already has grown to seventy-five million there, but has yet to launch here in the UK! It’s on target to being the fastest-growing Direct Sales company in history. That’s some feat!

“Wow this could be a good fit.” I thought to myself…

Not because I am a big make-up fiend, (if you know me, you’ll know I’m not super knowledgable on the matter), but because it’s an amazing opportunity. They market solely through Social Media (something I know a thing or two about) and they sell in various countries around the world.

My website is global and what do women who’ve been dumped need after a break up? But a wee boost to their self-esteem. They need to feel sexy and empowered! Not just dumped women – but most women!

So I did what any self-respecting, potential, distributor (called “Presenters” for Younique) would do – I researched for days on end.

I learned that their biggest selling product is their Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. They sell 15,000 of these bad boys a day and I want a piece of that action, my friends. I watched videos on how to apply it. I read countless reviews – most were positive (but not all)…and just tried to get a feel for the company.

I contacted one lovely girl – back home in the San Francisco Bay Area, Robin, and she spoke highly of Younique. It all started to sway me – even if still a little skeptical.

A few days later I spoke to Cathie’s friend Joanna at length, and by the end of the call I said I was interested in being a part of her team! I signed up when we hung up and I am happy to report that I am number nine for her team, in the 3000s for the UK, and in the 120,000 range globally.

7 Reasons I Decided to join Younique:

Two days ago, I decided to become a Younique Presenter for a variety of reasons and here are some of the main reasons below…

1) Low Barriers To Entry.
Younique has a low sign-up rate. It costs just £69.00 +£10.00 forYounique Presenters Starts Kid  the Presenter Kit’s shipping. That was affordable to me – so I figured, in the worse case scenario, at least I’d walk away with a bunch of make up and a cool box. (See pic)

In the box is “Everything You Need to Get Started”:

  • 3D Fiber Lashes
  • Uplift Eye Serum †
  • Glorious Face & Eye Primer
  • Lucrative Lip Gloss – Luxe ‡
  • Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eye Liners – set of 3 (Perfect, Pristine, Prim)
  • White Status Charm (on purple ring)
  • Free business website
  • Instant Access to the Younique Virtual Party System™ (start hosting parties immediately)
  • £20 GBP Younique Cash on your birthday, annually
  • PayQuicker Younique bank account
  • Presenter Guide
  • All of this comes in our signature black faux leather,  embossed Younique case

I can’t wait to receive that kit! What fun!

NOTE: The presenter’s kit has changed since the time of writing this blog. Click the image to view more details about it (on Google+).

New Younique Presenter's Kid 2015

2) A Great Mission! I liked really like Younique’s mission. So much so – it’s in perfect alignment with mine for So You’ve Been Dumped. Effectively they aim to  “uplift, empower, and validate women everywhere”. You can read more about Younique’s Mission here…and as I said, it’s a similar aim – which I want for the women and the men on my site, too!

3) Satisfaction Guaranteed! (Updated) Before I tried the products, I read hundreds of reviews across the web (not all favorable I hasten to add!) It was more positive than negative out there. Most-importantly, because they want their customers to be so happy with their products, they have a good money-back guarantee. (Since I’ve joined I’ve tried MOST of the products and am very happy with all of them so far!)

Click here or the image to view in full on Youniques website.
Younique guarantees satisfaction - their products - check this out!

 4) Younique Mostly Markets Online.
Unlike many of other MLMs it’s among the first who do all their promotion totally online via Social Media. Hey ho, guess what, I am a Social Media Trainer – so it sure feels like a good fit that way too! So basically all my parties are online. Here is the link to Thea’s Younique Launch  Party!

If you’re in the US/Canada or Australia/NZ, you can buy already, but for UK it’s pre-orders only just now. They’ll be shipping products from 1 Nov. How exciting is that??

5) Younique has a Proven Track Record.
Well, ok, they’re not as long established as some of your other MLM beauty brands, but the fact they’ve grown as far as they have in two years is super-encouraging, to me. I suspect they’ll still be here this time next year which is a good thing.

6) Youniques’ Structure’s Enticing.
You start at White as an “Entry Presenter” and work your way up the way to Black an “Exclusive Presenter”.  It’s a transparent and simple plan. Well almost…I like that it’s not that you’re just earning on the recruits you bring in but the ones they bring in too, and the ones they bring in, and so on! Deep levels!

younique's royalty plans

7) The Royalties!
When you make a sale, Younique thinks you deserve your money as quickly as possible! Receiving royalties is quick and easy and within three hours of making a sale! My earnings from sales are deposited into my very own PayQuicker account!A Younique Presenters Master Card

To be honest that shocked me a little. It sounded a little too good to be true – so I was thinking “what if people return the items?” But Joanna assures me they’d just settle (deduct) royalties with future sales on my account.  Awesome!

Now I am YOUNIQUE – You Can Be Too 🙂

jointheateamSo with all the info, I was happy to give it a whirl! Apart from my time and £79.00 ($99) – I’d really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  If it sounds like something you want to try too, wherever you are in the world – you can be apart of my team. I’d love to have you. I don’t expect I’ll be pushing the team aspect too much. My whole ethos for this is NO HARD SELL – #nohardsell. No one likes pushy people or hard sales so this will be case of softly softly. So click the image above or join Younique Team Thea here.

I’ll write again this weekend – or early next week – when the kit arrives. Hey check out my presenter’s kit “unboxing video” – though some of the contents have changed.