Want to Design Graphics Better? Watch These 5 Canva Tutorials Now

Get better with graphic designs by watching these 5 Canva Tutorials now

5 Canva Tutorials To Help You Design Like a Pro

If you want to improve your design skills, then I recommend that you watch these 5 Canva tutorials. Two things will help you to get better at Canva, firstly, you will want to create as many designs as you can as often as you can. Next you should join some Canva groups (I’ve recommended a few at the bottom of this post), visit Canva’s own blog, follow some Canva ambassadors on social media and do what I do,…watch tutorials on YouTube. Watch as many of these Canva tutorials as you can.

I have watched and loved so many tutorials over the years that I started to create a YouTube playlist to save them. Some of them are pretty old (probably even Canva first gen.) but will have relevant content regardless.

During Lockdown I created my own tutorials and  started saving them to my Canva Thea’s Tips, Tricks and Tutorials.

All tutorials are created by a few of my fave fellow Canva Certified Creatives -(Many are now Canva Verified Experts) who do an amazing job at promoting the brilliance of Canva. The following are in no particular order.

1. How to Make Comic Cartoons in Canva

I really enjoyed watching this Hadas video, as I’d never searched for any comic elements in Canva before. It’s a style I’d like to play with more – when the situation arises. It wouldn’t really be “on brand” with my style for Thea’s Things but maybe I’ll do something for Christmas cards or Merch with it 🙂

2. Design a photo with the HEAD POPPING OUT of a frame with Canva

The next tutorial is a fun one as Diana shows you how to make a sort of 3D design with a sort of “out of bounds” or “pop-out” style. It’s a super fun one that I have started to dabble with for my social media posts. She shows how to make two different versions – one with the head popping out of a circle and another using a squiggle frame shape.

3. How to create 3D effect in Canva: a person on top of text

Another one of Diana’s latest Canva tutorials shows a super cool Canva effect which is super “on trend” right now. It’s a fun technique I have tried several times with varying degrees of success. I absolutely love doing it though and I am sure practice will make “almost perfect” eventually.

I really love the 3D effects and can’t get enough of them. They make my creative brain “spark” – and so I try to watch as many of these types of tutorials as I can.

So here’s another super quick one from Hadas that is worth a view, and it too is on the subject of 3D.

4. How to 3D

Well, last but by no means least, is an interesting video about creating Instagram Reels using Canva. Now I don’t personally use reels, but I know they’re popular and so some of you may be giving them a go just now.

Well Nicky is gonna give you some super cool tips and tricks on using them in her recent tutorial.

5. Canva Instagram Reels

In Conclusion…

Well I hope you enjoyed these 5 Tutorials from Canva experts. I watch tons of them every week and so many are great. I’ll do another of these posts with five more soon!

The two ways I learn best, as I said earlier, are by trial and error, e.g. playing in Canva itself and by watching these pros in action on Youtube or FB.

Before I go, I think I’ll throw in a bonus video for good measure. I only recently discovered him, and wow I like his style. This Canva Tutorial’s packed with some great tips and hacks to scale your design skills up, exponentially. Finally, check out some of the links to helpful Canva resources below (like FB groups and some other Canva links too).

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Oh, by the way if you have been considering grabbing a Canva Pro FREE.

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