Thea Newcomb Show – Back on Radio Six

The Thea Newcomb Show

So pleased to be back on the radio for a new series of The Thea Newcomb Show (aka “September songs”, if you will) on Radio Six International, a Scotland-based internet radio station.

It’ll likely just be for a month or possibly two – just to get my skills back up to scratch. Hopefully you’ll find what I lack in skill, I more than make up for in passion.

Anyone who knows me knows that presenting radio shows is my absolute passion. There is literally little that I enjoy more than talking and playing new music especially (sometimes with some classics thrown in too) for my listeners.

So this weekend my first show aired for 2016 and I thought I’d share the playlist of that show here, now.

The Thea Newcomb Radio Show - Radio Six International

Thea Newcomb Show 1 – My Playlist

1. ANDREW BIRD – Capsized  (@andrewbird)
2. JOSEPH – White Flag (@thebandjoseph)
3. RICHARD ASHCROFT –  Picture of You  (@richardashcroft)
4. BECCA MANCARI – Summertime Mama (@beccamancari)
5. PETE YORN – Summer Was a Day  (@peteyorn)
6. MIDNIGHT PILOT  – Let Go  (@midnightpilot)
7. BLIND PILOT – Upqua Rushing  (@blindpilot)
8. BANNERS – I’d Start a Riot  (@bannersmusic)
9. KEVIN MORBY – I Have Been to the Mountain (@kevinmorby)
10. BRAVE BABY – The Thrill of Love  (@bravebabymusic)
11. CANYON CITY – Smoke and Ash  (@CanyonCityMusic)
12. BEN ABRAHAM – You and (@benabraham)

Next Week’s Show..

Currently working on next week’s show, today. It takes me 3-4 hours to produce a one-hour show, which is why I don’t do series longer than a month or maybe two.

I have too many other things I do (training all over Scotland, run a makeup company, sell cards, and run – but I enjoy sourcing tracks and researching a bit about them – a few times a year.

This week I’ve picked up (or should I say downloaded?) new music from Ed Harcourt and the latest EP from Susie Suh which somehow came out with my knowledge! Both of them will be on the playlist for show 2. And, I think I’ll kick off the show with this one…What do you reckon?

Yay or nay?

Any Musical Suggestions?

If you have anyone you think I should play on my radio show, please let me know. This could be your own work or someone you love – that you think I will too.

You can see from show one’s playlists the times of acts I play…Show two may have some more peppy tracks. It all depends on the mood when I am choosing!

My radio show airs Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday too. See the Radio Six International Schedule page but be aware the times marked there are an hour earlier than my show. So when it says 10am it’s 11am UK time. It’s confusing I know.

If you’re in business in Glasgow, then please join me at the next #29Social – at 29 Private Members Club September 28.

Radio Show Airs Tonight

Tonight is my return to the Scottish Airwaves after several years. I’ve been “Crowd-Sourcing” tracks to play on my radio show…via Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and the like.

Though it’s Celtic Music Radio – my radio show won’t be too “Celtic” – if I am being honest. It will be more 70s-now pop, rock, indie, acoustic, ambient, dance, unsigned and a bit of folk and Celtic periodically.

Share your top Scottish tracks - Celtic Music Radio

Will post the playlist after the show. Looking forward to it. It sort of feels like old times…the difference being that more than twenty years have passed since the last time I did a show like this. That means there are over twenty years worth of songs to include in the mix.

If you’re a singer, songwriter or band in Scotland or from Scotland or coming to Scotland then hit me up. I’d love to hear from you and have a listen to your music and possibly play it.

Back to the planning for tonight’s radio show…