#5x50Chal – Day 3

Day 3 of the #5x50Chal

Well Cathie called and said “Do you fancy a walk?” I looked outside thinking, “nope, not really” but, alas, no such luck. I had to do something for my 30 mins of exercise today so may as well be a walk with a dear friend. Off we went. Boy it was 4-seasons-in-one-challenge. Though not hugely fun (especially the dang hail stones like yesterday) – we did end smiling and laughing most of the way. It’s always a pleasure sharing our good news with each other and then dining out on it. I came home feeling I’d achieved something. Endorphins swimming.

#5x50chal - Day 3

It took less than an hour and we walked over 2 miles. Not brilliant but not bad either!

Training – Business Gateway

It’s been a pretty good, low-key day…working away. The past few days I’ve just been busy updating my Intro to Social Media presentation for Business Gateway. The last time I did this particular course (on behalf of Postable) – was probably six months ago down at BG Ayrshire.

In Social Media that’s like a life time. So am updating stats and screenshots etc. It’s been a long day or two working on this. Time to call it a night. See you tomorrow for Day 4 of the #5x50Chal. Anyone else doing it too?

How you doin’?

March Madness

My schedule’s been a bit mad. The weather’s been a bit mad too, so March Madness seemed like an apt enough title for today’s blog. Today’s weather – and really much of the past week – has been very much a case of “4 Seasons in One Day”.

A little while ago I was watching the snow fall and it seemed as though it was falling in slow motion. It was incredible. I should have filmed a few seconds worth to show you.

Tomorrow or the next day my new Younique merchandise should be arriving. I got a few quotes, and everyone kept saying how expensive it was for one-off baseball hats (which are my sort of trademark) but perseverance pays…I found a place in England who did them at a brilliant price!

I’ll blog about them once the stuff arrives, and I (hopefully) like them a lot! Ha. I’d ordered them for a wedding fair that I thought was taking place this coming weekend but it turns out it was yesterday. I’ve already mentioned how that went in a blog post – My Week in Younique – posted over on my Glatitude site earlier.

Training Again

Business Gateway Feedback - EBIZ 1 - Thea Newcomb 27 Feb 2015My Business Gateway training has resumed for 2015, which feels fabulous! I was a little apprehensive after being off for the better part of two months, but once the delegates started to show up, I was back in the swing of things and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The feedback wasn’t too bad either. I think most of them got something out of it – which is always good! This guy though seemed to think the course was and “excellent event” but rated the venue higher than he did me!

Additionally I’ve been focusing my efforts on one-to-one training clients. I do like doing the one-to-one thing because it’s so much easier to taylor the content to the individual than it is to try to reach a room of people at all different levels with all different expectations.

Musically Speaking

Thea Newcomb PebbleAfter seeing Bear’s Den and Sophie Rogers last month I also caught Royal Blood last weekend which was a good gig. Enjoyed the show. Rather hoping to get Spandau Ballet this weekend but not holding my breath on that one.

Finally my latest cool gadget, in addition to my GoPro Hero is this Inspector Gadget type of watch…the Pebble. Not only does it track my walking/running but it also tells me who’s calling me, emailing or texting me or whatever notifications I am getting across social media too! So far so good.

December Already? My Younique Update 1 Month In

The Gimme Everything Collection from Younique

So I was teaching the Improve your Search Engine Rankings today and rather embarrassingly showed my blog (to illustrate the difference of landing on a “home” page versus a latest posts page) and realized I’ve not updated for a month. How on earth did that happen?

I’ve been getting my head down and building my Younique Business for the last five weeks! I’ve spent time blogging about that already on the Glatitude site – so no point repeating it too much here – but will recap just a little of what’s going on (See My Week in Younique – a new weekly feature for more details).

My Younique Journey – Five Weeks On

Ok, to update on my last blog 5 Days In With Younique:

  • I signed up with them at the end of October, and began selling when we launched in the UK November 1.
  • Got a few orders fairly fast and I qualified as “White status”.
  • 18 days later got my first team mate then quickly got another and another…There are six on my team currently (one may be quitting) and two others who have been recruited by my team. That makes 8 in my company overall. Well, 9 if you include me.
  • By the end of November I’d reached “Yellow” so got a pay bump from 20% to 25%. Forever. (Yippeee).

Thea Newcomb - Officially Younique Level Presenter
Sadly, I missed “Pink” status by a few hundred in November, so my stats reset on December 1st to $0 and I had to start all over again! I was bummed if I am being honest with you. I really wanted to whip out the credit card and self-fund Pink but that defeats the point in running your own business (if you’re your own biggest customer).

Thankfully the month of December (5 days in now) has been good for both myself and my team – so I am quite close to achieving “Pink” already (yippeee again).

The brilliant thing about Pink is that I get a % of my first level’s sales on top of my own 25%!

Are you following all this? It’s not the easiest compensation plan to wrap your head around. I have had to watch many videos to “get it” but I think I have got it – at least until Pink…Don’t ask me about the rest of the rainbow just yet.

Younique Fast Start

There’s one other thing – I believe I am just ONE order away from hitting Fast Start. What is it? It’s another milestone with Younique.

1. $2000 in Personal Retail Sales (PRS)
2. Sponsor at least 3 new Presenters

Once this is achieved, you will be sent a Fast Start Charm, and 250.00/US, 300.00/CAD, 325.00/AUS, 350.00/NZ Younique Cash automatically added to your Back Office.

The Gimme Everything Collection from YouniqueSo I get that $250 as soon as I hit Fast Start – which I am praying is maybe even by tomorrow. I’ll spend at Christmas!  I have my idea on the biggest collection – Gimme Everything Collection (pic right)

It’s been a profitable day today. I woke up and I’d made money while I slept (which as you may know is my main aim for all of this).

Another order came in during the day while I was training, and another one tonight. I don’t think that I’m allowed to tell you how much making, due to Ts and Cs, but I can tell you I’ve made my initial investment back in five weeks (multiplied several times!!)

So it’s definitely a Younique Opportunity 🙂

Want to find out a bit more and maybe join my team – theAteam? I’d love to have you (as long as you’re in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada – just now. (We’ll be expanding no doubt in 2015 – watch this space)

Incidentally as I was writing this blog post, our weekly Younique update has just come in, and we have our very first millionaire in the company…Shari Brown is her name (A fellow Cali gal) and she’s had to earn $83,333.33 in a single month to qualify as “millionaire status”. What an inspiration! Remember it’s only a two year old company. That’s incredible isn’t it? Another reason why I am loving this!

BG Training Winds Down

So today’s Business Gateway course went pretty well. It was SEO – my fave. The room was filled with a fabulous bunch of SMEs and most seemed to enjoy it! just one more Business Gateway training session for 2014. Can’t believe it’s over. Thankfully the 2015 diary already has dates booked in.

This final quarter of the year has made me re-evaluate my career plan. I actually felt pretty burned out on social media.

In 2015 my aim is to still do some social media training – but to focus on my own Younique team rather than do as much as I’ve done for other sources this year.

Feedback - Business Gateway Ayrshire Twitter
Twitter, BG Ayr 2014

Generally speaking, it’s been a pleasure teaching – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging, Youtube, and the e-business courses all over Scotland (from Ayr to Oban) –  but some days were more challenging that I’d have liked.

Because these courses can have a range of students from absolute luddites or newbies to more advanced marketers – it was often a challenge to pitch it right! On the same day as the feedback pictured above I also had the worst feedback I’ve ever had. So on days like those, when the audience was so diverse, I’d leave feeling more than a little deflated.

But without fail, (silver linings alert) I’ve never once had a course where I didn’t meet some fabulous people with fantastic businesses. Seriously every single course I’ve ever taught has had wonderful folk in it. I must have trained a thousand businesses this year and some of those trainees have become friends or Younique team mates. So from that stand point, I could not be more grateful for the work I’ve done over the past year (Thanks Gary and Mark especially)…

This week I was able to have a few days of one-to-one training and I think that’s my real passion. It’s bespoke. I can make sure people fully understand and it’s not an impossible dance to please a group of 15-30 people. So I do welcome more one-to-one training this month and next…

OK I have to go now as the laptop’s about out of juice, and I want to watch another episode of the Newsroom. I can’t tell you how happy that show makes me! I just love Aaron Sorkin. Still working my way through Season 4 of the West Wing (though not happy about Rob Lowe’s departure)…

Time to Fly

Here’s a random video you may or may not have seen. Kinda trippy. Enjoy. Until next time, I’m Thea, saying see ya! 🙂

Women In Business Glasgow – Social Media Talk (March 18th)

women-in-business logoThis coming week will be focusing on my “Smart Social” (Media) talk which I’m  delivering to the Women in Business networking group on March 18th.

As someone who is fairly new to the group,  was delighted when asked to come and give this twenty minute talk about what Social Media is, some future trends, helpful tools and tips on and how it can help SMEs.

Also presenting on that evening is Ann-Maree Morrison from +Labels4kids – to tell her story! Am told this event is expected to reach capacity soon, so please book now to avoid disappointment.

black and white - southsiders in business logoIn other “networking news”, also on the 18th of March, is the Southsiders in Business event at Touchbase. It’s on from 9:30-11:30. It’s FREE and quite good to attend if you’re a business based in the Southside of Glasgow. Register your interest so they know you’re coming and can welcome you when you arrive!

Finally, I attended the Thursday morning Business Banter at Martha’s and made some new contacts and reconnected with others. One new connect was Mairi Damer who runs Word Up Scot. Mairi and I had never met – though we already had followed each other on Twitter, so it was like we “knew” each other already (as is often the case). A trainer with a broadcasting background (too) – it’s perhaps fair to say we’re kindred spirits and I look forward to a brain-storming session with her to see what we plans we might hatch (watch this space).

This week it’s more training for Business Gateway – my fave class “Improving your Search Engine Rankings” at Hillington Innovation Centre and Get your First Website /Blog (WordPress) in Clydebank. See the Business Gateway website if you’re interested in attending.

4 Friday Social Media Shares to End the Week

 Happy Friday – boy has this week has flown by or what? Since the last time I wrote, I’ve delivered training for the first time in Greenock (on behalf of NSDesign for Business Gateway Renfrewshire), attended Scotland’s Technology Show, took on a new accountant, had meetings with some associates, delivered some one-to-one training and all the while am having my bedroom completely refurbished! Chaos, I tell you.

Anyway in my travels across the blogoshpere I’ve come across a few rather share-worthy links. First up was The 80 Rules of Social Media. Some of these are hilarious. Some of them I think he nicked from other people, but many of which I’d 100% agree with.

Share #1 The 80 Rules of Social Media

The 80 Rules of Social MediaJune 13, 2013 · jeremywaite.tumblr.com · The 80 Rules of Social Media The inventor of the web as we know it, Sir Tim Berners-Lee said recently that his next mission was “to bring about world peace”. Seriously. He believes that if people talk to each other, listen and understand each others problems, then they are less likely to shoot each other. So in order to guide you around the messy world of social media, and bring about world peace in the process, I have compiled this… Open this article

As everyone who’s anyone knows that to get noticed in blogs these days you need to have a number in the title (did you see mine today?) – so from the “80 Rules” we go down to just “29”.

Share # 2: 29 Ways to Stay Creative

 Wasn’t that a great, inspirational, little video? I think so! Now some more numbers…

Share # 3 Four Minutes of Radio Four

The final share of today (also has numbers in its title) is a pictorial shared by my friend Hamish on Facebook. Some of it made me smile (even snigger just a little). Hope you enjoy it….

Share # 4: 25 Reasons Why We Love Scotland

And I do love Scotland! Next week marks my 21st anniversary here. My how time flies when you’re having fun!

That’s it for today. If you come across anything that you think I might have missed, or should feature on the blog, then by all means catch me wherever you are on social media on the links above. HINT: Up where it says “Connect with Thea”…

This weekend I will try to work more on the page that details the types of training I can offer. I am really starting to discover the love of one-to-one training. It was an interest I don’t think I ever realised until recently. I think it is synergistic with my desire to empower others. That is my life’s mission I believe. How can I help you? Let me know!

1) The 80 Rules of Social Media · jeremywaite.tumblr.com June 13, 2013
2) “29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE” · TO-FU Vimeo May 27, 2011
3) Radio Four in Four Minutes – Jake Yapp
4) 25 Reasons Why We Love Scotland – the poke