1-2-1 Training for Mother’s Day – Phone or Tablet

Thea Newcomb | One to One Mother's Day training on phones and tablets1-2-1 Training on Tablets and Phones

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend here in the UK (not until May for the USA). As I aim to focus more on the 1-2-1 training side of my business I have decided to put an offer on. For those people who are buying their wife, mum or gran (or whoever) a table this week, I am offering two hours of training for the price of one.

What Devices Do I Train On?

I offer this 1-2-1 training on iPhones or iPads, Android phones or tablets and Kindles too.

Trainees will learn whatever they feel they’d like to do on their tablet – including such things as downloading apps, video calls (Skype or Google Hangouts), instant messaging, sending and receiving photos, streaming TV and music, Facebook, or could even be something else entirely.

It’s individual to each participant’s needs.

So you buy the device and spare yourself the headache! Just book me to offer the personalised training in their home or office (or other mutually agreed venue).

How to Book Me?

Ring or email me for more info: 0141 416 1492 or email thea (at) theanewcomb.co.uk. You can also Tweet me or connect on Linkedin.

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