Canva Video Launched To All Users Today

Canva Video - Launched today for all users (not China)- 25 November 2019

Canva Video For All

Exciting News!! Canva video has now been rolled out to all accounts today.

Some of you may have seen it for a while now. Some of us got it in April, but it’s been officially rolled out to all places (apart from China).

Though it had a beta launch for us CCCs (Canva Certified Creatives) Canva now supports videos for all kinds of designs.

So what that means is that you can choose from their collection of free high-quality videos. If you want to make it even more personal, you can upload your own, be it from your everyday adventures, travel clips, home videos, or personal projects.

Share them as social media posts, stories, or use them in presentations!

Canva Video is now available to all users

How to Start Using Canva Video

1. Open the Videos tab.
2. Enter a keyword to find a video.
3. Click on a clip to add to your design!
4. Customize by cropping its size or trimming the video’s length.

To upload your own video:

1. Open the Uploads tab.
2. Click Upload an image or video.
3. Choose your uploaded video to add it to your design or one of our many templates!
4. Customize by cropping its size or trimming the video’s length.

Canva Videos Work with Template

All of Canva’s templates support videos. You can add them to practically any design easily—whether it’s your own video or one from our library! Customize the video to fit your design by cropping its size or trimming the video length. You can then change the template’s colors, fonts, and more—it’s up to you. The possibilities are endless! How will you make it your own?

Watch this Canva Video Tutorial

Check out this video from my fellow CCC Ronny – talking all about Canva Video and its features. I learned a few things myself.

If you do some Canva video posts please feel free to tag me in them to see or even reshare them. I love seeing people’s creations! Happy creating!

Are you ready to sign up or even go Canva pro? Go here!
(Note: this is my affiliate link)

Frequently Asked Questions About Essens

Frequently Asked Questions about Essens by Thea Newcomb

Delving Into Essens: Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Kicking off quarter four of 2019, here in the UK, my social media feeds have been clogging up with photos of Essens Perfumes Sample Wallets.

Each week someone else I know has jumpted on this new MLM bandwagon.

The first person I heard talking about the Essens opportunity was my friend Claire in Ayrshire. I will admit I was dubious. I am generally not a fan of MLMs and direct marketing in general, but there were a few things I immediately liked about them.

1) though the company sells a lot of products their fragrances (perfumes and aftershaves) are the main ones being marketed (& hey, I love perfume!) But perhaps what truly intrigued me was that

2) it’s free to join. This is the first time I’ve ever heard that. No outlay at all required!!

Having tried a handful of multi-level marketing companies over the last five years (makeup, cards, candles…), I do still remain skeptical about the whole network marketing lark. So the only thing to do was to do was a bit of research.

So let’s start here…

“What is Essens?”

From the Direct Selling Association website:

“ESSENS is currently one of the most dynamic MLM companies in Europe, was established in Autumn 2011 in Czech Republic, based on the cooperation with professionals in network marketing and leading experts in the field of development and production of cosmetics and food supplements.”

Ok so it has a bit of a track record…that’s good.

“Is Essens a Pyramid Scheme?”

I can answer that one, categorically, “No!” But I can see why you might ask. It’s the same criticism just about every direct sales company out there does seem to get leveled against them.

Truth be told pyramid schemes are illegal.

Instead of me trying to explain the difference between MLMs and Pyramid Schemes – watch this short video I just stumbled upon on Youtube. It’ll do better than I could.

“What fragrances are on the Essens perfume list?”

You may be looking for the current perfume list for 2019. It seems to be the case the Essens adds and removes perfumes regularly – to keep it fresh.

Because of its “inspired by” nature it’s illegal to share the fragrance list publicly.

It’s shared on a multitude of Facebook groups and can be emailed or messaged to you as a PDF or PNG if you’d like. (If you’d like one you can tweet me, or DM me on Instagram or message me on my Thea’s Things FB page).

essens retail profit per perfume bottle

“Are Essens Perfumes Fakes?”

This one comes up a lot. Essens doesn’t sell fakes or copies. It doesn’t pretend to be anything or anyone else. The packing is Essens. The names of the scents are just numerical codes. The only reason people assume they’re “fakes” is because all Essens perfumes are inspired by the top perfumes of the world.

A lot of the big brand perfume designers source their ingredients (eg. essential oils) from the same company as Essens. Essens fragrances is graded higher, that means your scent should actually last longer than say, an eau de toilette.

These fragrances are not imitations – as those are designed to “fool” people. Copy cat fragrances usually spend a lot of time trying to mimic a brand’s packaging, bottles and so forth – and usually smell nothing like the original!

Essens are simply “inspired by” those big brands but all the products are originals. They are not exactly the same, but they do smell the same!

Essens puts the finished product in its own bottles with their own logo on it.

From their website:

“We guarantee that every perfume product contains at least 20% of the fragrance essences (essential oils), exclusively provided by SELUZ company, which is one of the front producers of private brand. This guarantees an esteemed position with the elites among perfumes.”

Essens Cruelty Free Perfume and Cosmetics

“Is Essens Perfume Cruelty Free?”

Another common question I see on some of the Facebook groups, is asking about perfumes and if they are tested on animals.

The answer is no, they are not tested on animals.

You can read more about this and the certification process on their site.

That’s just a few of the questions I’ve seen people asking about the company.

Ok now, do you want to join Essens?

Remember it’s free to join Essens whether you want to just buy for yourself and your family and friends or want to run it as your own sidehustle.

What have you got to lose? Remember it’s FREE!

You don’t have to buy a perfume sample wallet, but you can for just twenty six pounds. That makes it the cheapest MLM I’ve seen yet. Imagine being able to start a business with no money outlay.

How much you’ll actually make will depend on you though. If you’re getting into to make a quick buck (pound), I’d suggest that you don’t bother. From my experience over the last five years or so – very few make real money at it.


Canva Pro – Yes or No? My Fave Paid Features

Yes or Now to Canva ProCanva Pro – Yes or No? My Fave Features

For several years, now I’ve been delivering FREE, half day Canva workshops across Scotland. When delivering training, I often get asked about Canva Pro (formerly known as “Canva for Work”) and whether it’s worth it to upgrade from the free version or not.

Honestly, my answer is “well, it depends”.

Canva is such a fantastic tool that you don’t HAVE to upgrade to Canva’s Pro version, you can do a lot without – for FREE. In fact I used it for years for free…

That being said, there are many features about Canva Pro that I use every_single_day – so I thought I’d highlight those benefits for you here today.

Please note I am now an Canva affiliate – so there are some affiliate links in this post.

But First, What is Canva?

Canva is a free online graphic tool which allows you to design online images like social media graphics and website elements, as well as offline designs like – business cards, flyers, posters, brochures etc.

Magic Resize

One of the main reasons to consider an upgrade to Canva Pro is the fact that you can magically resize your designs into other canvas sizes. So I often will start by making an Instagram shaped post (a square) and then once it’s done make it into a Facebook post size (more rectangular) and even a Twitter post too. Of course once Canva opens the different designs in new browsers you have a fair bit of tweaking to do but it can save you a bit of time in the long run.

Canva Pro- Download Transparent backgrounsDownload Transparent Backgrounds

Another fantastic feature in Canva Pro is being able to download your text-based designs with transparent backgrounds. As someone who creates merch (tshirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, etc) every single day, it’s paramount to be able to download my designs as transparencies to put on products.

Now you can even erase backgrounds from your photos in Canva. (If you don’t have the Pro subscription you can always use a very effective tool to do so called Remove Background.)

Canva Pro - Magic ResizeFully Featured Brand Kit

While you can upload your logos to Canva in the Free version (under “Upload”), Canva Pro gives you additional benefits when storing your Brand Kid.

You get 20 color palettes on your brand kit in the pro version, as well as 36 colors per palette, and you can upload your own brand fonts if your font is not in Canva already!

And yes, just like the free version you can upload your logos to your brand kit (or just in the general uploads).


Static designs are so 2017. With Canva Pro, you can take your presentation, or Instagram post and turn it into an alluring animated GIF or MP4 video.

Other Added Benefits

With Canva Pro, you have unrestricted access to over 1.5 million premium images (yes, you read it correctly). No longer will you have to waste time trawling images on random sites, instead you can stay inside the Canva editor and find the perfect image for you.

Also access to over 20,000 templates and over 750 premium fonts, over 3 million free premium photos and illustrations

Join Canva Today - Get FREE Pro trial too

With – Magic Resize, extensive Brand Kit features, Folders, Transparent Background, Animations, Enhancd Search capabilitie – it’s crazy not to consider. Why not give Canva a try today – it’s FREE for 30 days?

Finally all you Canva pros out there please let me know What’s your fave Canva Pro feature? Let me know in the comments section!

My Favourite Canva Shortcuts

Fave Shortcuts in Canva by Thea Newcomb

My Fave Shortcut in Canva

Here Are Some of My Favourite Canva Shortcuts

In case you’ve never attended one of my Canva workshops in Scotland, I thought I’d share  some of my favourite Canva shortcuts with you today.

As a Canva Certified Creative, there’s nothing I like more than talking about Canva all day every day and teaching people tips and tricks!

Although there are a number of shortcuts that are reached by pressing a combination of keys, a few I want to share with you are single letter keyboard shortcuts.

At the the bottom of the post, I’ll show you how/where to get the full list of all of these shortcuts – both types. (pun intended)

My Fave Canva Shortcut Letter T = Text Box

    1. Give Me  a ‘T’?

      First of all the Letter ‘T’ brings up your text box. Instead of hitting “text” from the left hand side of the dashboard, I always choose to hit the letter ‘T’…All day every day.

      Fave Canva Shortcut - Letter R brings up a Rectangle

2. Can I Get an ‘R’?

The Letter ‘R’ brings up a rectangle – one of the most versatile shapes you can use in Canva.

I use it to highlight certain parts of text in my graphics – (see bottom bar in illustration above where my social media links are…)

I also tilt it to make it triangles for the corners of a design. I use it to make strips.

I often use the rectangle to cover the entire design and then lower the transparency. It keeps everything on brand and consistent!

The rectangle may just be my fave thing in all of Canva! It’s truly so versatile!!

Ok I am sounding a bit too excited by a Canva Shape, I know, I know. Let’s move on to the next shortcut…

Face Canva Shortcuts Letter L for Line

3. Let Me Have a Letter ‘L’

The Letter ‘L’ brings up a line. It’s quite a thin line, but if you wanted to you could stretch it from the middle into a rectangle or square so it too is super versatile.

The ‘L’ is handy when trying to separate blocks of content, or most recently, I’ve been using it a lot to create bespoke, lined journals and books for KDP (Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing).

So three cheers for the Letter L! One more for good measure?
Fave Canva Shortcuts Letter C - new shortcut for Circle

4. Can I get a letter ‘C’?

The Letter ‘C’ is the new kid on the block, (or should I say on the blog?) The ‘C’ brings up a lovely circle. It’s the newest addition to the Canva shortcuts and I love it!

Again the circle can be so useful in a design. You can use it to put some important text in. You can make a bunch of a different sized circles to highlight parts of your design. You can put circles inside circles. It’s your call!

Well that’s all for the single letter shortcuts…

Other Canva Shortcuts

All Canva Shortcuts - bottom of your canvas
There are a bunch of Canva shortcuts that you may or may not have noticed. They’re changing all the time so it might be worth popping down to the bottom right hand corner of your canvas to see them.

Thinking of become a Canva Pro?

There are many reasons to consider becoming a Canva Pro…For me, the magic resize is a real bonus. Sure there are sort of “work arounds” but the ease with which I can make 1 template, say a FB post, and then resize to be used on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc…

It’s a huge time saver.

Become a Canva Pro Today!
Click to learn more about becoming a Canva Pro user*

As I want to keep this post short and sweet, (500 words and counting) I’ll save the differences between the Free version of Canva and Canva Pro * until a later date.

If you enjoyed this post, you might enjoy my Free Canva Resources and tools post on Linkedin.

PS: Let me know which shortcut is your favourite in the comments below. See ya next time!

*affiliate links in post.



Trips 7 & 8 (of Twelve) – My Summer Travels in 2019

Thea's Summer Travels Castle Stalker & Trump Turnberry - Summer Trips 2019

My Summer Travels in 2019 – Trips 7 & 8

Thea's Summer Travels in Scotland 2019

For a somewhat quietish summertime, I seem to have gotten behind due to my summer travels…So I’ll fill you in on my recent trips, in Scotland, now.

The good news is that I have been traveling every month – just as I set out to do back at the beginning of the year. Really these posts are probably more for me than anyone else – to reflect back on this year of travel. I’ll aim to add some pretty pictures so it’s not a complete waste of your perusal…(Note: there are Amazon affiliate links to some of my journals and products).

Be warned – this was typed very fast and not proofed – so expect some mistakes along the way.


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July’s Trips – Were Several

It was my birthday in July – so I went to Helensburgh on the West Coast of Scotland for a night away in nearby Rhu.

Enjoyed a lovely lunch al fresco followed by a wee scenic route back to the hotel (thanks John C).

After John dropped me back to my hotel, then Joy came along to provide a bit of pampering – new eyebrows and lashes tinted and a massage too.  Once she headed out to a gig in Paisley, I enjoyed a spot of dinner and walk to the nearby marina where I took this shot that ended up on one of my journals.

Rhu Marina

The next day I was back to work with my dear client Angela who is a queen of Scottish tartan and tweed jackets (especially for women). She owns Royal and Plaid and she’s fab.

Since it was my birthday, I treated myself to a few jackets which I look forward to wearing once the weather provides a bit more chill to the air.

2 Journals - My Scotland Travels - 5x8 Made for Friends - Available on Amazon now

Sightseeing with Friends

The next day an ole elementary school friend, Kim, flew into Edinburgh with her daughter and I got to play tour guide. I  took a buss from Buchanan Street and met them off the airplane. I showed up with a Welcome sign (made in Canva, of course) and two new travel journals for them to write their notes in.

From EDI I escorted them into Edinburgh. They were staying at a posh, five star hotel near Waverley, whilst I stayed at the other end of Prince’s Street in more modest accommodation.

Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street at Sunset in July 2019 - by Thea Newcomb

It was fun showing them around Edinburgh, and talking about some of my fave spots in the capital. Weather was mostly fine and dry.  Naturally they loved the city.

Well, duh, what American wouldn’t?

At the end of the day, I hopped another bus back to Glasgow. (It should be noted that I never do buses or at least rarely. Usually only to Paisley to deliver workshops…It ended up taking me two hours to get from their hotel back to my home, so we can file that one under “never again”. Should have just taken the train.)

The next afternoon I picked up the rental car and got ready for a quick highland jaunt with my Californian visitors.

I’d convinced them it would be worthwhile staying a night somewhere up in the Highlands and we so opted for Oban – right at the Pier.

So picking them up at Queen Street on the Friday morning, we headed to Loch Lomond.

We ended up spending over an hour in a traffic jam near the Bowling roundabout due to a horrific accident. Eventually we got to Luss, had a wander, some lunch and took some photos on the pier.

From Luss it was up to the Green Welly for a browse and a pit stop and browse. After Tyndrum, it was north to Glencoe Village Cafe to meet a fellow KDP-er the lovely Leeane!  That was a lovely flying visit and I vowed to return to spend more time with her very soon.

Summer Travels - Kim takes a pic on way to Glencoe

Around dinner time, we headed southwest toward Oban – stopping for several shots of Castle Stalker. It ranks as one of my favourite castles in Scotland. (It also ended up on one of my Scottish Travel notebooks).

Above Oban from McCaig's Tower

Onto Oban

We eventually arrived at lovely Oban and were truly famished by this point. Sadly Eusk was all booked up for dinner, so we ate next door at the pizza place.

We had a great view over the water but were all too exhausted to even see straight. It was early to bed for us after that.

In the morning, on the way out of Oban we stopped at McCaig’s Tower for some photo ops.

Incidentally I’m looking forward to return to Oban soon to deliver the Canva workshop in November….See Business Gateway for details if you’re near…

Clachan Bridge, aka the Bridge Over the Atlantic in Scotalnd Near Oban by Thea

On the way down the road back to Glasgow, we made a wee detour to the “Bridge Over the Atlantic”.

I’ve been there several times now, and it never serves to disappoint. It’s too cute. Check out this drone video of it….

Continuing down the road we stopped for lunch at Inverarary, (the George which is always fabulous) and the Rest and Be Thankful too.

We made it back in time to return the car before they shut and I drove them to the train station and off they went. I guess that was enough Thea time…

August Trip – My Summer Travels Continued

Well, it’s a bit of a cheat to be honest with you, but I returned to Aberdour to the Woodside Hotel (which has become a sort of home away from home in 2019). My East Coast home as it were.  I always enjoy a bit of time up there. It’s a quaint village, the people are nice and I like the beach too!

The day after my stay, I attended an Amazon Academy event in Dunfermline. It was not the best of events, as in I didn’t get much out of it, but it was interesting to see the giant warehouse which is the equivalent of something like 17 football pitches (or is it 31?)

Whatever. It was massive.

As I’d already been there previously, I didn’t feel I could use a place for my challenge for a second time. So not counting Aberdour, I welcomed an opportunity for another break.

As luck would have it, I got the invite to the Ayrshire Business Women’s 25th Anniversary celebration at Trump Turnberry – it seemed only right to make a night of it.

Now of course a night a the luxury resort was out of the question (beyond my means), so I chose a farmhouse not too far away, near Daily.

Summer Travels Ayrshire Farmhouse near Daily, Girvan South Ayrshire

Once the Ayrshire Business Women’s event ended, I headed to check in and then straight back out to the beach at Girvan. It was a glorious sunny as I wandered along the beach…water lapping around my toes…

Eventually I grew tired and nipped around the corner to the Small Fries chippy on the main road.

By the time I drove back around to the harbour to eat my supper, the fog was so thick, not only could I not see Ailsa Craig anymore, I couldn’t even see the white lighthouse type structure at the end of the harbour.

Man that fog rolled in FAST!

Once food was done, I headed back to the B&B for a shower and an early night. It was strange to hear how deathly silent it was compared to my home along side a busy motorway.

What a contrast.

In the morning, I headed out the back roads toward Daily and up to Pirleyhill Farm – where the new glamping pods will be going in. Visited with owner Stuart, for a wee while, then we attempted to fly the drone that I had bought myself for my birthday. We had a laugh but after a few frustrating crashes, it time to head home.

It was one of the shortest breaks away this year but also a good few days away.

Now it’s back to work and booking workshops, one-to-one clients and of course full steam ahead on my sidehustle.

All time is spent concentrating on getting good content up on Amazon KDP and Merch for Q4. Really looking forward to it.

See you next time on my following summer travels into Fall. Thanks for stopping by. See you after the next trip!