Social Media Training From NSDesign

Do you Tweet? Are you LinkedIn? Like Facebook? But maybe wonder if you could be doing it more effectively?

Then I can highly recommend the full day of, award-winning, Social Media trainingĀ Embrace the Space masterclass. Attend this course to get a broad overview on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ etc.

Full disclosure: YES, I do work a few days a week for NSDesign, but NO I am not rewarded for promoting the course. (I do that willingly).

I can honestly say it’s an amazing way to spend a day. It sells out every time Colin Kelly and Gary Ennis run it. It has 100% positive feedback so far too. Attendees always come away bustling with ideas and utterly inspired.

The kind of training I am doing is not at all competitive to what they are doing. My main emphasis is on tools like Spundge for curation of content (finding stuff to use in Blogs and Newsletters), with a bit on HootSuite, Sprout Social or TweetDeck to get usersĀ  automating some of their updates (but not all of them!)

Again to find out more about Embrace the Space check the page on NSDesign:

Embrace the Space masterclass

A New Beginning

Happy Sign in Altea Spain
Oh Happy Day


It’s time to update my site and try a new ‘theme’ on for size. It’s never easy trying to work out, exactly, the right thing to say on your website. Something that manages to be intriguing but not particularly arrogant. Here goes nothing…


Today was spent connecting with my piers at Digital 2013 and soaking up as much information as was humanly possible. It also felt like time for me to relaunch my website. It will just take me a few days to gather the content. For now – consider this a first “hello”. More to come soon. (Hopefully).

Anyway, as I say, it’s my intention to write a blog, via Spundge, about today’s Digital 2013 event and post it here as soon as possible…There was a lot to take in and process though…