#5x50Chal – Day 3

Day 3 of the #5x50Chal

Well Cathie called and said “Do you fancy a walk?” I looked outside thinking, “nope, not really” but, alas, no such luck. I had to do something for my 30 mins of exercise today so may as well be a walk with a dear friend. Off we went. Boy it was 4-seasons-in-one-challenge. Though not hugely fun (especially the dang hail stones like yesterday) – we did end smiling and laughing most of the way. It’s always a pleasure sharing our good news with each other and then dining out on it. I came home feeling I’d achieved something. Endorphins swimming.

#5x50chal - Day 3

It took less than an hour and we walked over 2 miles. Not brilliant but not bad either!

Training – Business Gateway

It’s been a pretty good, low-key day…working away. The past few days I’ve just been busy updating my Intro to Social Media presentation for Business Gateway. The last time I did this particular course (on behalf of Postable) – was probably six months ago down at BG Ayrshire.

In Social Media that’s like a life time. So am updating stats and screenshots etc. It’s been a long day or two working on this. Time to call it a night. See you tomorrow for Day 4 of the #5x50Chal. Anyone else doing it too?

How you doin’?

#5x50Chal – Day 2

Well today’s #5x50chal wasn’t too bad today, but the weather was not the best. When I logged on this morning, my timelines were lit up with the S word (I mean “Snow”) – which, yet again, I somehow missed.

I Changed My Mind…

So this morning, I decided to change my mind. I emailed the #5x50Chal support team to switch to Option B (there are a variety of options to choose from).

While in all previous years, I managed the 5k (in fact I managed to average 5 miles a day!) this time I opted to do the 30 minutes a day – hence the Option B. It’s still better than what I’ve been doing the past few months…

Today’s 5×50 Challenges

I started off day 2, first thing, with my 8-min ABs workout. Then, I stalled and stalled, all morning, hoping for better weather, and eventually gave up and just went out at 2pm.

It was a run today, and when I say “run” I actually mean very slow jog. Frankly I reckon I did OK with my two 15-minute miles…Not as good as many of you out there but better than nothing…The fact I did more than 30 minutes, non-stop, was impressive to me. It was the first run I’ve done in weeks (or more).

#5x50chal - Day2 - Thea Newcomb Glasgow

By the time I was crossing the River Clyde, I was being pelted by hailstones the size of jawbreakers – led by strong winds. It was not at all pleasant. In fact, it was painful,…but I did it. #noexcuses. The picture in the hate was taken just after the hail, so the smile was indicating my relief the hail had passed!

Note: There was a slight discrepancy between my iPod stopwatch and my Pebble Smart Watch, because I forgot to hit stop on the Pebble until I got back into my house. That is all.


#5x50Chal – Day 1

Today was the launch of this year’s 5×50 Challenge. I’ve done it the three, previous years and welcome its return…Like many people out there, I do have some winter weight to shift! Over the last few challenges, it was a case of walking, running or biking (or whatever) it for 5k minimum a day.

This year, for some reason, they changed it. In a way, I am glad, because it’s perhaps a wee bit easier. I mean anyone can manage 30 mins exercise in a day, pretty much. Heck, you can stand in front of your TV, and walk in place, if you absolutely have to! Right?

Day 1 - #5x50Chal - Walk Victoria Park (pebble smart watch)

I Walk the #5x50Chal

Usually, I just walk the 5×50 Challenge. The first year I did it, I shifted a stone in the process. So don’t underestimate the value of simply walking. This year, I will continue to do that, and perhaps some biking, and the odd 30 min jog too…

Might pull out my roller skates and head to Bellahouston’s track and whiz around that for half an hour. Who knows?

It’s good to mix it up. For the past month or more I’ve been doing an 8-minute ABs challenge and am starting to see them, so I will continue on with them in addition to my 30 mins of exercise.

I Take Photos of my #5x50Challenge

When I do my workouts, I like to take pictures of where I am…usually from my phone or from iPod. This year, perhaps I’ll be more inclined to use my GOPRO to take some action shots? We’ll see.  I’ve started a brand new photo album here – if you want to follow along with my action.

And here’s a collage I made of today’s launch walk at Victoria Park – just west of Glasgow.

Pictures at Victoria Park - #5x50chal - Day 1

While I will endeavour to blog throughout the challenge, I do know that sometimes life gets in the way…So I’ll just do my best to keep the pictures flowing – and added to my photo album – as and when I can.

There’s still time to Join the 5x50Challenge. You can even join after it’s started (e.g. this week) – so no excuses, ya hear?

Meanwhile, I’m off to have another cuppa and half a cinnamon roll! Well, I’ve earned it 😉