4 Friday Social Media Shares to End the Week

 Happy Friday – boy has this week has flown by or what? Since the last time I wrote, I’ve delivered training for the first time in Greenock (on behalf of NSDesign for Business Gateway Renfrewshire), attended Scotland’s Technology Show, took on a new accountant, had meetings with some associates, delivered some one-to-one training and all the while am having my bedroom completely refurbished! Chaos, I tell you.

Anyway in my travels across the blogoshpere I’ve come across a few rather share-worthy links. First up was The 80 Rules of Social Media. Some of these are hilarious. Some of them I think he nicked from other people, but many of which I’d 100% agree with.

Share #1 The 80 Rules of Social Media

The 80 Rules of Social MediaJune 13, 2013 · jeremywaite.tumblr.com · The 80 Rules of Social Media The inventor of the web as we know it, Sir Tim Berners-Lee said recently that his next mission was “to bring about world peace”. Seriously. He believes that if people talk to each other, listen and understand each others problems, then they are less likely to shoot each other. So in order to guide you around the messy world of social media, and bring about world peace in the process, I have compiled this… Open this article

As everyone who’s anyone knows that to get noticed in blogs these days you need to have a number in the title (did you see mine today?) – so from the “80 Rules” we go down to just “29”.

Share # 2: 29 Ways to Stay Creative

 Wasn’t that a great, inspirational, little video? I think so! Now some more numbers…

Share # 3 Four Minutes of Radio Four

The final share of today (also has numbers in its title) is a pictorial shared by my friend Hamish on Facebook. Some of it made me smile (even snigger just a little). Hope you enjoy it….

Share # 4: 25 Reasons Why We Love Scotland

And I do love Scotland! Next week marks my 21st anniversary here. My how time flies when you’re having fun!

That’s it for today. If you come across anything that you think I might have missed, or should feature on the blog, then by all means catch me wherever you are on social media on the links above. HINT: Up where it says “Connect with Thea”…

This weekend I will try to work more on the page that details the types of training I can offer. I am really starting to discover the love of one-to-one training. It was an interest I don’t think I ever realised until recently. I think it is synergistic with my desire to empower others. That is my life’s mission I believe. How can I help you? Let me know!

1) The 80 Rules of Social Media · jeremywaite.tumblr.com June 13, 2013
2) “29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE” · TO-FU Vimeo May 27, 2011
3) Radio Four in Four Minutes – Jake Yapp
4) 25 Reasons Why We Love Scotland – the poke