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The Thea Newcomb Show – Radio Six Intl – Final Show Aug 2020

The Thea Newcomb Show – Radio Six Intl – Final Show Aug 2020

So here is another post about the tracks I played on my August 2020 radio show. This is the final show and here are most of the videos. Check them out. Let me know what you think!

Dayglow – “Can I Call You Tonight”.

Love this 20-year olds poptastic sound. When you look at the fact he’s had over 35million views of the track I am wondering how I missed the Dayglow memo.


Day Wave – Starting Again

Fews: More Than Ever

Dentist – Upset Words

Laveda – Dream. Sleep

Bombay Bicycle Club – Eat.Sleep.Wake

Jay Som – Superbike

Broncho – Get in My Car

Crumb – Ghostride

Default Genders – Black Pill Skyline

Innocence Mission – On Your Side

Baseball Gregg (Featuring Zelma Stone)

Until Next Time…

Well that’s all of the tracks just about from my Final Show Aug 2020. Hopefully be able to to do some more radio soon.

For now though I am concentrating on the ‘On a Break Podcast – with Christine Webber’. We’re just starting out, it’s a wee bit ropey but everyone has to start somewhere right?

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