My Longest Love Affair…is With Glasgow

Where does the time go?

Today is my anniversary of living in Glasgow. I’ve spent nearly half of my life in this fine city…In that time, I’ve watched it grow, change and even mature – for the better.I love Glasgow - Photo and Blog Thea Newcomb - 23rd Anniversary

While it’s true that the weather leaves something to be desired, Glasgow more than makes up for it with its stunning architecture, varied music, abundance of parks, restaurants, museums and especially its amazing people.

While I look out my living room window, pondering all that I love about Glasgow, it’s a colour clash of green trees and gray skies. I hear the gentle, constant rumble of the M8 traffic, and birds engaged in an animated conversation too.

It feel like “home”.

If you told me, twenty-four years ago, that “a year from now you’ll marry a pen pal and move half way around the world” – I’d never have believed you. That’s life though isn’t it? It has funny way sometimes. I am not living the life I’d planned, but I don’t know if I ever had a plan.

Though my marriage only lasted a few years, my love affair with Glasgow endures and it actually grows year-on-year.

Every day there are a few things I hear, from people I meet, over and over “You’ve been here that long?” followed by something like “are you mad?” or “you haven’t lost your accent*”.

Both may or may not be true, I’m not entirely sure…

But I love this city for its diversity…There is something to do every night here! On any given week I can take in a film, gig, or go networking. Sometimes I even host my own events for networking (this week was #29Social at 29 Private Members Club in Glasgow) or for 80s music.#29social June 2015 - 29 Glasgow

As a California it’s been fun to host my own radio shows here (FYI: currently on Celtic Music Radio), and sometimes contribute to other shows – like next week, I am due to be on Kaye Adams show on Radio Scotland (all being well) – talking about viral content in the “Social Media Whirl”.

So what keeps me here? I am not sure. I guess I’ve never found a place I want to be more than here. I try to live in the principle of being happy wherever I am – and not let geography dictate it.

What do I love most? The music, the parks, the restaurants, River Clyde, and the friends I’ve made here over two decades…One thing I can say, it’s not the weather! (Though I often joke that it is why I came here in the first place).

Soon I am headed to my other “home”, the Silicon Valley, for somewhat major high school reunion, and I suspect there I’ll be told I have an accent, so I have to wonder who’s right? Do I have an accent or not?

For now it’s the best of both worlds. I spend a chunk of time each year in California and the bulk of my time in Scotland. Two of the most wonderful and beautiful places on earth. It’s not a bad life, it really isn’t.

As far as love affairs go, my love of Glasgow is the most enduring love I’ve ever had. Like all relationships it’s tested me at times. But when it comes down to it, it’s out-lasted all my other relationships combined.

Anyway, I’m off to celebrate my 23rd anniversary at a fave pub, McPhabbs with a fellow American, Lynette, who calls this city home too. We’ll no doubt compare notes over dinner and then we’re off to see a gig. Basically another normal night in this not-so-normal life of mine.

June #29Social – One Week to Go

Well it’s Wednesday – which means that the June #29Social is just one week away! What is #29Social? It’s simply a chance for a bit of socialising – plus some networking in Glasgow and to learn a few things along the way.

The topics discussed are always Social Media in nature – past topics included Linkedin, Google+, Video, and so forth. The events are FREE to members of 29 Private Members Club and just a £5.00 for non-members. You’ll get a wee drink upon arrival and some nibbles too.Can your business survive without Google?

New Format for June #29Social

This month, after taking on board some feedback, I’m trying something a little different at the June #29social…it will be a panel of three – instead of three speakers. We will be loosely discussing  “Can your business survive without Google?” and broadly speaking about search engines (not just Google but Bing and more), optimising content, blogging, PPC and other ways to drive traffic to a website and get customers.

We are taking questions ahead of time – via Social Media – or if you have one, ask in the comment below!  This will be an amazing event and interesting whether you own a business or not. The panel have been hand-picked because they are experts in their fields of Domains, SEO and Social Media.

June #29Social Panel

The expert panel for this month’s event are as follows:

Domain and SEO expert Tommy Butler speaks at the June #29socialTommy Butler (pic) A digital and internet strategist, Tommy (Mr is passionate about domain names and strategy.

Like Alan, he’s an expert in SEO but with an unorthodox take on them that will amaze you!

Alan Fair. Founder of Contact Online, Alan is an expert in Data Analysis, SEO, and Web Design. Get ready to have your mind blown by glorious and geeky stats and analytics – that he’s obtained over a decade of helping businesses online.

Matthew MarleMatthew Marley Social Media Expert in Glasgow speaks at the June #29socialy. The Senior Social Strategist at Yomego responsible for developing and executing social strategies for some of the worlds biggest brands including Amazon and Google, Matthew is our Social Media expert. He can help you with your content marketing queries!

These gentlemen are all experts in their fields and will be sharing their wealth of experience to all who attend this month’s #29Social.

So please RSVP on the 29 Glasgow website and see you there on the 17th.

This June #29Social event will be the last until after the summer. There will be limited seating in the “29 Apartment” – so please RSVP now – and arrive on time at 6 to get yourself a seat!

My Big Week – #29Social and a Return to Radio

Well this is a big week for me. Frankly I am actually a little overwhelmed but in a good way, I guess. You see in 48 (and a bit) hours, #29Social will be kicking off at 29 Private Members Club in Glasgow. It’s a night of social networking, short talks, a few drinks and nibbles. It’s third one I’ve run but the last one was 18 or more months ago. There have already been around 50 who have RSVPd where they are supposed to. There are more than 80 who say they’re coming on 29’s Facebook Event page.


The last ones were fabulous and I am sure this one will be even bigger and better.

Forever Young @Mcphabbs

Also this week, I’ve started to promote the 80s music night that I am hosting at McPhabbs next month. Bank Holiday Sunday – 24/5. We’ll be playing all kinds of cool, 80s bands (and yes there were some…many actually)

Have been asking people on Social Media to share their favourite track from the decadent decade! If you are in Glasgow or within traveling distances please feel free to pop along and simply click the image to RSVP over on Facebook. If you have a fave 80s track feel free to comment below and I’ll see if I can play it on the night!


Return to Radio

Yippeee! It’s true! I’m back! I did a big ole blog about my radio show over on Linkedin yesterday, so I don’t want to rehash what I said over there. Suffice it to say, I am back on air from this Sunday night at 8pm. I’ll be playing all kinds of music from Scotland and in Scotland. In other words, my favourite Scottish tracks and any relevant acts who may be coming to Scotland to play live. That keeps it pretty broad. And though it’s on Celtic Music Radio there will be little, if any, “traditional music” on my show. I’ll be saving that for actual Scots!

Music of Scotland - Thea on Celtic Music Radio in Glasgow

I haven’t had time to really focus on a playlist but can tell you I am considering tracks from the new Gun record and Admiral Fallow too. The rest will remain to be seen…Any suggestions on Scottish tracks for my show? Place them in the comments below.

Still doing the #5x50Chal too…Yesterday was a 40-min run (a best for this challenge) and today a walk before the sleet arrived. Feeling pretty good over all. Hope you are too!