Fitness, Tunes, Social Media Training & Younique

New Year passed and the even the January blues are gone. ValenRelax nothing is under control...tine’s Day came and went. (Mine was surprisingly excellent – in case you’re wondering).

Work was very slow to kick off in January, but finally things are ramping up here in February.

My energy, too, is ramping up to. Have even started to jog (lightly) again this week. My motivation? My high school reunion is fast approaching which I intend to attend (will be the first one I make!) With that in mind, I’m determined to shed a pound or even a stone. Good thing the 5×50 is on the horizon. That always gets me going – in every sense of the word.

Also to add to this fitness spurt, I just uncovered a Pilates DVD yesterday which had been lost in my lounge for the last few years! Look forward to starting that again. The last time I did it religiously, I lost inches in the waist.

Live Music in Glasgow

Bear's Den Glasgow Oran MorNot only is working picking, fiber lash mascara sales increasing, exercise ramping up, but I am also getting out to more gigs once more! Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Bear’s Den at Oran Mor one night, and then Sophie Rogers at the Opry the next.

Both gigs were positively fantastic. It felt so good to be hearing some live music! Nothing beats a good night out at a gig – don’t you agree? I believe the next one may be Royal Blood at the fabulous Barrowlands.

February Training Offer

1-2-1webThis month I’m offering 2-4-1 training on a bespoke 1-2-1 basis. Some fabulous ladies taking advantage of the special offer.

I go into people’s homes or visit them at their office to provide training on WordPress, Social Media, SEO or help with tablets, phones and apps.

Two hours for the price of one hour for February – if you’re interested – or if you know anyone who needs a little one to one tuition or hand holding. Reach out to me, my many details are on the top of this site or simply call 0141 416 1492 now!

My Younique Business

For those interested in makeup, I’ve been documenting my journey with Younique over on my other Glatitude site. Each week I’ve been writing a series called My Week with Younique and a few blogs about our 3D Fiber Lashes (in particular the Real vs Fake mascara blog is doing very well indeed). If you like makeup – especially trying, buying and talking about it, and fancy a 2nd pay check each month then reach out for more info on that too. FYI If you do want to join #theAteam, I do provide bespoke training to my teamies!

Finally, speaking of Younique, I’m very excited to be meeting my sponsor for the very first time! You see, Joanna lives in the Scottish Highlands, and will be down visiting Glasgow this week. Will be so nice to put the name to the face…

One to One WordPress Training

Cathie Way WordPress Training with StickerThis morning it was a delight to deliver to some WordPress training in my home this morning.

Normally I tend to go to people’s homes or offices (or some other mutually-decided place) but today it was in the comfort of my own home!

In this case it was training on the FREE version of WordPress found on Cathie is currently using the FREE version to test the waters for her consulting business. It’s a great way to start out with your first website, but as it’s a business site, I’ve recommended she migrate over to a self-hosting WordPress account.

With the self-hosted version of the WordPress software you can tap into plugins which allow you to expand the site in a multitude of ways. The good thing about the FREE version is that if you learn how to use it, you’ll be equipped enough to manage the full version.

New Training Website – Launching Soon

Well now that the company name has been chosen, the domain has been bought, a rough logo has been created, a new company website is soon to follow. . .but for now I thought I’d outline, in a bit more detail what Newcomb’s newco is really about.


wordpress logo - circle with blue WIn the West of Scotland? Do you want a simple, mobile friendly site, but don’t know where to start? Do you only have a small budget?

No problem…

Basically my core training product will be one-to-one WordPress in a Day – in Glasgow and the West.

I take someone who has absolutely no website experience (at all) and hold their hand as I walk them through setting up WP, adding pages, posts, and pictures too.


For me, the key is to empower all of my clients to go away at the end of the day with a site they can feel confident in managing themselves. A client may still want to pay someone else to do it, but at least they won’t be held hostage to their site – unable to make even the most simple of changes to pictures and text. [If I had a dollar for every time I heard a horror story from a website owner who was, effectively, held to ransom by their web design company – I would be a millionaire today!]


Also on the day, I’ll be teaching basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) essentials required to be found on the Internet (read: Google). Well talk about a few of the simple steps that factor into search rankings – on page of and off page optimization (basically the things you can do to get higher up in the likes of Google). Don’t worry I won’t make it too techie!


Finally, the last part of the course will be spent covering some “best practices” of whatever social media channels would best suit the individual client. Some clients may want to be on a few different channels – while others may feel that one platform is enough. So this part of the training will be totally bespoke to each, individual client.

The channels I can help (correctly) set up and train on are: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest*. (You can find me on all of the above – see my social media icons to connect with me).

Note: Incidentally, I would advise customers start with one or two and do them really well – rather than be on all of them in less effective way.

I look forward to meeting and possibly training some of you soon!

PS: The company name will be unveiled when the logo has been signed off – watch this space! 🙂

Geez! How Hard is Naming A New Company?

Well it’s been weeks of debating company names, but I think I’ve finally cracked that nut at last! I won’t reveal what it is just yet, but I will say it does sort of embody who I am, and what I stand for – well as much as a word can when it’s made up!

wordpress logoThe core of the new business is Basic WordPress Training – geared at people who need a bit of hand holding as they know next-to-nothing about things like domains, hosting and websites.

But there will be other things on a broader level that I can do under the new company’s banner too so it really needed to be an expansive name. I am not sure if I succeeded in that but quite a few people told me the name wasn’t actually that important. Funny, it FELT important to me!

When you’re naming your company – everyone seems to have an opinion on it which in turn can get quite confusing!

My 5 Quick Tips For Naming Your New (Small) Business:

1) write lots of words down  of the types of things you’ll be doing or words you like
2) say them out loud and get other people to say them out loud too (without hearing it)
3) after that – shortlist your contenders
4) check them out in Google to see what comes up when you search (in quotes)
5) check out the name at Companies House (if you’re in the UK)

You might want to do some Trademark searches while you’re at it – just in case!

Just Pick Something

Don’t over think it too much once you do. You’ll, no doubt, find people that like your name and people who don’t. That’s to be expected. I am sure when the word “Google” was first mooted as a contender – there were a few detractors. Now it’s a global brand!

Incidentally, my word is apparently one Google had once used, but no longer does…I had no idea about it until I was doing my research after I’d picked it! That can, I guess, be either a positive or negative omen. Time will tell huh?

My word doesn’t actually say what I’ll be doing – as some people feel it should. It just generates a bit of a good, positive feeling inside of me and that’s the main thing.

It’s late on a Sunday night so I shall close but leave you with the following bit of “Wisdom” – enjoy. It does remind me a bit of Wear Sunscreen but that’s no bad thing!

Wisdom From Beyond the 23rd Century

Wisdom From Beyond the 23rd CenturyAugust 2, 2013 · The Atlantic · A voice from the future gives a motivational speech on the importance of dance, veggies, and cereal. Paul Rosenfeld Aug 2 2013, 1:32 PM ET Tweet More “Stand up and dance,” commands the voice from the future, “oh and eat more cereal.” It’s not often that we receive motivation from “well after the 23rd century,” but in Sean Pecknold’s short film, a robotic voice gives us some very un-robotic advice. Besides dance and cereal, the voice from the future advises… Open this article (or click the ghetto blaster to view it!)


  1. “Wisdom From Beyond the 23rd Century” · Paul Rosenfeld · Aug. 2, 2013 · The Atlantic

Thea’s Top 2 Ted Talk for a Tuesday

Well earlier today I realised that it’s high time that I wrote another blog about some of the Ted Talks that I’ve been watching lately…I do love Ted Talks.

In general, I am constantly looking for inspiration on how to live a more (dare I say) balanced life. Mostly because it feels like I am always going 100mph. I find it difficult to “switch off”. Maybe I actually suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out).

Lately I’ve been busy leaving one role (at NSDesign) to embark on another (for myself),…I’ve research to do for a radio appearance (tomorrow, rather aptly, is about Outsourcing on Mac and Co on BBC Radio Scotland),…. or content to be written for that client’s website… media links to be posted for these other guys,…and don’t even  get me started on the business start-up tasks that I should be doing right now (instead of blogging)…Things like: Decide on a name, write the Business plan, open the bank account, write the curriculum that I’m teaching etc.

So that all being said, it’s a perfect time to be watching the videos I’ve just been watching as I made and ate my dinner.


The first one was in Australia – presented by author Nigel Marsh. (love his book titles like: Fat, Forty and Fired, Overworked and Underlaid – and Fit, Fifty…).

Nigel Marsh Ted Talk in Sydney AustraliaNigel Marsh: How to make work-life balance work

July 30, 2013 · · Work-life balance, says Nigel Marsh, is too important to be left in the hands of your employer. Marsh lays out an ideal day balanced between family time, personal time and productivity — and offers some stirring encouragement to make it happen. (Filmed at TEDxSydney.) Nigel Marsh is the author of “Fat, Forty and Fired” and “Overworked and Underlaid.” Full bio » Open this article


After that talk finished, I typed in something like “work balance” and up came Carl Honore’s talk in England. It’s all about SLOWING DOWN. Something I need to do so enjoyed it too.

Carl Honore Ted Talk - in Praise of SlowCarl Honore: In praise of slowness

July 30, 2013 · · Journalist Carl Honore believes the Western world’s emphasis on speed erodes health, productivity and quality of life. But there’s a backlash brewing, as everyday people start putting the brakes on their all-too-modern lives. Journalist Carl Honore is best known for his advocacy of the Slow Movement. His book In Praise of Slowness dissects our speed-obsessed society and celebrates those who have gotten in touch with their “inner tortoise.” Full bio » Open this article


Enough blogging – back to the research for tomorrow’s BBC segment on outsourcing, followed by more notes on the business plan. Maybe I should be outsourcing my business plan so I can get back to watching the piles of TV shows on Sky+?

Meanwhile did you know I’m now launching a new business to deliver one-to-one bespoke WordPress training (In Glasgow or anywhere in the UK, really)? It’s a full day and will include some basic SEO and Social too. There’s funding available to Scottish companies too. Get in touch via the social icons above or email my name at – to discuss your requirements.


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