2 Cool Wee Updates in Canva (Tutorial Easter 2022)

New Canva Updates Easter 2022

2 Cool Wee Updates in Canva

There are some cool wee updates in Canva that have started rolling out, and a brand new feature I am not really at liberty to talk about just yet (spoiler alert: think brainstorming tools!)

So anyway I put together another short Canva tutorial about the former, not the latter. The 2 new features updates are in the video and transcript are below!


Hey, everyone, it’s Thea here. I’m an official Canva expert in the UK, and I’m back to do another super quick tutorial on a few Canva updates that have been rolling out this week. The first is going to be a new menu inside your design, and the second are some pretty cool new options for Shapes. So let’s head over to my machine…

Over to my Machine

So here we are on my machine in Canva, and I just wanted to go over a couple of the new updates for you. The first is the new elements menu. So if I click on this, you’ll see, now I’ve got the duplicate, the trashcan and the three dots here now offering copy paste, link, animate, and comment.

Okay. So that’s on text. Now, if I click the dog. We’ve got the duplicate, delete and underneath here, we’ve got a couple of extra options now, which I think are pretty cool. We can either click replace background. Right? So now the dog is in the background. I’m going to undo that by clicking on do top left or what’s even perhaps more interesting is I can apply colours to the page here with the click and now it completely changes it so that the text matches the doggy undo. So that’s the new elements menu.

New Canva Updates Easter 2022 - New Elements Menu in design

New Shapes Menu

So the next thing we have our lines and shapes, I’m going to click on lines and shapes, and I’m going to pick one of the star ones, I think, just do the second one. And so now we find, when we click a shape, we now have the option to add texts. So I’m just going to go “you’re a star” exclamation point. Right? So not only that, if I click up here on the word (‘Shape’). I’ve got a variety of different shapes that this will work on. It won’t work on all shapes, but it will work on all of these shapes. I can change the color of the shape and if I click the three lines to the left, I can actually add some border weight.

New Canva Updates Easter 2022 - New options for Shapes

Right. So at a nice border to that, I can actually change that black border as well. I can make it more rounded as well. And I can change between solid line, a dash line, even more dash line and a dotted kind of line. Again, I can make them round, right. I can border wait. I can just, I have a bit more control over these, which I think are particularly awesome. That’s actually changed that color to be on brand. And there it is on brand. Now text obviously should be on brand as well. Text is the right font, but not the right colors. They get the blue. Now it is on brand.

That’s It For Now

So I love the new lines and shapes options. Well, that’s it for another canvas tutorial. I hope you found it useful. If you need help, please reach out and I can make a short Canva tutorial just for you also, if you’d like a free 45 day trial of Canva pro, please hit the link in my bio. Finally, be sure to head over to Thea newcomb.co.uk/. Where I’ve compiled an amazing array of recommended creativity tools, free resources, extended trials, and much more well that’s all for now. So until next time I’m Thea saying “see ya”.

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