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Some Social Media Links to Start Your Week

Hello friends, family, snoopers, I’m sorry I have been rather remiss at posting blogs here of late. After spending three weeks in sunny Northern California, a week to recover, my bedroom being remodeled (stuck on the sofa since I’ve come back), I am finally getting back into the swing of work things. My apologies.

First up let’s start with something super practical to help anyone who posts any photos on social media. This infographic will help you get it right every time!

The Most Thorough Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet Ever [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Most Thorough Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet Ever [INFOGRAPHIC]June 7, 2013 · · Like it? 13 comments 0 Posted June 5, 2013 Keywords: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Platforms, Twitter, Social Customer, Social Media, Social Networks, cheat sheet Did you know that if you want your display picture on Facebook to show up exactly as you see it as a file on your computer, you have to upload a 180 pixel by 180 pixel copy of it to Facebook?The cover photo, on the other hand, displays at 851 pixels by 315 pixels.Or did you…Open this article

And next up is a piece called Eight Inspiring Themes From the Future of Digital Marketing.

In it there is a video called Jijack from Meat Pack…which seems a little dangerous to me. I have visions of people running madly about malls and high streets – that just seems a law suit waiting to happen, to me, but then I am American and we can be a litigious breed…

Eight Inspiring themes from the Future of Digital Marketing

Eight Inspiring themes from the Future of Digital MarketingJune 10, 2013 · Econsultancy · by Ben Davis 10 June 2013 10:08 0 comments Print Tweet I can promise you only inspiring case studies, titbits and mantras in this post. All taken from our future gazing conference, Future of Digital Marketing, which we held last week. Twitter Interesting stat: There are 10m Twitter users in the UK and 80% access the site on their mobiles. Bruce Daisley, Twitter, gave a massively entertaining talk about brands capturing the moment on Twitter. You can read Twitter’s whitepaper…Open this article

Well that’s all I have time for today (after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day)…

Will aim to be better at keeping the blog up to date – once or twice a week. Next time, I’ll also write a bit more about what bespoke training I can offer in terms of one-to-one which is the area I am concentrating on in my own business. Added to my “To Do” list are the need for new business cards and to get out there networking more…See ya around!

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