Linkedin Perceptions Across Scotland

Linkedin Love

If you have ever met me, or read anything I’ve ever written here or on Social Media, you’ll know that I love Linkedin. (Well most of the time. Except when people are posting lame stuff that at best belongs on Facebook, but that’s a topic for another day.)

“Linkedin is the de facto place for business people globally to connect with one another, to find jobs, to look for employees, and increasingly to consume content” – said by “David”, on a video on AOL SEE: LinkedIn just moved into a new skyscraper in San Francisco and the offices are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before

New Linkedin rooftop SF
Pic: Tony Chung, Linkedin, Click to view this and many more on AOL

It’s been a busy month or two training in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Edinburgh. Aberdeen, Campbeltown and before that Uist. Most recently was some “Digital Boost” training in Kirkwall, the Orkney Islands. Each audience is a little different. There are some things however that are universal. This post will talk about the similarities and the differences I’ve been encountering as I’ve been traveling the length and breadth of Scotland delivering some “Digital Boost” courses.

Social Media Training - Benbecula Uist

Regional Variations of LIKEDIN IN SCOTLAND

What is most interesting to me about doing all of these courses are the regional variations. What do I mean by that? Well, on Uist, a few weeks ago, the group of delegates on my “Advanced Social Media” course (pictured above) were very interested in learning more about Linkedin, and how they could utilise it to grow their network and promote their businesses.

Earlier this week, however, on Orkney it was a case of Linkedin was perceived to be a place for “boring suits”. I am not sure how Linkedin will go about changing that perception or if it will even try. Last month, as I previously blogged about, I trained students across Scotland in it. So students are now starting to see its merits. They’ve lowered the age to join Linkedin to 14!

Another person on one of my Glasgow, Business Gateway  training courses also had the perception of Linkedin not being relevant for her business. The girl was a dog walker. Really? Not relevant? “Who runs businesses?” I asked? People. People run businesses. People have dogs. People who work and run businesses would need her services!

So yeah, it’s time that Scotland woke up and changed some of its perceptions. Linkedin is useful and not really just “a bunch of boring suits”.

Frankly, I am neither boring or a suit, and I am active on Linkedin daily.

What I Do on Linkedin, Daily? I:

  • post pictures – some I’ve taken, some I find, and some I actually create in picmonkey or canva
  • ask for advice, feedback or recommendations from my network
  • add new connections to my network
  • share helpful, interesting, relevant content I source or share other people’s content or posts
  • message, congratulate or like my connections activities on Linkedin
  • offer tips on how to use it
  • write/publish updates and long form blog posts
  • respond to people’s postings, questions,  comments – basically have conversations

How much time does all that take?

Another question I get is how much time does all of this take. The main complaint that all business I train seem to have is the time factor. There are not enough hours in the day to run our businesses, keep our books, market our business, etc. I know. I get that. The amount of time I can spend on Linkedin might be a few minutes or it could be hours.

The fact is today, pretty much EVERY BUSINESS has to be somewhere online. You don’t have to be on every channel but you need to be somewhere.

Pick one and “own it”. By that I mean do it well. Make sure it’s where your customers actually are. If you’re target demographic is tweens – then you will want to be on SnapChat or Instagram – probably not Linkedin. So before embarking on setting up any Social Media channels – make sure you know who you’re marketing to and where they are online.

Use Tools

I often advise people use a tool like HootSuite to schedule posts across the week, but I haven’t always done that myself, for Linkedin anyway.  I have for Twitter for years…

Use tools like HootSuite to schedule Linkedin posts

Only recently did I think it would be good to start to schedule my posts on Linkedin, in addition to some of my “of the moment posts”. Using tools will allow you to schedule posts across the week consistently – should you choose.

Tap Into Your Network

Picture of Calmac Ferry - Thea Newcomb 2004How do I use my network? Well, this morning I was booked to deliver some more training in Bute. I’ve never been to Bute, so one of the first places I went was to Linkedin to ask my network for advice on how to get there (specifically should I take my car on the ferry) and where to stay once I get to Rothesay.

Sure I could “Google it” – but I like to hear from my own network, whom I trust to share their feedback. When it comes to online success, it’s “trust” that is the name of the game. People do business with people they “know, like and trust” – so you need to use your Social Media activities to build it. Linkedin, in my opinion, is a great place to do just that.

If you need some help with Linkedin, then feel free to get in touch. Connect with me there or tweet me!

Another area that most regions seem to be interested in is blogging. After Linkedin, that’s arguably my next favourite training to deliver…Perhaps blog about blogging next time! Until then….

Linkedin Across Scotland 2016


It seems that 2016 has kicked off with a ton of varied Linkedin training for me. It’s taking me from Ayr all the way up to Aberdeen and honestly I can’t wait. Though it’s not the sexiest of all the social media platforms it is actually the one that benefits me most in all of my businesses, so I can’t help but be excited about teaching the merits to other SMEs.

Last month I was invited down to the Ayrshire Business Woman’s AGM. I gave three 20-minute lightning fast Linkedin sessions to the ladies there. It was a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got some flowers and a lovely meal in return.


Linkedin Training - Business Gateway

This month I covered for Stephen Whitelaw at Hillington for Business Gateway. I love doing that course so was grateful when I was asked to cover it for him. We had a good group of people across many sectors so the engagement in the room was fantastic. The delegates can make or break the course for me (and I suppose I for them). I highly encourage anyone in Scotland and in business to take advantage of the FREE courses that Business Gateway provides. If not my classes than my many colleagues who deliver training across the entire country.


What’s different about this month is that I’ve been asked to speak at four Scottish universities to teach some CMI students about the merits of Linkedin now too.

The first university, of the four, that I have visited was Paisley. It’s been a long time since I was on the Paisley UWS campus and boy, has it changed!

What was interesting for me was hearing from these graduates about what they’re hoping to achieve from the platform.  Many are looking for their first jobs or internships and they’re just at the beginning of building their networks and getting endorsements and recommendations.

Linkedin is the perfect place for all those goals – jobs, internships, endorsements, recommendations and building a network.

In addition to the Business Gateway training, in Hillington, and the various universities in Scotland, I’ve also been delivering some one to one training with SMEs, across Lanarkshire. That is fast becoming one of my favourite types of training because I can sit with the individual companies and work on their personal strategies. There are a few more companies to receive the one-to-one (or two) training this month and I for one couldn’t be happier.

So if you need some help with getting to grips with Linkedin – feel free to reach out to me on 0141 416 1492 or leave a comment on the board and I’ll come back to you. Otherwise do sign up for the Linkedin course that Business Gateway offers. It probably woo’t be me but I am sure it will be invaluable to you just the same!

Put Your Contact Details on Linkedin

Linkedin Training

It’s not the most sexy social media channel, I’ll grant you, but I love Linkedin. I use the site daily, why? Well, I’ve made amazing connections, scored a funded trip to Cannes, and recruited more than a dozen people to my Younique team – all through using it.

This month and next, I have the benefit of delivering several Linkedin training courses across across Scotland from Ayrshire to Aberdeen. Some of the audiences will be students and some SME (Small to Medium Enterprises). Some of the information will be tailored and some will be general – aimed at anyone who is on linkedin.

It’s among my favourite courses to teach so I update presentation regularly. Today I decided to take a survey of my own connections to see how many had actually put their contact details in. Many of whom had not made the effort.

Linkedin is a Professional Network

Because Linkedin is a professional network, you’re more than likely on there (if you are on there and you should be on there) to get work, get customers or recruit talent. If you don’t take the time to fill out your profile with your various details – website, phone number, email address – then you may be missing out on some warm leads.

Are your relevant details on Linkedin?

Of those connections that I surveyed, less than half had put in their phone number. You have the options to have it public or available to just your connections. If you don’t want to give your mobile then do what I do and invest in a SkypeIn number. I have an 0141 number for the UK and a silicon valley 408 number for the USA (all for the price of a pub meal each month). It’s so worth it.

Add your website details to linkedinFew connections had take the time to put in their website/s information. Many when they did, just left “Company Website”, “Personal Website”, “Portfolio” or “Blog”.

Most of us have some website that we can put and therefor potentially drive traffic to – even if that’s a social media channel.

To edit these details – edit your profile, go to your contact details and where the website details are select the option called ‘Other’. It will then allow you to type in the name of your various websites. It’s good for SEO so be sure to do that.

In summary, if you’re on Linkedin now, then please go and check what contact details are available in your profile. Make sure you’re giving a profile viewer a variety of options to reach out to connect with and do business with you or you may be missing out!

You’re welcome.

Final Post 2015 – Welcome 2016

Well I’ve been rather remiss at blogging on my personal blog, and on too. However, I have managed to keep up a steady pace over on Younique by Thea at least.

Winding Down in Sonoma County

As I type these words I am snuggled up at a lodge in Sonoma County. It always brings me back to such wonderful days stored in my memory. Some of my happiest days in my whole life were spent in Sonoma County. Last night we stayed in Occidental at a Lodge there. It was nice but the air raid siren sporadically going off was disconcerting. Tonight it’s a bit more sedate though still not that far away from where we were. We stopped first at the town of Bodega to take some photos of their historic church (as photographed by Ansel Adams and featured in Hitchcock’s the Birds).

Then it was time for a drink at Roadhouse Coffee shop in Bodega Bay where we chatted extensively to its owner James. I think I may have convinced him to join the Twitter revolution. We’ll see. If you like eclectic little off-the-beaten-path type of places then you should pop in and see James. Tell him I sent you. We took many photos along the cost and had an over-priced but nice meal at the River’s End in Jenner. I think you really be paying for the scenery more than anything but I guess it was worth it.

The weather today is very Scottish…gray, wet, cold, and misty. Parts of California’s coastline reminds me of Scotland’s west coast. Today it was especially the case.

My Year in Web & Social Media Training

Looking back over the year, it’s been quite a ride in every sense of the word. I’ve been blessed enough to travel for my work – to such far flung  places as Tiree to the west, Stornoway to the north, Edinburgh to the East, and down in the Borders – Dumfries and Annan too. Of course most of the dates were in Hillington for Business Gateway and a few in Coatbridge too.

There are already a number of dates booked in Central Scotland and Dumfries and Galloway for spring of 2016. Next year, the aim will be to build more of the one-to-one training alongside the group training I deliver. In particular, will enjoy helping people set up their own blogs and start blogging – for business or personal use.

New Business – Gift Boxes in Wood

Well as you may know I’ve been loving having my own Younique business. I even like selling the Phoenix Greeting cards…but recently I’ve been in discussions about selling bespoke wooden gift boxes.

 Recent Fun

For fun, I’ve seen some films – Star Wars (The Force Awakens) and Sisters. Enjoyed them both. Last month I went to see U2 in Glasgow. I didn’t have a ticket – I just walked over to the SECC at 7pm and stalled around until I met someone who had a spare and in we went. It had been since 1987 since I saw them last (Wembley) and you know what? It was a bit like meeting up with an old friend that you’d not seen for a few decades. Classic.

Well here we are just a few hours from 2016 and let’s hope it’s filled with fun, abundance, join, travel, some laughter and joy…If you fancy starting a new business – selling cards or cosmetics, then be sure to let me know! 🙂 I’m trying to help Helen get recruits so feel free to join her!

Shop my last 2015 party here

Feast or Famine – the Life of a Trainer

Thea Newcomb - Web and Social Media Training in ScotlandWell it’s not secret that being self-employed as a trainer, or otherwise, can be a challenge. I know, life in general is a challenge…but being an SME simply compounds it.

This month has been fairly quiet in the Social Media training terms. I had some dates down in the Borders which were,…interesting. Challenging. I guess I was a good enough trainer, as this week I’ve booked a few more dates next month back down there.

Compared to October my November is chock-a-block with wall to wall work. That’s how it’s been for the past few years of running my consultancy company. High highs and low lows.

You never know when and where the work is going to come in – but thankfully it always does come in. In fact every day this week a new job offer has come in, and the money is better than it’s ever been…but though I get excited at the prospect of so much work, past experience has shown me that I have good months as a trainer, and then quiet months and then good months again. Peaks and valleys. Ebb and flow. High and low. That’s life.

Web and Social Media Training from Thea Newcomb in Scotland

Today a job came in to deliver some one-to-one social media training (Twitter and Facebook in particular). Being a One to one trainer is actually my favourtie kind because you can tailor it your client.

Group training (which is what I mostly do) is more difficult because you often have people at all levels in the class and it can be tough to pitch it right where everyone walks out happy, or at least feeling like they’ve learned something.

Among next month’s work is a talk to a Chartered Institute in Edinburgh. The topic is Linkedin. One of my favourite social media platforms so as you might expect, I love training on it!

As a result, I’ve naturally been tweaking my own profile there, and doing a bit of research in general. Earlier, I stumbled across their Facebook page which had a link to this….about your name.

Typed in my name and look at what it came out as…

Thea's my name...

To be fair, I have been a receptionist before (a few times) but really?? Housewife?? Nurse?? Hardly.

To be honest with you, I was never very good at being a housewife (just ask my ex-husband, he doesn’t speak to me by the way), and as for being a nurse…I guess you could say I’ve been nursing broken hearts on for the last fifteen years?

There are a few other Younique presenters called “Thea” I’ve noticed – but there is only one is Younique by Thea. And that’s me!

Need Some Training?

1-2-1 Training Special - 2 hours for the price of one with Thea Newcomb (Dec 2015)Anyway, as I said, my diary is now FULL for November, but if you need some Social Media training, or training on your smart device, website or help blogging, then please get in touch now. 0141 416 1492. I’m running a special offer – two hours bespoke training for the price of one! Good for the first two weeks for December only! PS: But good news, I work 7 days a week!

In other news I’m looking forward to not one but two “black tie” events over the next month. Will be good to get dressed up, face made up, and get out on the town. Maybe a blog about all that after! Never know.

Finally – November 4th is the next Southsiders in Business. If you fancy some networking and you’re in or near Glasgow then please join us at the Village Hotel (opposite the BBC). RSVP here!