Networking in Glasgow – March 2017

Networking in Glasgow - March 2017

Networking in Glasgow – March 2017

If you’re looking for some dates to do a little networking in Glasgow – here are some March 2017 events you may wish to consider attending.

Networking in Glasgow - March 2017

Communic8te (8:30-10:30am)

First up this week is Collabor8te’s Communic8te Breakfast on March 14. This takes place in Collabor8te, co-working space, on 22 Montrose Street in Glasgow (a block or so east of George Square).

This is a free event and very low key. Have a tea or coffee (or water), grab a pastry if you feel like it, and just have some conversations. You can find out more about it by visiting the Communic8te event on Eventbrite.

29ers Networking (8:00-10:00am)

The next day you can attend the 29ers Networking event in their Glasgow HQ, just a few blocks away at 84 Miller Street. The 29 Studios offices headquarters are like a little taste of Silicon Valley in Scotland. While I’ve not attended their morning networking events, if their evening ones are anything to go by it will be worth getting up early (by my standards) to go along.

While currently “sold out” – you can learn more about 29ers Networking on Eventbrite.

As someone who has regularly run many networking events, I know all too well people book and don’t show up so it may be worth sending Gary @ 29 an email to get on their waitlist…

Another one for your diary is Creative Mornings, Glasgow.

Creative Mornings (Last Friday of the Month)

Creative Mornings GlasgowCreative Mornings is another sort of new kid on the networking block. It’s a global networking initiative for creatives. Don’t be too put off by the name. I’d not classify myself as a “creative” as such and I feel very at home and inspired at their events (well all two of them that there have been). If you want to make some new connections, feel some inspiration and enjoy a morning away from your desk, then Creative Mornings could be a good fit.

The way it works is each month, in all 164 cities they are held in they have a topic. This month’s topic, as I recall is Taboos. The speaker is announced one week before the event itself, so as of the time of writing this post I have no idea who it will be. But you can find out more on the Creative Mornings GLA website here.

Business Banter (Fridays 9:00-11:00am)

Business Banter, Byres RoadThought Business Banter in its original incarnation is no more, a version of it its West End group is still alive and kicking. It takes place in Santander on the corner, north of Hillhead tube. There are teas, coffees, biscuits and some free branded merch (pens, post its etc) which, in addition to its regulars, makes it worth the trip.

Do you know any events for Networking in Glasgow? Please comment below.

Southsiders in Business (Sib) – Feb 3, 2016

SiB: Join us for Southsiders in Business - Feb 3, 2016

We are just two weeks away from the next Southsiders in Business (SiB). This is an informal networking event that takes place each month at the Village Hotel in Glasgow. If you are in business, anywhere in Glasgow, you’re welcome to come along and meet other businesses – large or small. There are designers, video experts, web specialists, trainers, suppliers, creatives – you name it, we’ve got it. This is the forth meeting of Southsiders in Business after a hiatus of more than year.

Some SiB Networking Advice:

SiB: Join us for Southsiders in Business - Networking at the VillageCome with intention.

Do you know the sort of people you’re aiming to meet? What do you need help with? Have some meaningful conversations with people, don’t just try to collect as many business cards as possible. That sort of networker tends to put people off…

Have an open mind.

You never know who you might meet. The people you speak to may not be in the market for your product or services – but they may bump into someone tomorrow who is. Or they may have a family member, friend, colleague or associate who needs just what you have to offer.

Promote yourself

Bring some business cards or any promotional material that you’d like to share. I bring my own cards, cosmetics and now wooden boxes. I don’t tend to sell many at the events but it’s more about raising awareness of what I do. Self promotion can be a good thing if done in a tasteful way. If you’re not proud of your own business then how can you expect any else to be interested in it?

RSVP for the next Southsiders in Business on Feb 3rd, here.

Glasgow Networking, Training & Southsiders in Business

Glasgow Networking

The past few weeks have been crazy-busy networking – both in Glasgow and in Paisley (for a change). For starters, I had hoped to get up in time for the FatBuzz New Media Breakfast to hear Tim from Attacat talk SEO – but after a long week and heavy workload my bed was far too cosy to go.

So I resigned myself to checking out the hashtag on Twitter for any nuggets that were tweeted out. As I didn’t get up for that, I also didn’t manage to make it along to the West End Business Banter – which I generally love to attend.

However I did manage to make yesterday’s Banter at Martha’s in town, so that’s something! Want to host a greeting cards party in Glasgow

On Tuesday this week, it was my first visit to Paisley for the Renfrewshire Business Network monthly networking group. As a speaker had backed out, I was asked to step in and speak for ten minutes. Instead of just talking about what I do, (though I did mentioned my Younique by Thea business, my new greeting cards venture, my networking events and my Web and Social Media training), I asked the group if they had any questions about Social Media or Blogging and that seemed to work pretty well.

Thankfully no one asked me anything I was unable to answer fairly easily. I recommended to all of them that they take advantage of the FREE courses that are on offer from Business Gateway (click to book).  More on BG in a moment.

#29Social – September#29social panel for September - Blogging

The night before last, Wed Sept 30, was my latest #29Social at 29 Private Member’s Club Glasgow. The RSVP numbers had been worryingly-low, but it was, as they say, alright on the night!

We had a wonderful panel and more than thirty people showed up for this intimate event on blogging.

I met some new folks (including my panel) and had some fantastic coversations. Was even able to showcase and mention the greeting cards (several times). Well why not? It’s my event and I don’t get paid to run them so at least I can take advantage of some self-promotion, the audience did! 🙂

Next up? Southsiders in Business

Pretty excited that Southsiders in Business has been resurrected afterJoin us for Southsiders in Business - networking in Glasgow much prodding of it’s founder Liam. The last one was more than a year ago in a different venue. This one is on Tuesday October 6, 2015 from 9:30-11:30am. The RSVP numbers have been insane for weeks now. Every day another ping (or three) in my inbox to say another registration has come on Eventbrite.

RSVP here now.

The tickets are just about all gone, but if they are gone, do feel free to comment below if you’d like to attend and we’ll try to squeeze you in! Bring business cards if you’re coming as there will be a prize draw. More info on that soon.

NOTE: Though it’s called “Southsiders in Business” – I don’t suspect we’ll be checking your ID to ensure you’re a south of the river person…

Web and Social Media Training

Next week it’s south-bound for a change. Normally I go north to train – to the Highlands and Islands – but this time it’s toward the border – down to Dumfries to deliver a few Business Gateway courses.

One will be about e-commerce and different ways for trading online, and the other will be Facebook. Facebook’s a funny one because of my relationship to the platform. It’s a love/loathe sort of feeling. It’s handy to keep in touch with family and friends all over the globe, but as a business owner – it’s less than ideal (in my opinion).

It’s simply more challenging to reach the audience. But this is a very basic “Intro to Facebook” course so we won’t need to go into too much detail about how market on it like a rock star!

Other Upcoming Glasgow Networking Events

So you may want to check out some of these events if you’re interested in doing some networking in Glasgow this month.

BDX GLASGOW – Wednesday October 7 is about Blogging. A very topical subject. It’s Free, at the Butterfly and the Pig (Buff Club upstairs) and features a panel. Check out BDX for more info.

BWS – Thursday October 8, the Royal Concert Hall. The Business Woman Scotland live event.

SWIB – Tuesday 13th October, 6.30pm – Scottish Women in Business 

COMMUNIC8TE – Tuesday 20th October, 8am – Communic8te and 12pm – Glasgow Business Club *(I don’t know this last one but know some names involved!!)

Do you know any others? Are you hosting a Glasgow networking event soon? Let me know in the comments below!

September #29Social – Blogging Panel

Networking in Glasgow

Well it’s just over a week away from the #29Social September event at 29 Private Members Club in Glasgow. As ever the event will be held from 6pm and this month’s topic is Blogging. I’ve asked three lovely bloggers to come along and share their experience of blogging for business.

RSVP for #29Social - September - Blogging Event

#29Social September Panel

The format, like last time will be Q&A – so get your questions for the panel ready now. Oh do you want to know a bit more about who will be on the panel? They are as follows:

Click to RSVP to #29Social September1) Beauty blogger, Andrew James. So excited to hear his story, challenges and his experience of having just won “Best Beauty Blog” in Scotland for his blogbeautyandtheboy. (Follow Andrew on Twitter).

2) Also Emma Mykytyn, the Glasgow Foodie from Foodie Explorers at Food and Drink Glasgow. (Follow Emma and Co on Twitter)

3) Finally, last but not least, Alison Tinlin, “UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style” on Mrs P & P – Plans and Presents (Follow Alison on Twitter)

Please note that my #29Social events are open to everyone

The event is FREE for 29’s members and just £5.00 for non-members. The price includes a drink upon arrival and some wee nibbles to see you through!

If you have any questions feel free to ring me on: 0141 416 1492 or Tweet me @newthea