Hello November – What’s on the Horizon?

Hello November from theanewcomb.co.ukIt’s been a fairly busy time in the life of Thea this past month, but nothing like what November will hold in store (if all that’s in the diary goes to plan). This month is filled with training, workshops, networking, and a conference or two as well.

Glasgow, Southsiders in Business


This week kicks it all off with the Southsiders in Business. It’s a networking group in Glasgow that I believe was started by my colleague Liam Bonthron and ran for several years. It stopped for Summer 2014 and didn’t get a reboot until I’d finally badgered him so hard, for so long, he relented and we relaunched it last month in its new location. The new venue is now the Village Hotel which is opposite the BBC & Science Centre at Pacific Quay. It was always on a Tuesday but conflicted with another event and thus has now been moved to Wednesdays. For the first one of 2015 – over thirty-five businesses popped in for some informal networking. For this one eighty have already RSVPd. I wrote a wee post on Linkedin with more details if you’re interested.

Linkedin in the Capital

Speaking of Linkedin, (I do love that platform), I’ll be giving a big talk for one of the Chartered Institutes in Edinburgh on that very subject.

It was both a pleasure and surprise to be asked to speak by someone who attended one of my talks at Thrive Networking in the Corinthian some two years ago.

So when it comes to giving talks – and doing networking – you never know where things could lead to. It can take time before anything comes of it.

As a result of the upcoming talk, I’ve been watching all kinds of Linkedin videos, interviews, webinars and blabs on the subject. The talk is being updated as we speak and I am looking forward to the challenge of appearing in the capital in front a bunch of travel industry professionals.

Back to the Borders

After last month’s workshops down in the Borders for Dumfries and Galloway’s Business Gateway – it seems I did well enough to be asked to do more. The last time was ‘Etail for Retail” and “Introduction to Facebook” but this time it’s “Intro to Social Media”. These intro courses are always a bit of a challenge because invariably you have people at all skillsets showing up and it can be a bit of a “dance” to pitch the content right. Still, will do my best.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Have also been asked to deliver a talk, “Getting Your First Website” for Business Gateway Renfrewshire. It’s part of a the global event GEW. Their Twitter bio:

“The world’s largest festival of entrepreneurship! Turn your ideas into something amazing and make it happen #GEWmakeit”.

It should be an interesting and thought-provoking week. I hope to see some of the speakers and follow the hashtag for valuable updates. It will be strange as I am effectively given someone else’s talk to do. Hoping I can sort of “make it my own” before the day.

Also for Business Gateway Renfrewshire – I’ll be resuming the eBusiness series of courses run in conjunction with NSDesign. Before anyone wants to actually pay me for training, I tend to recommend they take all the FREE courses that Business Gateway has to offer.

There are some fantastic courses for websites, social media, and other business related topics offered all over Scotland.

New Start Scotland

November also sees the return of New Start Scotland.  I can’t remember if I was even asked by NSDesign to speak this year (I think so) – but I am already training elsewhere on one of the two days (for them!) – so I couldn’t anyway. However, I will go to cheer on my friends that are giving talks. You can find out more about the general New Start workshops here and all my aforementioned friends (and colleagues) giving Social Media talks here.

My Year in Younique

My year in Younique - so far

One week ago I celebrated my one-year anniversary joining up as a Younique Presenter and Sponsor.

I wrote a long, detailed blog about it over on the youniquebythea.com website, but what I am not sure I really articulated was the fact that I took a chance on something that seemed a bit out of left field for me and it’s become life-changing. Today, November 1, 2015 is the first day we started selling in the UK. About to go on a shopping spree to celebrate. We launched a two new products. I’ll no doubt update that over on my Younique blog in my series “My Week in Younique”.

As I often say, with regards to Younique, I was never a makeupy sort of person. Definitely would never be accused of being glam by any means, and yet I’ve taken to this business and its products like a duck to water. So you see, people can and do change!

It’s a perfect time to #jointheAteam to sell Younique products and make a bit of extra money in time for the holidays or to put toward something you’re saving up for! It’s a fun business in my opinion but it’s not for everyone…as I say  often.

Business Woman Scotland Awards Ceremony

thea-and-ann-mareeAlso this past week my friend Ann-Maree Morrison invited me along to the Business Woman Scotland Awards which were held at the Glasgow Fruitmarket. It was a pretty fun night. Lots of of people there to celebrate women rocking businesses. I had a few friends up for the awards (three nominees at my table in fact). Ann-Maree was up for the first award for digital business but lost out to our table mate Jennifer Hallwood (TEFL UK Org). In any event I’m still proud of Ann-Maree for even being nominated. That’s very cool. If you have kids, why not check out her website – Labels4Kids.com.

The overall night was fun. Had some great chats with some fab friends and associates…but I was the very last person in the room to be served and I got violently ill in the middle of the night. No idea what that was about but let’s just say I am not a fan of these group dinners and that’s not the first time that’s happened after an awards dinner! Ugh!

Anyway was still delighted to spend the evening hanging out with such a successful friend and Aussie. We had a great time at an unusual night.

Well I need to close this update. There’s tidying to be done, tea to be drunk, laps to be swum, and I might take a walk with my new smartphone. It’s been a long time since I was excited by a new phone (or any technology really). This new Moto G has a 13mp camera so you know I am in heaven with that!

Oh one more thing that’s happened this week is that I’ve been playing about with Facebook “Boost” on this SYBD FB post here about “Ghosting” an Ex. It’s been interesting results. Lots of clicks, likes etc but not many comments on the blog which was the aim. There may be a post about this coming soon. We’ll see.

March Madness

My schedule’s been a bit mad. The weather’s been a bit mad too, so March Madness seemed like an apt enough title for today’s blog. Today’s weather – and really much of the past week – has been very much a case of “4 Seasons in One Day”.

A little while ago I was watching the snow fall and it seemed as though it was falling in slow motion. It was incredible. I should have filmed a few seconds worth to show you.

Tomorrow or the next day my new Younique merchandise should be arriving. I got a few quotes, and everyone kept saying how expensive it was for one-off baseball hats (which are my sort of trademark) but perseverance pays…I found a place in England who did them at a brilliant price!

I’ll blog about them once the stuff arrives, and I (hopefully) like them a lot! Ha. I’d ordered them for a wedding fair that I thought was taking place this coming weekend but it turns out it was yesterday. I’ve already mentioned how that went in a blog post – My Week in Younique – posted over on my Glatitude site earlier.

Training Again

Business Gateway Feedback - EBIZ 1 - Thea Newcomb 27 Feb 2015My Business Gateway training has resumed for 2015, which feels fabulous! I was a little apprehensive after being off for the better part of two months, but once the delegates started to show up, I was back in the swing of things and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The feedback wasn’t too bad either. I think most of them got something out of it – which is always good! This guy though seemed to think the course was and “excellent event” but rated the venue higher than he did me!

Additionally I’ve been focusing my efforts on one-to-one training clients. I do like doing the one-to-one thing because it’s so much easier to taylor the content to the individual than it is to try to reach a room of people at all different levels with all different expectations.

Musically Speaking

Thea Newcomb PebbleAfter seeing Bear’s Den and Sophie Rogers last month I also caught Royal Blood last weekend which was a good gig. Enjoyed the show. Rather hoping to get Spandau Ballet this weekend but not holding my breath on that one.

Finally my latest cool gadget, in addition to my GoPro Hero is this Inspector Gadget type of watch…the Pebble. Not only does it track my walking/running but it also tells me who’s calling me, emailing or texting me or whatever notifications I am getting across social media too! So far so good.

My Last Day of Training

Get your own Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras from me today!


Tomorrow’s my last day of training! Well for 2014 anyway…I do have some dates booked for 2015 already, but I will be doing a lot less “group training” and more 1-2-1 training next year. Well, that’s the intention anyway. Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans though right? Was that John Lennon who said that? Anyway tomorrow is Trading online for NSDesign and Business Gateway. It’s a fun one. I am looking forward to it! Always have such a fabulous group of Scottish Businesses on every one of my courses. Blessed that way!

Get your own Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras from me today!It’s been a busy time dealing with taxes (yay….not!), selling mascaras (!) and training both in groups and individually. tonight I actually pulled out my craft box and had a play at making labels for the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras. They’ve been selling like hotcakes and at this time of year they’re no doubt either going to be for Christmas Parties (or holiday parties) or for presents…So I thought I’d spruce them up a wee bit.

More blog posts about my Younique adventure can be found over on Glatitude in a new weekly series I am now calling My Week in Younique. I’d like to get this blog back to more general stuff and have that site be more of the work stuff. That gives me the freedom to talk about whatever strikes my fancy – work – music – life – films…


I was up early (for me) to do a bit of Networking at the Business Banter in town. Speaking to David from Zude PR – he reminds me I never did write the Part 2 of my “Networking in Glasgow – Part 1″ post. I really ought to get around to doing that…Maybe I’ll try over the holidays. I guess I am a little out of touch as work has gotten in the way so I’ve not done much networking…apart from at the ones already listed on that blog, that is.


I’ve actually been thinking of going to CES again in 2015. I learned a few things by going this year that I could adapt should I return again. Plus it’s always fun to look at the latest tech and gadgets. Should I or shouldn’t I? That is the question! You can take the girl out of Silicon Valley but you can’t….

I guess that’s all. If you someone that knows me and actually likes me – feel free to shop at my Younique by Thea site and help me get to Pink (so close I can taste it)…If you’re not someone who likes me, then I’m not really sure why you’re here! Though I suspect there are a few of you Thea-haters out there doing a bit of snooping…well, happy holidays friend or foe! Ta ta!

The Business of Being Social

I’m down to the last few, full days of training for 2013. I’ve worked really hard the past few months, so that I could make a concerted effort to take a good deal of time off over the holidays. The majority of November’s work was delivered to Business Gateway delegates. Some  courses took place in the Glasgow Chamber too, but most of the work was BG work in Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire.

Twitter Feedback form for Thea NewcombAttendees tend to come from newer businesses based in Central Scotland. Their levels of knowledge span from someone with absolutely no social media experience whatsoever, to those who were doing it already, but interested to determine if what they are doing is right. The rest are often somewhere in between.

It’s always a learning experience to deliver these courses, and I find that “every day is a school day” – even for me, the trainer!

It’s always interesting to hear their perceptions of Social Media, and their experience with it. And then to see how those perceptions change by the end of the course.

I take a keen interest in the feedback forms and am often delighted by their responses (such as the one pictured above).


For those interested in LinkedIn, I delivered two one-hour workshops at New Start Scotland. As a few people asked for the slides, I decided to convert the talk into a blog 25 Tips to Rock LinkedIn over on my Glatitude Training website. Please read it and share any tips you might have of LI too!

What I find staggering is that when I add up all the places I trained last month, the figure of attendees coming from these Scottish businesses comes to well-over two hundred. The number of classes that I’m now delivering is up to nine – ranging from eBusiness courses, a “get your first website/blog” course, up to five, new, Social Media courses which I’ve just started to deliver over the past two months.

It’s definitely helping me to hone skills as a trainer in front of groups. Ironically, I set up my new company to deliver one-to-one social media tuition and I’ve had no time to do so as I’ve been busy doing group courses. The advantage of being an SME is flexibility so no complaints from me!


Speaking of flexibility, the other morning at the New Media Breakfast in 29 Glasgow, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a panel along side Kyle Murdoch, Derek Howe from FatBuzz, as well as my friend Brian Canavan from Aperture Marketing. It was a spur-of-the-moment take on social media, with some tips, best practices and recommendations for 2014. I suggested people who need to find content for their blogs or social media platforms use a tool called Spundge. I sort of liken Spundge to Pinterest but for content. So instead of pinning it on a “board” like on Pinterest, you would save any content (articles, videos, pictures) to a Spundge “Notebook”.

You can join me on Spundge or follow my pins on Pinterest. I’ll happily follow any interesting notebooks or boards you’ve got going on either platform!


If you could only pick one Social Networking platform to promote your business on – what would it be? It’s tough to decide on only one. If a business were starting out right now and not on anything, my first suggestion would be Google+ especially for those businesses who are reliant on being found in Google (which is most of us).

What’s your favourite or your suggested channel?


Training: Facebook, Trading Online & Linkedin…

With regards to training, this week, and next, are among my busiest of the entire year!

Tomorrow morning it’s a session with some SMEs – showing them how Facebook can work for small business (and how, as a business page owner, it doesn’t always work like you’d hope).

Then, a wee break, and it’s class number three of the Trading Online class for on behalf of Business Gateway in Renfrewshire (for NSDesign).


Night shot of Business Gateway Clydebank Titan BuildingAlready, yesterday was the SEO class out in Clydebank for Business Gateway West Dunbartonshire.

I just love this Business Gateway SEO class (called Improve Your Search Engine Rankings) because 1) it’s an exciting-but-constantly-changing-and-evolving field, so you have to be on your toes and 2) Because it’s incredibly empowering to be in control over some of these (on page, at least) aspects of your own website…

Those things can, in return, then have a direct result to your success in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page – usually on Google).

Frankly, I learn a lot every week on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation. While I am the first to admit that I have some great people who know (way) more about it than I do (and who help me often, e.g Brian Tait from Aillum) – at least I tend to know more than the people I am training which is the main thing.

Thea Newcomb on Linkedin since 2008NEW START SCOTLAND

As if all of this were not enough – on Thursday and Friday it’s New Start Scotland. I’ve spent days writing this Linkedin presentation…aimed at the “newbies” (or new starts) of business.

Though I hope to have a tip or two for the more veteran Linkedin user. I decided yesterday to really keep it more basic. I felt like I was trying too hard to impress and it just ended up stressing me out. The presentation is not finished, so maybe I will look for a few zingers to throw in there as nifty tips for more advanced users out there.

While researching the New Start talk, I came across this link about how “creepy” Linkedin is. It did make me chuckle…I have to admit. I hadn’t really thought of it that way but it kinda is…

LinkedIn: The Creepiest Social Network

LinkedIn: The Creepiest Social NetworkNovember 10, 2013 · Interactually · Written by David Veldt This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while. In fact, it stems from something I noticed way back in August of last year. After digging for answers and even a couple attempts at contacting their customer support, I’ve concluded that LinkedIn is by far the creepiest social network. The primary reasons LinkedIn is the mustached, trench coat and wire frame glasses wearing mouth breather of the internet are the “People You May…
Open this article

Well I really had better get back to the Facebook Keynote presentation (on behalf of Postable) and the Linkedin prezi too. Although I know it’s best not to wish your time away – there is something about these next two-super-busy weeks that makes me long for Thanksgiving. I’m taking the day off by the way. I may not celebrate it in the “traditional way” (well for starters I am vegetarian now), but I do always try to take it off and find myself a bit of Pumpkin pie….Roll on Thanksgiving…

PS: Want FREE Tickets for New Start Scotland? Info about the New Start Workshops are here. My talk is around 1:30 or so each day (1:45?). If last year’s talk is anything to go by though, I recommend getting there early and into the front to hear and see best. This goes not just for my talk but any talk you may be attending.


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