1000 Grooves – How I Used the Groove App To Meet People All Over the World and to Get Sh*t Done Too

I Smashed 1000 Grooves - My 50,000 Minutes Using the Groove App

I Just Smashed1000 Grooves!!

Update Aug 2023 am about to smash 3000 now! Woot-woo! I recently smashed 1000 Grooves on the Groove App. What does that mean? What is Groove? What might the Groove App do for you? Read on and I will explain to how I used the Groove App to meet people all over the world & to get sh*t done too!

What is Groove?

Groove is an accountability and productivity app that I’ve previously blogged about here. It’s a FREE app that allows you, both to focus and form friendships in the process. It’s particularly good if you work from home or are freelance, but really anyone can Groove. There are people from all ages all different industries and professions, all walks of life and dozens of different countries too.

196 Days

It took me 196 to do 1000 grooves. I was never great at math, but I do know enough that 1000 Grooves in 196 days means I did many more than 1 a day on average. Of course some days I didn’t Groove at all but the majority of days, even on weekends, I did at least one Groove. Other days I might find myself on Groove all day and into the night.

50,000 Minutes Grooving

On my grooves my tasks ranged from domestic stuff like dishes or changing my bedding, to blogging to creating books. In fact I even created and self-published my Totally Big Brit Hits of the 80s activity book – almost entirely on Grooves.

Another thing I often did on my grooves was take walks. I am guilty of sitting down for long periods of time. I am often so completely immersed in my work (e.g. Canva!), that I sometimes don’t get up for hours. Intentional walking Grooves make sure that doesn’t happen.

What Do I Get from Groove?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Kind of like Clubhouse (a firm fave of mine in 2021), Groove was timely. Both apps came about at a time when the world was craving connection. With Clubhouse it was audio, but with Groove you actually see who you’re grooving with.

As someone who lives alone, and runs her own business from home, Groove was a lifeline. This little app in the palm of my hand helped me to focus and be more intentional with my time.

Groove allows me to connect to people, all over the world. As a result of grooving, I have formed many friendships with Groovers near and far. Many groovers, like me, are expats living in foreign countries. They’re my tribe! I have even met some Groovers who joined it due to reading this very blog! So instead of us just being avatars, and followers, we get to have real, live conversations. Deeper connections happened as we entered and exited Grooves!

Groove is in the Heart

To quote Deee-lite here Groove is the Heart….The heart of the Groove app is of course the community. The app, at least thus far, seems to attract likeminded, ambitious and supportive people. People are there to console, cheerlead, connect and for the all-round camaraderie. I have personally witnessed, laughter, tears, wins and losses.

A Bit About Cheerleaders on Groove

When you hit different milestones (e.g. 100 grooves, 500 grooves etc), the Groove team sends you great emails with links. There are also graphics highlighting the milestones. (Now that I hit 1000, I am getting something even more awesome and tangible, but will share that when it arrives!) 😉

A different kind of cheerleading happened the night I submitted my Totally Big Brit Hits of the 80s activity book. It had taken me two months to create and self-publish this 347 page book of 80s fun. It was late Friday night when I submitted it to Amazon, so naturally I was alone in my flat. Had I not been with my fellow groovers, I’d not have been in a position to share that sense of achievement. The 2-month milestone would have passed without fanfare. Instead, I was able to celebrate the moment with this cheerleading community (or at least my other 3 groovers). They whooped along with me, did a happy dance and it was joy personified.

Learn More About Groove & Join Me There

Well that’s enough gushing about Groove. You can follow Grooves posts on Medium.

How to get Sh*t Done even featured my experience in creating the aforementioned 80s book which was lovely.

Join me on Groove here. 

Shout out to Cindy Minear, founder of A Book Creator, who I introduced to Groove and who did 165 of my 1000 Groves!

Finally, check out fun Infographic below which was, of course, Made in Canva. (Wanna try Canva Pro for FREE for 45 Days?) It has a few more interesting stats about my 1000 Grooves!

groove app infographic by theanewcomb

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