How Can I Help Your Business?

So often we’re trying to sell our goods and services in an almost-broadcast fashion, (“look at me” or “how great my product or service is”) instead of simply asking “How can I help your business?”

So today, I thought I’d blog about some ways that I can help your business. Some of this is more relevant to those in Scotland, but not necessarily all of it. Read on.


Lately I’ve been very busy working on a (FREE) talk for New Start Scotland called “25 Tips to Rock Linkedin”. There are so many tips that I’ve come across, it could easily have been 100 or 1000  tips – but as it’s just a 45-minute talk, I’ll have be brief, or at least more succinct.

One tip, that I have just written down on my mind-map, is to make your profile customer/client-focused and not CV-focused. That simple line I read in an article made me stop and think about my own profile.

In other words, don’t just list all that you’ve done, or can do, but show how you might be able to help anyone who takes the time to read your profile.

Hmmm, I am sensing a profile-re-write on my cards real soon…What about you?

Here is more info on all of the fantastic workshops at New Start Scotland and you can get your FREE tickets to the event here. I am going to see as many of the workshops as I can myself! I am a bit of a workshop-junkie it seems.


Today, I have the pleasure of delivering some one-to-one Linkedin training to a very experienced photographer. Though I do a lot of training on the group level, most often for Business Gateway, there is something super special about sitting down and giving all your attention, focus and experience to just one person. A sort of bespoke training that suits their business.

So if you are in the market for some 1-2-1 social media training to promote your business, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch (most of my details are up at the top right)


Free Wine - Networking @ 29As many of you who are connected to me on Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter will know, I’ve started running a super-informal, social networking night at 29 Private Members Club Glasgow each month.

This month will be our second event is Google-related, and it’s taking place on 30th October from 6pm.

These nights are open to anyone – whether you’re utilizing social media for business or not. It’s really about meeting new people in a relaxed environment. After all, people do business with people they like, or put another way “people buy people”. So though you may not need networking / contacts at present, in this current climate, you never know when you might!

I’ve picked some great speakers to speak at the event. Matthew Marley, from Zen, will talk Google+, Brian Tait from Aillum about Analytics, and Mark Hunter from Postable on YouTube). Talks are 10 minutes each and aim to have you leaving with a few “take-aways” (well, if you’re on the three of these platforms).

Again, don’t worry, if you’re not, you can still come along and have a nice time, meeting some interesting people. RSVP on the 29 Glasgow LinkedIn business page (if you’re on LI). You can also Tweet me  or find my Networking @ 29 post on Google+. Or you can email me – thea (@) to express your interest. So many options to chose from there! Just do whatever suits you!

Finally, if you can’t make the event, you can follow all the action on Twitter #29Socially! It’s October 30th from 6-8pm (but if last month is to go by, we’ll likely be there much longer!)


So that’s just a few, simple, FREE (or cheap) ways in which I can help YOUR business…Namely by a FREE LinkedIn talk at New Start Scotland in November (14 & 15), by an informal Networking @ 29 night (Oct 30), and finally by some bespoke One-to-One Training – at your convenience – just for you – whoever you are, wherever you are!

Incidentally training can be done over Skype or Google Hangout if you’re outwith the Central Belt of Scotland.

Facebook-Free for October

And so begins another, potentially, life-changing month…

Thea Newcomb off FacebookRecently, I’ve come across a few articles about Facebook that have made me think about the time spent on there. You know what I mean, standing in line at the bank or the grocery story, on public transport, when out for a meal and your friend (or whoever) nips off to the loo, etc – what’s the first thing we do? We pull out those phones and scan the news feed to see what everyone else is doing!

Facebook Fatigue

First off, let me start by saying that I have a love/loathe sort of relationship with the platform to begin with. How I feel about it usually is determined by how I am feeling in general.

More often than not, I think FB can be a tedious, draining, boring, narcissistic sort of place. Of course, it can also be fun, funny, interesting, stimulating and altruistic in equal measure. It can be wonderful to see what your family and real friends are up to. It allows us to share, virtually, those weddings, parties, holidays, new babies, pets, or first days of school (yawn),…With people in far flung places around the world.

Last week though, an old friend shared an Onion article about the Facebook Version of a Marriage Going Great that did strike a cord in me. It’s like we all have Facebook versions of our lives. Makes sense really doesn’t it? From the sidelines it can be isolating to witness these sorts of things.

There was another one from the Economist, Facebook is Bad For You – Get a Life. Both of these pieces have been on my mind. Frankly, it’s good to know I am not the only with these sorts of feelings for ole FB.

As I’ve been contemplating how to better use my time, I figured there are so many more things I can be doing with it than spectating on what everyone else is doing – for an hour or two a day.

My aim this month then will be to work harder (especially at building my new business!), read more books (not just social media books either), be more social, face-to-face, with my friends/colleagues/associates and of course exercise more. Well, that’s the plan at any rate.

There is one caveat, I will need to continue with one or two Facebook pages that I run, like So You’ve Been Dumped Stories, but most of these can be done via 3rd party apps such as Sprout Social or HootSuite…


I attended a HootUp last week in Glasgow and after it, a few associates and I were talking about the difference between Facebook and Google+. To me, it’s like Facebook is a Frat party with your friends. It’s kinda fun at times, but there can be a lot of noise and mostly it’s just a lot of egos flying around.

Google+, on the other hand, is a like a really cool dinner party with loads of interesting people that you don’t really know – but who you want to know.

The posts tend to be informational, engaging, high caliber/quality, creative, etc. In a nutshell – a joy. And you know what? I’ve never once logged of Google+ scoffing. No narcissism to be found (amongst my circles anyway).

So yeah that’s where you’ll find me. Google+ or Linkedin of course. (see links top right to connect with me there)…


Oh yeah, speaking of which – two things to report  did I happen to mention that 1) I’m doing  FREE talk –  “25 Tips to Rock Linkedin” at New Start Scotland (November 14 & 15)  and 2) our next Networking @ 29 Event is about Google on October 30th?

We’ve got three, esteemed speakers lined up We have: +Matthew Marley  (from Zen) to talk about Google+! This guy has more people who’ve circled him than anyone I actually know in my circles! Kudos! +Mark Hunter (from Postable) to talk YouTube – he’s created over 700 videos – so man this guy knows his stuff! +Brian Tait  (from Aillum) is an expert who will tells us what to look for in our damn, confounded Analytics! “Not Provided”? @$%#$ – WTF! 🙂

Find the full run down for the event on my Google+ profile! You can find the link to 29’s Linkedin Business page there too!

Well, “Hello Facebook-Free October” – here we go! Let’s do this!

Training the Trainer – Always Learning

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Always Learning

It’s only Wednesday and already it’s been an incredible week here. Monday morning I sat in on a course run by Business Gateway called “Advancing your Analytics” or something. It was taught by my NSDesign colleague Brian Tait who runs an Online Marketing Management company, Aillum, here in the West of Scotland. In the class he covered Google’s Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Adwords too. It really felt like each section could have been its own three-hour course there is really so much to it. It was good an inspiring for me to do some work on both my site (this one), on and Silicon Valley Installation Company too!

Very inspiring. Might need to book Brian for some more one-to-one tuition so I can get some bespoke help with all of the above.

It’s Tuesday, I Must be Blogging

Then first thing Tuesday morning and I was in on another course – this time on blogging which was run in Glasgow. I was just there to shadow someone, so perhaps best to not say too much about that one, but alas I learned a lot at it, and was inspired at that one too.

PS: It looks like I shall be teaching this very course soon. More revealed later on that one. But if you’re looking to learn more about Blogging then check the Business Gateway site for events in your area.

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.” –  Bruce Lee

It is true, we really are never too old to stop learning. And just because we may THINK we’re pretty well versed on any given topic – we aren’t or at least there is always room to learn more. I find I always learn something from every event, course, networking night etc – especially when it comes to the digital realm.


Tuesday afternoon, post-blogging I was in 29 Glasgow to discuss our next event which will be about Google’s array of valuable products – Google Analytics, YouTube, and Google+ too. Currently trying to find the right person to talk about G+. I would do it but as I spoke at our last event I don’t want to hijack all of them. There are plenty of talented experts around the Central Belt who can do it! Any ideas on who would be great to hear from? Let me know soon! If you’re interested in attending our next event it will be 30 October at 29. It’s a great informal night out for those of us who aren’t brilliant at all those cool morning networking events 🙂

Ho Ho Ho – it’s SEO

Note from today's SEO Feedback Form
Positive Feedback Today!

Today I was down in Ayrshire to deliver some Business Gateway training, on the subject of Search Engine Optimization – to a great group of SMEs. The session was very action-packed. There were a lot of questions, comments, interaction etc.

It was my first time delivering these slides (but not the first time delivering the course itself) – so I was glad to have walked away feeling like they’d learned something and I enjoyed doing what I do – immensely! Here’s a picture of a note on one of the feedback forms. I can’t quite work out what it says, but what I can make out sure sounds good! 🙂 Maybe I should add a “testimonials page” for things like this 🙂 Sleep time. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday!

Getting Even More Linkedin!


Lesley, Thea, Emer at #29Linkedin
Lesley, Thea, Emer

Well, I finally have time to write a quick blog. Just wanted to share, for those who might be interested, last week’s event at 29 Glasgow went pretty well – by all accounts*. (More on that in a moment.)

According to TweetReach, our #29Linkedin hashtag had: exposure of 126,775 impressions, and reach of 20,348 accounts (that’s just from the last 50 tweets, from an estimated 107 in total). (Thanks Gary for getting that bit of info for me).

Here’s a wee pic of myself (middle), Lesley (left) and Emer on the right.

It’s hard for me to say really*, because there is an element of me being too close to the forest to see the trees. So I’ll use other people’s tweets about it instead…

First one is from Tom:

Thanks Tom! 🙂

Next up, Michael saying he’s learned a thing or two – awesome that was our collective goal.

Super-glad that Michelle walked away with a tip or two, too! Fantastic:

It’s can be a little intimidating when you know that some of your peers are going to be in the room, and you’re just hoping you can give them at least one tidbit they can use. Hopefully I did that on Thursday…


Now it’s time to start working on a new Linkedin talk – this time around 45 minutes chalk-filled with tips. 25 to be more precise. Am down to deliver it at this year’s New Start Scotland talk at the SECC in November. (PS: Did you notice they have a new website this year? Awesome)

The talk will be FREE and you can register for tickets here.

Hope to see some of you there. Will be unveiling the new company, website, blog etc – hopefully by the end of next week. Watch this space!

Finally, just a quick but special thought for my friend Kristine Swearson who was one of the many casualties in the World Trade Center on this ill-fated day.


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My First Prezi at Linkedin Socially Tonight

Linkedin Socially

LinkedIn circular logo with peel

The day has finally arrived! I’m about to get changed to head to 29 Glasgow for the event we’ve been planning for weeks!

I don’t really mind admitting to you that I am a little nervous…While I deliver training regularly (every month even) to new groups of SMEs, this somehow feels different. I guess because I am expecting a number of people in the room to be my peers (and some competitors). Some of them will, no doubt, know more about the subject than me! Though I feel pretty confident about the subject matter itself (I’ve done brief Linkedin talks over the years) – this time just feels like there is more riding on it. That pressure of trying to prove oneself I suppose. Especially as I am currently in the process of launching a business that rides on those skills!

Thankfully, I have a number of friends and colleagues who will also be in attendance showing their support. (One of them is speaking at this too! Yay Lesley)

Cover image for Thea's Linkedin Socially TalkThanks to Gary Ennis at NSDesign, I use Prezi for my Business Gateway talks on their behalf, but the one that I am about to deliver is the first one I’ve ever made myself! (And it kind of shows!)

As I’ve just finished and downloaded it, I’ve not even worked out how long it is, or what exactly I am going to say in reference to the presentation. Guess I’ll have to wing it…

So here goes nothing folks…Wish me luck. OK?

‘Really excited to see some of you there! If not, I hope some of you local folks are off seeing my friend Stephen Whitelaw down at Working Digital. If I wasn’t at my event talking I’d definitely be down there seeing his! Back soon with an update on this and Working Digital Day 3 which was great yesterday!