Five Minute Firesides with Founders: Canva Expert Brenda from Bon Accord Creative

Canva Expert Brenda Cadman from Canada

Five Minute Firesides with Founders: Canva Expert Brenda

Back with another Fire Minute Fireside with Founders: Canva Expert Brenda Cadman from Bon Accord Creative in Canada. Please note there are affiliate links found in this post.

Name: Brenda Cadman

Location: Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Company: Bon Accord Creative

Tell us briefly about your background – education, any career highlights, business experience etc.

I have run a website development company for 22+ years and I also had a professional organising company for a short period of time, during which I specialised in helping business owners and professionals tame their paper piles and create efficient filing systems for their unique needs.

How did you first hear about Canva/when did you join?

In early 2013, I had decided to leave the digital marketing agency that I’d co-founded in order to go back out on my own in the world of web development.

One of my former employees had decided to become a freelance designer so she and I continued working together and as my business grew, she took care of all my social media images, she provided some web design support… essentially she was helping to create all of my design materials.

And then one day in 2014, she let me know that she had decided to leave freelancing and take another full-time job, so I began dabbling with Canva while I was trying to find her replacement.

And while I do now have a graphic designer that I still work with for foundational branding components, I’ve continued using Canva to create all kinds of graphics to support my business myself.

It’s kind of a full circle moment that now I teach people how to use the tool that I was forced to learn! And I love using it every single day.

When did you become an Ambassador for Canva

I became an ambassador in the Canva Certified Creatives program in 2019 and one of Canva’s first official Canva Experts in March 2022.

What are your fave features in Canva? What feature could you not live without?

My top 3 are Canva Pro features that I think every business owner needs:

  • Custom Folders (specifically the ability to have unlimited custom folders on Canva Pro)

  • The Brand Kit (a MUST-HAVE for ensuring your marketing and other business materials are consistently on-brand).

  • Magic Resize: a *massive* time saver.

3 other non Canva tools or resources you recommend. (Websites, blogs, apps etc)

I absolutely need Asana (for project management), Freshbooks (for billing and expense tracking) and Google Docs (for so many things!) to run my business!

How do you make money using Canva? (Training, courses, templates, influencer etc)

I am specifically focused on educating small business owners (primarily course creators and service providers) how to use Canva more effectively in their business. I do that through my Facebook community, a monthly Canva membership, a Canva for Beginners course, my flagship “Canva Recipe” course and I will soon be offering Canva VIP Day services.

Where can people find out more about you? 2 or 3 links website/social/bio or store here.

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Before you go….

I recently purchased Brenda’s “Clean Up my Canva” course which I found super useful.

Finally, just a quick heads up before you shoot off, if you’re a creative of any kind or a business owner, please be sure to swing by my always-growing links page. It has amazing creative and business resources, tools, freebies and bundles. Also, did you know I finally started a newsletter – Thea’s One Thing. I just share one QUICK tip, tool or tutorial every Thursday.

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