5 Days in With Younique’s UK Launch

A Younique Glasgow Presenter

Well I thought I’d do an update on how the week is going. My new venture is plodding along really slow and steady. I am learning as much as I possibly can. I watch loads of videos each night (webinars, tutorials, demos etc) and studying the catalog etc. I’ve created “flash cards” of all the Younique Products – to learn their prices and ingredients.

Younique UK - White Level Status - Thea Newcomb

It feels like I am doing a Younique Degree, (Youniversity!) I tell you…It’s overwhelming on some levels, and yet absolute head-buzzing-excitement on others.

I literally can’t stop thinking about the opportunity – even as I am trying to close my eyes and go to sleep, my mind is just going, going, going!

So you have to sell £125 pounds worth of product to qualify on White Status level. Well, I’ve done that already, hip-hip hooray

Divine Moisturizer - Younique By Thea
Click to BUY Divine from Younique

Yesterday morning (Tuesday), I woke up to learn I’d had products ordered while I slept and not only had I achieved “Qualified White Status”, but was paid for the sales into my PayQuicker account by morning! (More info about joining me as a Younique Presenter).

If you don’t want to be apart of my team, but just want to shop using my Sponsor account that’s fine too – please go straight to my Younique shop and start buying all your lovely makeup – like your Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash mascaras, Lucrative Lips Glosses, new Divine Moisturizer – or whatever you want now! 🙂

I watched a really inspiring video from the co-founder Melanie this morning which highlights the Younique achievements in such a short space of time (2 years).

They really are rocking all over the world. It’s a staggering-successful company already, and  I feel blessed to be in it so early on! (Only 2 years old and less than a week selling in the UK!)

126,202 – Global Younique Presenters!

Can you believe that’s the amount of Younique presenters, today, November 4, 2014? It’s incredible that in just two years they have grown this large! There were just 5,000 presenters last year – so the growth is just exponential!

Plus Younique boasts a 70% Retention rate of its “Active Presenters”.  Pretty unheard of in this industry (from what I hear anyway!) Not that I have a ton of experience with the direct sales – this is my first foray into it!

During October 2014, Younique sold $27.9 million in Products, and for November it’s on track to be a $35 million month! I’d like a slice of that – wouldn’t you?

Younique is constantly moving forward as a “Global Seamless Company”. So eventually my team will have members based in the US, UK, Canada Australia or New Zealand, and as Younique expands into other countries, then they too will be apart of this “seamless” mix and hopefully my team! Well that’s the dream!

In Other News…

Guy Fawkes Fireworks - Glasgow - Thea Newcomb Younique Presenter ScotlandWell as I type, there are crazy amounts of fireworks going for Guy Fawkes night. I can see some from my sofa – which is handy – as it’s much warmer here than it is out there! That’s for sure.

Yesterday, I did a Youtube session for Business Gateway, Ayrshire and had the most wonderfully-receptive class. Some days it’s a real JOY to be a trainer. Yesterday was one such day.

Then I went out to dinner with a radio colleague in Prestwick. We had a fantastic night.

Now I need to get back to my next presentation – an update of my last Twitter course! You have to update these things often, as they’re always changing! Are you on Twitter? By the way, are we connected? Follow @newthea – if you are!

 On last thing….

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

A wonderful quote from one of my faves — Zig Ziglar – author, salesman, motivational speaker. I love that man!

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