#5x50chal – Day 4

Up and out early for today’s run (and again by “run” I mean slow jog, but still). I did it. More than two miles non stop. Slow and steady wins the race. And boy what a difference a day makes. Yesterday Cathie and I weathered all sorts but today – sunny the entire time. Took a few snaps. I really just try to listen to Social Media Podcasts when I am out during working hours (or in today’s case before) so I can achieve two things at once. (Note I didn’t say “kill two birds with one stone” because frankly that’s mean…)

Today was about Twitter for Business with Laura the Pistachio queen. That’s handy because I am delivering Intro to Social Media tomorrow morning for Business Gateway.#5x50chal - Day 4 running

When that podcast ended, I switched over to music and U2 California (There Is No End To Love) came on. Rather nice for a California gal like me. There once was a time when they were my fave band. Now I must sleep. Short and sweet.

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