Saturday Spotlight # 1 – More-2-Explore

Saturday Spotlight - # 1 -'s Lucy Bostock


Saturday Spotlight # 1 – More-2-Explore

Welcome to my first ever Saturday Spotlight # 1 on More-2-Explore. More-2-Explore is a company founded by Lucy Bostock. According to this article here, Lucy came up with the idea after getting separated from her child at Legoland.

The More-2-Explore Adventure Belt is an “alternative to traditional toddler reins, children’s harnesses & wrist straps!”. It links the parent to the kid by a belt-to-belt system, hands-free. Now I don’t have kids, but I could see how parents might light this sort of thing.

You can watch this video to see how it works and why not subscribe to the More-2-Explore Youtube Channel:

So that was a short Saturday Spotlight on More-2-Explore. More to come in future posts, on Saturdays. Watch this space as they say.

Cards and Cosmetics

As we’re nearing the holidays, I’ll be ramping up my promotion of Candles and Cosmetics too. I’ve made a video to promote the candles…and been working away on sharing Younique products. This week marks my third anniversary of being a Younique presenter. I can’t believe it’s been that long.

Sadly I am still rather stalled at Blue Status (halfway up the ladder). Be nice to hit Green status but you have to sell $10,000 worth of makeup in one month (your team’s efforts can contribute) so it feels an impossible feat to me!

I’ll be writing my 3rd Youniqueversary post this week to celebrate the milestone over on my Glatitude website.

In Other News…

What else is new? In addition to More-2-Explore, I’ve been working hard with some other fantastic clients too. Have also delivered a few workshops for Business Gateway Ayrshire this month (Linkedin and Canva).  I’ve three more workshops for Renfrewshire and Ayrshire this year and then I’ll stop for the holidays!

Every chance I get I’ve been creating new designs for both the Ralph Says Things Red Bubble store and also my own TNTs Red Bubble Store.

We have had some sales too. I admit I treated myself to an Old’s Cool Ralph Says Shirt on Red Bubble. It’s a new version of the existing design. I added a frame was all. I like it though. Simple but effective. It’s my first ever shirt purchased on Red Bubble – so I look forward to checking the quality. (I have seen other people’s though)

Ralph Says - Old's Cool - Long Sleeve Black T-shirt on Red Bubble

Thanks For Stopping By

Thank you for cruising by my personal blog. It’s likely I’ll be utilising it much more going forward because, as I mentioned in my last post, now that I have a Thea’s Things Facebook page to go along with it.

thea's things log - two ts for thea

Facebook being what it is though probably doesn’t show you half the posts so feel free to cruise over to the page and check out the latest posts whenever you can.

And if you have not seen the or the RST Facebook page – please do!

Darceys: Here’s one I made earlier…

If you’d like to order any Darceys candles, soy wax melts, aroma beads, reed diffusers – etc, then call me on 0141 416 1492. Seven Days. 

Final Post 2015 – Welcome 2016

Well I’ve been rather remiss at blogging on my personal blog, and on too. However, I have managed to keep up a steady pace over on Younique by Thea at least.

Winding Down in Sonoma County

As I type these words I am snuggled up at a lodge in Sonoma County. It always brings me back to such wonderful days stored in my memory. Some of my happiest days in my whole life were spent in Sonoma County. Last night we stayed in Occidental at a Lodge there. It was nice but the air raid siren sporadically going off was disconcerting. Tonight it’s a bit more sedate though still not that far away from where we were. We stopped first at the town of Bodega to take some photos of their historic church (as photographed by Ansel Adams and featured in Hitchcock’s the Birds).

Then it was time for a drink at Roadhouse Coffee shop in Bodega Bay where we chatted extensively to its owner James. I think I may have convinced him to join the Twitter revolution. We’ll see. If you like eclectic little off-the-beaten-path type of places then you should pop in and see James. Tell him I sent you. We took many photos along the cost and had an over-priced but nice meal at the River’s End in Jenner. I think you really be paying for the scenery more than anything but I guess it was worth it.

The weather today is very Scottish…gray, wet, cold, and misty. Parts of California’s coastline reminds me of Scotland’s west coast. Today it was especially the case.

My Year in Web & Social Media Training

Looking back over the year, it’s been quite a ride in every sense of the word. I’ve been blessed enough to travel for my work – to such far flung  places as Tiree to the west, Stornoway to the north, Edinburgh to the East, and down in the Borders – Dumfries and Annan too. Of course most of the dates were in Hillington for Business Gateway and a few in Coatbridge too.

There are already a number of dates booked in Central Scotland and Dumfries and Galloway for spring of 2016. Next year, the aim will be to build more of the one-to-one training alongside the group training I deliver. In particular, will enjoy helping people set up their own blogs and start blogging – for business or personal use.

New Business – Gift Boxes in Wood

Well as you may know I’ve been loving having my own Younique business. I even like selling the Phoenix Greeting cards…but recently I’ve been in discussions about selling bespoke wooden gift boxes.

 Recent Fun

For fun, I’ve seen some films – Star Wars (The Force Awakens) and Sisters. Enjoyed them both. Last month I went to see U2 in Glasgow. I didn’t have a ticket – I just walked over to the SECC at 7pm and stalled around until I met someone who had a spare and in we went. It had been since 1987 since I saw them last (Wembley) and you know what? It was a bit like meeting up with an old friend that you’d not seen for a few decades. Classic.

Well here we are just a few hours from 2016 and let’s hope it’s filled with fun, abundance, join, travel, some laughter and joy…If you fancy starting a new business – selling cards or cosmetics, then be sure to let me know! 🙂 I’m trying to help Helen get recruits so feel free to join her!

Shop my last 2015 party here

March Madness

My schedule’s been a bit mad. The weather’s been a bit mad too, so March Madness seemed like an apt enough title for today’s blog. Today’s weather – and really much of the past week – has been very much a case of “4 Seasons in One Day”.

A little while ago I was watching the snow fall and it seemed as though it was falling in slow motion. It was incredible. I should have filmed a few seconds worth to show you.

Tomorrow or the next day my new Younique merchandise should be arriving. I got a few quotes, and everyone kept saying how expensive it was for one-off baseball hats (which are my sort of trademark) but perseverance pays…I found a place in England who did them at a brilliant price!

I’ll blog about them once the stuff arrives, and I (hopefully) like them a lot! Ha. I’d ordered them for a wedding fair that I thought was taking place this coming weekend but it turns out it was yesterday. I’ve already mentioned how that went in a blog post – My Week in Younique – posted over on my Glatitude site earlier.

Training Again

Business Gateway Feedback - EBIZ 1 - Thea Newcomb 27 Feb 2015My Business Gateway training has resumed for 2015, which feels fabulous! I was a little apprehensive after being off for the better part of two months, but once the delegates started to show up, I was back in the swing of things and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The feedback wasn’t too bad either. I think most of them got something out of it – which is always good! This guy though seemed to think the course was and “excellent event” but rated the venue higher than he did me!

Additionally I’ve been focusing my efforts on one-to-one training clients. I do like doing the one-to-one thing because it’s so much easier to taylor the content to the individual than it is to try to reach a room of people at all different levels with all different expectations.

Musically Speaking

Thea Newcomb PebbleAfter seeing Bear’s Den and Sophie Rogers last month I also caught Royal Blood last weekend which was a good gig. Enjoyed the show. Rather hoping to get Spandau Ballet this weekend but not holding my breath on that one.

Finally my latest cool gadget, in addition to my GoPro Hero is this Inspector Gadget type of watch…the Pebble. Not only does it track my walking/running but it also tells me who’s calling me, emailing or texting me or whatever notifications I am getting across social media too! So far so good.

Fitness, Tunes, Social Media Training & Younique

New Year passed and the even the January blues are gone. ValenRelax nothing is under control...tine’s Day came and went. (Mine was surprisingly excellent – in case you’re wondering).

Work was very slow to kick off in January, but finally things are ramping up here in February.

My energy, too, is ramping up to. Have even started to jog (lightly) again this week. My motivation? My high school reunion is fast approaching which I intend to attend (will be the first one I make!) With that in mind, I’m determined to shed a pound or even a stone. Good thing the 5×50 is on the horizon. That always gets me going – in every sense of the word.

Also to add to this fitness spurt, I just uncovered a Pilates DVD yesterday which had been lost in my lounge for the last few years! Look forward to starting that again. The last time I did it religiously, I lost inches in the waist.

Live Music in Glasgow

Bear's Den Glasgow Oran MorNot only is working picking, fiber lash mascara sales increasing, exercise ramping up, but I am also getting out to more gigs once more! Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Bear’s Den at Oran Mor one night, and then Sophie Rogers at the Opry the next.

Both gigs were positively fantastic. It felt so good to be hearing some live music! Nothing beats a good night out at a gig – don’t you agree? I believe the next one may be Royal Blood at the fabulous Barrowlands.

February Training Offer

1-2-1webThis month I’m offering 2-4-1 training on a bespoke 1-2-1 basis. Some fabulous ladies taking advantage of the special offer.

I go into people’s homes or visit them at their office to provide training on WordPress, Social Media, SEO or help with tablets, phones and apps.

Two hours for the price of one hour for February – if you’re interested – or if you know anyone who needs a little one to one tuition or hand holding. Reach out to me, my many details are on the top of this site or simply call 0141 416 1492 now!

My Younique Business

For those interested in makeup, I’ve been documenting my journey with Younique over on my other Glatitude site. Each week I’ve been writing a series called My Week with Younique and a few blogs about our 3D Fiber Lashes (in particular the Real vs Fake mascara blog is doing very well indeed). If you like makeup – especially trying, buying and talking about it, and fancy a 2nd pay check each month then reach out for more info on that too. FYI If you do want to join #theAteam, I do provide bespoke training to my teamies!

Finally, speaking of Younique, I’m very excited to be meeting my sponsor for the very first time! You see, Joanna lives in the Scottish Highlands, and will be down visiting Glasgow this week. Will be so nice to put the name to the face…

Here’s to a Younique 2015

To be sure you're getting the REAL 3D Fiber Lash Mascara - Only buy from a Younique Distributor

Well this is probably the last post on this side of the holidays. I am writing by fairy lights – standing up in my living room. The wind is howling outside. I suppose it’s too much to ask for to see some nice white stuff in the AM. Maybe in 2015?

Red Band Society

My friend told me to check out a new TV show called The Red Band Society. I had no idea what it was but I did follow up her recommendation. It’s an interesting show about kids (teenagers) in a hospital and the highs and lows of their incarceration by disease. It boasts a good cast of young actors and a few familiar faces too – not to mention a pretty stellar soundtrack on each of the episodes I’ve seen thus far. Strange how many shows there seem to be about illness – in particular Cancer: ‘The Big C’ for one – ‘Chasing Life’ for another. In any event, it’s worth a watch if you’re into that sort of thing. Good family drama as it were.

Highs and Lows of Younique By Thea

It’s been a challenging week on the Younique By Thea front. Not with my own stuff but with my team’s. One in particular has been very unlucky on the Younique front, but she’s also sold more mascara then the rest of our “company” combined. Thankfully I stocked up on these lovely 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras as I suspected they’d be “in demand” if not from my own circles than my team’s. Good thing I did. All just about appear to be spoken for.

To be sure you're getting the REAL 3D Fiber Lash Mascara - Only buy from a Younique Distributor

Always Learning!

To help my Younique business, I’ve been the process of reading a variety of books on Direct Marketing and Selling. Things like ‘Go Pro’ by Eric Worre and ‘Duct Tape Selling’  by John Jantsch. There are so many great resources out there from other, Black Status especially, Younique presenters – so learning what I can from them too. But I think what attracts me most to Younique, beyond getting paid daily, playing with great makeup etc – is its flexibility. In other words what works for one Younique presenter won’t necessarily work for others.

So I am writing my own training for my own – #TheATeam. It will be ready for the time the next batch of recruits come on board to my team! Well that’s the theory anyway. As I say, learning as much as I can on all fronts. Every day’s a school day! Until next time…