Perspective is a Mirror, Not a Fact – A Quote by, Well Me

Perspective is a Mirror not a Fact - Thea Newcomb - Just say NO to copycats!

Perspective is a Mirror not a Fact - Thea Newcomb - Just say NO to copycats!Perspective is a Mirror, Not a Fact

The quotation – “Perspective is a Mirror, Not a Fact” is a quote I’ve said for many years now…I paraphrased it from a similar sounding quote, but essentially this one is mine. (Google it to see what I mean!)

So as I am into tshirts and merch (short for merchandise – mugs, tank tops, cushions, notebooks etc) these days, I thought I’d put it on a tshirt for myself…

Earlier this year, I finally got accepted into the Merch By Amazon program after about eight months.

I’d already begun uploading elsewhere, and blogged about my foray into Print on Demand (and here is my post about POD on Linkedin)

I generally do positivity, Scottish stuff, places, and so forth. It’s mostly text-based creations (as I am not a graphic designer) but overall, I am loving it…

Until days like today…

On Thursday, I uploaded my “Perspective is a mirror not a fact” design to Merch in the UK (my one and only shirt on UK so far!) and then immediately bought it for myself.

So imagine my surprise (read: dismay) when I find it’s already got a pixel for pixel (P4P) copycat design of it! What the actual?

what the actual, a tshirt, by thea newcomb

Imitation is NOT the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I think it’s bullshit to cite Colton’s “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” when it comes to pixel-for-pixel copies of tshirts and merch.

It’s lazy, crass, opportunistic and insulting.

When I checked today there was one copy (P4P).

An hour later, I found another version of MY quote, but at least this other one had a unique design. I

reported the first one, but didn’t bother with the second (even though I think I could I claim ownership of it…a Google search would prove that).

Good luck to the copycats. And FU.

Frankly, I can’t see people suddenly buying my “Perspective” tshirts anyway, so more fool them.

I did it because it’s my quote. I say it  all the time, so of course I’d buy it, but will anyone else? Maybe in solidarity to me. Perhaps I’ll buy Perspective on a mug next?

Perspective is a Mirror - Mug by Thea

Merch By Amazon Seattle 2018

In other more pleasant news, I am just back (well a week ago today) from the Seattle Merch Conference.

Myself and Michael Essek (a big-wig in the POD field in the UK who was speaking at it) were, by all accounts, the furthest traveled.

I’ll aim to write a blog about the conference soon. (I meant to already). I was there for Thursday and Friday and then they added Saturday, by which point, I was already heading back to California for one day, to see my dad (Ralph Says Things) before returning to Glasgow.

Finally, I am also co-hosting a Merch Across the Pond meetup at the end of the month in London – which I am certain to post about soon too. There is just so much going on it’s been hard to catch up after my time away!

Have You Experienced Copycats?

Have you had any experience of someone stealing your work, design, creations, of any description? What did you do about it?

I think it’s crap but I also believe in karma so those people that do that sort of thing will eventually get what’s coming to them. I know not everyone sees it the way I do but hey, as I always say, perspective is a mirror not a fact.


Thea’s T-Shirts: A Design a Day on Red Bubble & Merch Too

Click the pic to buy a Ralph Says Things T-shirt on Amazon

Click the pic to buy a Ralph Says Things T-shirt on AmazonT-Shirts: My Design a Day on RedBubble & Amazon Too

Just a really quick update about the world of Thea’s t-shirts. In particular how I am doing a “Design a Day” on Red Bubble & Merch By Amazon Tees too.

So this whole t-shirt thing started last summer – when I stumbled across a video about Merch by Amazon. I was desperately trying to find ways to make some money for my dad – via Ralph Says Things . I loved the idea of making a few bucks for t-shirts for the auld yin.

The royalties seemed amazing. Like $7.00 if you priced a shirt at $19.99. Not bad eh?

At first, I thought it would take a week, or maybe a month, to be approved by Amazon. How wrong could I be?

Around eight months later, it finally happened. Last week! Yippee.

Week One on Amazon – Tier 10

The first shirt that went live on Amazon Merch was simply the Gaelic word “Cosagach” – meaning “Snug” or “Cosy” if you believe Visit Scotland… Or it may actually have a less favourable interpretation if you were to ask a proper Gaelic-speaking Scot…That said, it may actually mean more about “Wet Moss than Warm Blankets”

Within 90 minutes of the shirt going live – it had a sale! Admittedly it was a friend in Michigan, but still. A sale’s a sale. And it was nice to be off to a good start.

Original Cosagach t-shirt design by Thea Newcomb

So as I am writing this blog, I decide to go get the link to said shirt and I see some ASSHAT has actually copied my design EXACTLY – the same font, same style, making no effort what-so-ever to make it his or her own.

Charles Caleb Colton said “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery” – but what just happened with that shirt was actually lazy forkin’ theft.

Sure go ahead, nick the word, and make it your own, but the asshat stole all of it and that’s decidedly UNCOOL, man.


The Next Day was a Ralph Says Things Shirt.

Have you been following Ralph on Social. He’s “Ralph Says Things” on everything (e.g. @ralphsaysthings). The whole idea was to give him a bit of a reason for living. Something fun to focus on. It’s not making us loads of money but hey it amuses me, him and a few other folk who follow him so that’s cool.

Thea's Ralph Says Things - Face t-shirt
Click his face to buy your own Ralph Says Things T-shirt

Music is Better Than Everything

I’m quite pleased with the next t-shirt (which I am sure will be nicked in a matter of minutes…if my random Gaelic one was…) But it’s about my one, true love, MUSIC. I love music more than everything and so I made a shirt that said as much. If you’re a music fanatic or know someone who is, the please buy it and help me “tier up” to the next level in Amazon Merch. Apparently I need to sell 10 shirts to move up? I think so anyway, we’ll see. 4 shirts in so that means 6 to go. Rock and Roll. Pun intended.

Music is Better than Everything T-shirt by Thea Newcomb - the first on Amazon
Click to buy this original design on Amazon

The next t-shirt I designed this week was the Canyon City. It’s a private, limited edition shirt you’ll only have access to it if you come to the gig. Find out more on last week’s blog Canyon City Glasgow. If you’re near Glasgow do pop along. It’s going to be incredible.

There’s another one about being a non-parent too…

Not sure what I’ll do for tomorrow’s upload.

At Tier 10 you can only have 10 designs live.

Design a Day on RedBubble

Click the pic to check out Thea's Design a Day - Scoop Neck TeesMeanwhile I am seven or eight months in on RedBubble…and on a whim I decided to do a Design A Day for 2018. I’ve mostly been keeping up with it, but rather foolishly realised I’d uploaded the same design twice and now I am one behind (Day 16). So two on Day 17 I guess?

I sort of call what I am doing on RB – more “Positiva-Tees” if you see what I mean. They’re all pretty upbeat…Love, music, life, mind/body/spirit type stuff…

The great thing about RedBubble is that all the products can go on a variety of merchandise – mugs, clocks, apparel of all sorts, stationery, and so forth.

You can check out the men’s classic t-shirts here.

While I am not selling much on RB, I’ve not actually promoted my stuff there much so it’s not too surprising. There are moments I get a bit disheartened but then I remember I absolutely LOVE designing these shirts in Canva and creating these designs.

So at the end of the day it’s about the “MindLESSness” and Joy and less about the moolah. For now anyway.

I’ve not decided whether my “Design-A-Day” will be for the month of January or if I will try to do it for the year.

What do you reckon?

Well it’s nearly 2am so it’s time to close I think.

Thanks for popping by.

Please treat yourself or someone else to a t-shirt.

If not, then maybe simply share one somewhere.

Or not. Your call.

Cheers all.


UPDATE JULY 1: You can now go on to read my post at the halfway mark – Design a Day Challenge 2018 and if you’re interested, you can sign up for TeePublc for FREE here via my link.