My Big Week – #29Social and a Return to Radio

Well this is a big week for me. Frankly I am actually a little overwhelmed but in a good way, I guess. You see in 48 (and a bit) hours, #29Social will be kicking off at 29 Private Members Club in Glasgow. It’s a night of social networking, short talks, a few drinks and nibbles. It’s third one I’ve run but the last one was 18 or more months ago. There have already been around 50 who have RSVPd where they are supposed to. There are more than 80 who say they’re coming on 29’s Facebook Event page.


The last ones were fabulous and I am sure this one will be even bigger and better.

Forever Young @Mcphabbs

Also this week, I’ve started to promote the 80s music night that I am hosting at McPhabbs next month. Bank Holiday Sunday – 24/5. We’ll be playing all kinds of cool, 80s bands (and yes there were some…many actually)

Have been asking people on Social Media to share their favourite track from the decadent decade! If you are in Glasgow or within traveling distances please feel free to pop along and simply click the image to RSVP over on Facebook. If you have a fave 80s track feel free to comment below and I’ll see if I can play it on the night!


Return to Radio

Yippeee! It’s true! I’m back! I did a big ole blog about my radio show over on Linkedin yesterday, so I don’t want to rehash what I said over there. Suffice it to say, I am back on air from this Sunday night at 8pm. I’ll be playing all kinds of music from Scotland and in Scotland. In other words, my favourite Scottish tracks and any relevant acts who may be coming to Scotland to play live. That keeps it pretty broad. And though it’s on Celtic Music Radio there will be little, if any, “traditional music” on my show. I’ll be saving that for actual Scots!

Music of Scotland - Thea on Celtic Music Radio in Glasgow

I haven’t had time to really focus on a playlist but can tell you I am considering tracks from the new Gun record and Admiral Fallow too. The rest will remain to be seen…Any suggestions on Scottish tracks for my show? Place them in the comments below.

Still doing the #5x50Chal too…Yesterday was a 40-min run (a best for this challenge) and today a walk before the sleet arrived. Feeling pretty good over all. Hope you are too!

My First Prezi at Linkedin Socially Tonight

Linkedin Socially

LinkedIn circular logo with peel

The day has finally arrived! I’m about to get changed to head to 29 Glasgow for the event we’ve been planning for weeks!

I don’t really mind admitting to you that I am a little nervous…While I deliver training regularly (every month even) to new groups of SMEs, this somehow feels different. I guess because I am expecting a number of people in the room to be my peers (and some competitors). Some of them will, no doubt, know more about the subject than me! Though I feel pretty confident about the subject matter itself (I’ve done brief Linkedin talks over the years) – this time just feels like there is more riding on it. That pressure of trying to prove oneself I suppose. Especially as I am currently in the process of launching a business that rides on those skills!

Thankfully, I have a number of friends and colleagues who will also be in attendance showing their support. (One of them is speaking at this too! Yay Lesley)

Cover image for Thea's Linkedin Socially TalkThanks to Gary Ennis at NSDesign, I use Prezi for my Business Gateway talks on their behalf, but the one that I am about to deliver is the first one I’ve ever made myself! (And it kind of shows!)

As I’ve just finished and downloaded it, I’ve not even worked out how long it is, or what exactly I am going to say in reference to the presentation. Guess I’ll have to wing it…

So here goes nothing folks…Wish me luck. OK?

‘Really excited to see some of you there! If not, I hope some of you local folks are off seeing my friend Stephen Whitelaw down at Working Digital. If I wasn’t at my event talking I’d definitely be down there seeing his! Back soon with an update on this and Working Digital Day 3 which was great yesterday!

LinkedIn Socially Event at 29 Glasgow

Really excited for this Thursday’s ‘Linkedin Socially’ event at  29 Private Members ClubSoup and Bread on 29 Glasgow Roof Terrace in Glasgow. A few months back, I’d run into 29’s Natasha Michie & Michael Robertson at a Y.E.S. networking event, and we got to talking about how we all have so many “online connections” that it would be great to meet more of them offline. I know that, for me personally, there are many I’ve “met” (read: connected with) online, but never face-to-face. So on that evening, we decided, as Nike famously said to “Just Do It”. It’s taken months to get here, but we’re finally ready to host it this Thursday, Sept 5, from 6pm.

This is networking event is primarily aimed at 29’s own membership (for whom the event is FREE), but of course, it’s open to the public (for a mere five pounds – paid for in advance) as well. It should be a great mix of people.

On the night I’ll be one of three, female speakers (that wasn’t deliberate it just happened that way) – giving short, ten minutes or so, talks on various aspects about Linkedin.

Linkedin Socially Flier - Sept 5The first will be Lesley Wood (Owner at LMW Consulting). Lesley is a long-time friend and former colleague who will talk about some of the basic know-hows of LI.

Then it will be myself – dealing specifically with contacts/connections (ways to connect, etiquette and what to do with them once you have them).

We’ll round off with Emer O’Leary, who’s based on the East Coast, but originally from Ireland (so quite the International flavor to the evening!).

I first came across Emer when I stumbled on one of her Social Sorted blog posts earlier in the year. As Emer writes so often about Linkedin, I simply knew that I had to reach out and see if she was interested in speaking at our event. Thankfully she was. Plus, it just so happens that Emer is one of the very people I’ve connected to online, but yet to meet offline, so really looking forward to the event for that reason too!

To be honest, it wasn’t my desire to speak at the event, as it would be much more relaxing not to, but given the fact I have just set up my own training company (delivering bespoke, one to one, WordPress and Social Media training), it would be rather foolish not to! Right? Right.

While I am being honest, I have to admit that I am a bit nervous about delivering a talk on Linkedin, as a subject, especially amongst so many esteemed peers, but am pretty excited nonetheless.

So, again, between the three of us, we’ll be covering all kinds of Linkedin topics from the basic set up of a profile, tips, and etiquette right through to actual lead generation. There will be something for everyone – whether or not you’ve used Linkedin.

And, hey, if not, there’s always that “free drink on arrival”…which will appeal to most of you, no doubt!

If we’re not connected on Linkedin yet and you’d like to, then please feel free to do so (using the first icon above on top right).

NOTE: To RSVP you need to mail Natasha. Click the image of the flier to get her address. Hope to see you there!


Will write again, hopefully tomorrow – after delivering Improve Your Search Engine Ranking for Business Gateway Renfrewshire (and NSDesign), as well as day one of the Working Digital event held by NSDesign in conjunction with East Ayrshire council. Join in at this five day event either online or in person.