#5x50Chal – Day 23

D#5x50chal - Day 23on’t worry lovely readers, I’ve been doing the #5x50chal every day – as I committed to doing.

Most days it’s been pretty easy to do my alloted 30 minutes of exercise.

In fact, almost too easy. I’ve maybe averaged the 5k a day or thereabouts.

Yesterday was 10km I think. Boy did I feel it, too. Had a wonderful walk all over Glasgow’s west end with my friend. It was a day to be out, to be sure.

I think I’ve lost a tiny bit of weight – an almost imperceptible amount – but better than nothing.

Weather this past week or two has been pretty glorious which always helps, doesn’t it? ‘So much easier to get out there and active when it’s not bucketing down. Long may that continue.

Today’s walk was a simple two or miles around the Quay and along the River Clyde in Glasgow.

Really when you think about it, what a difference a few weeks can make. I look back to the earlier pictures of rain, sleet and hail stones at the start of the challenge – and now this.

#5x50chal - Day 23

Thank goodness seasons change…

Speaking of seasons changing, that reminds me of the fabulous Susie Suh song…(random collage video by a fan no doubt). Really wish I was seeing her in Berlin next week.

Maybe some day I will…(Either there or here.)

Well that’s all for now. I should call it a night. I’ll be back in a day or so with another blog about #29Social which is just around the corner now (29/4). Very excited about the night. It will be great. If you’re in the central belt, come along…Please.

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#5x50chal – Update through Day 15

Update on the #5x50chal

I seem to have left my daily blogging by the way-side. I’ve managed to do the challenge all week as committed to – but I haven’t been doing so good with updating this blog I guess. The week has been spent walking. Weather for the most part has truly held out.

Today my friend G and I walked around Newlands. Was good to catch up and go to a park I’ve never even seen before.
#5x50chal Run Day 14

Day 14 – Yesterday I ran, solo, for two-and-a-half miles (38 minutes) all around the River Clyde. I’m running a bit longer each time I do. I’m still not quite at the 5k mark but not too bad for an ole gal, I reckon.

#5x50chal collage | Thea

Also during the week my #5x50chal workouts were spent doing things like walking home from town, twice (appx 2 miles by the time I got weaved my way home). Friday was a walkabout in the West End. One night during the week was through one of my fave Glasgow neighborhoods.

So basically I do my best to mix up the #5x50chal  both in terms of areas but also with type of fitness. So far it’s mostly been walking and running but soon I ought to pull the roller skates and my bike out to really mix-it-up.

Watch this space.

#5x50Chal – Days 6-9

Well it’s been a super-busy Easter weekend and the weather has vastly improved since the start of the challenge. Thank goodness!

As I was playing hostess for much of the break, I didn’t quite get the time to update the blog as I’d have liked to – so I am now…Mostly in pictures. It’s been a lot of walking this weekend…in Luss, Glasgow’s East End, and in various southside areas. #5x50chal - Day 6Luss was lovely as ever! Weather did leave a little to be desired but nothing compared to the beginning of the week so I won’t complain!
#5x50chal - Day 7An East End of Glasgow saunter with friends – Neil and Cathie. We had a long walk to Richmond Park in the east end and then back again, winding up at West brewery at Glasgow Green.

day8collageA nice way to spend an Easter Sunday morning in the park. Enjoyed a short break in the Walled Garden. Soon the hyacinths will be in bloom and I can’t wait!

 Easter Monday #5x50chal – another walk around the southside and along the River Clyde.
#5x50chal - Day 9
That’s about all for this #5x50chal update. Still going strong. Still trying to combine a walk or run with the AB workout. Just need to cut out the chocolate and I’d be slimming down in no time…

#5x50chal – Day 5

Not much to report for today’s #5x50chal…Did a normal workout in the AM (8 minute abs). I trained for 3 hours – on my feet – so I’d done 12,000 steps before I even went to do my workout today which was a long walk. Well, longish. It was pretty good going too because frankly I felt like sleeping rather than walking but forced myself and played 2 Social Media Examiner podcasts. Learning on the go. I recommend it.

Day 5 - #5x50chal

#5x50chal – Day 4

Up and out early for today’s run (and again by “run” I mean slow jog, but still). I did it. More than two miles non stop. Slow and steady wins the race. And boy what a difference a day makes. Yesterday Cathie and I weathered all sorts but today – sunny the entire time. Took a few snaps. I really just try to listen to Social Media Podcasts when I am out during working hours (or in today’s case before) so I can achieve two things at once. (Note I didn’t say “kill two birds with one stone” because frankly that’s mean…)

Today was about Twitter for Business with Laura the Pistachio queen. That’s handy because I am delivering Intro to Social Media tomorrow morning for Business Gateway.#5x50chal - Day 4 running

When that podcast ended, I switched over to music and U2 California (There Is No End To Love) came on. Rather nice for a California gal like me. There once was a time when they were my fave band. Now I must sleep. Short and sweet.