Linkedin Across Scotland 2016

LINKEDIN ALL OVER SCOTLAND It seems that 2016 has kicked off with a ton of varied Linkedin training for me. It’s taking me from Ayr all the way up to Aberdeen and honestly I can’t wait. Though it’s not the sexiest of all the social media platforms it is actually the one that benefits me most in…Read moreRead more

Feast or Famine – the Life of a Trainer

Well it’s not secret that being self-employed as a trainer, or otherwise, can be a challenge. I know, life in general is a challenge…but being an SME simply compounds it. This month has been fairly quiet in the Social Media training terms. I had some dates down in the Borders which were,…interesting. Challenging. I guess…Read moreRead more

Glasgow Networking, Training & Southsiders in Business

Glasgow Networking The past few weeks have been crazy-busy networking – both in Glasgow and in Paisley (for a change). For starters, I had hoped to get up in time for the FatBuzz New Media Breakfast to hear Tim from Attacat talk SEO – but after a long week and heavy workload my bed was far…Read moreRead more

#5x50chal – Day 5

Not much to report for today’s #5x50chal…Did a normal workout in the AM (8 minute abs). I trained for 3 hours – on my feet – so I’d done 12,000 steps before I even went to do my workout today which was a long walk. Well, longish. It was pretty good going too because frankly…Read moreRead more

#5x50chal – Day 4

Up and out early for today’s run (and again by “run” I mean slow jog, but still). I did it. More than two miles non stop. Slow and steady wins the race. And boy what a difference a day makes. Yesterday Cathie and I weathered all sorts but today – sunny the entire time. Took…Read moreRead more