Saturday Spotlight # 1 – More-2-Explore
Saturday Spotlight - # 1 -'s Lucy Bostock

Saturday Spotlight # 1 – More-2-Explore Welcome to my first ever Saturday Spotlight # 1 on More-2-Explore. More-2-Explore is a company founded by Lucy Bostock. According to this article here, Lucy came up with the idea after getting separated from her child at Legoland. The More-2-Explore Adventure Belt is an “alternative to traditional toddler reins, children’s…Read moreRead more

New Facebook Page – Thea’s Things and Other News
Thea Newcomb on Celtic Music Radio - Nov 2, 2017

New Facebook Page – Thea’s Things So I actually decided to launch a new Facebook Page – Thea’s Things which will be a place to showcase the Younique products that I am selling, and the Darceys Candles as well. Or it could be to promote radio shows I am doing. It will also feature new designs…Read moreRead more

Join Me Live on Celtic Music Radio – October 6 from 10pm (UK) 2pm (PST)
Thea Newcomb on the Radio - Celtic Music Radio November 2017

Join Me Live on Celtic Music Radio – October 6 from 10pm (UK) 2pm (PST) If you love hearing new music then why don’t you join me tomorrow October 6. I’ll be live on Celtic Music Radio from 10pm (UK) 2pm (PST) filling in again for my old radio buddy Mike Dillon. His show is…Read moreRead more

The Thea Newcomb Show – August 2017 All 4 Playlists
4 Radio Six International Playlists for The Thea Newcomb Show August 2017

4 Playlists – Aug 2017 Radio Six International Hey all, so I have just wrapped another month of shows on Radio Six International. As I’ve been a bit remiss about listing the playlists on social media each week, I thought I’d do a 4 Playlists post for all the August 2017 shows…It’s been fun. Some…Read moreRead more

Not Ready to Make Nice
Shut Up and Sing on DVD @ Amazon

Not Ready to Make Nice I have not been blogging personally much, but aim to change that now. Anyway I was surfing through the Interwebs looking for good Father/Daughter content to share on the Ralph Says Thing page when I stumbled across a site I’d never heard of…On there amongst their trending links I saw…Read moreRead more