#5x50Chal – Day 2

Well today’s #5x50chal wasn’t too bad today, but the weather was not the best. When I logged on this morning, my timelines were lit up with the S word (I mean “Snow”) – which, yet again, I somehow missed.

I Changed My Mind…

So this morning, I decided to change my mind. I emailed the #5x50Chal support team to switch to Option B (there are a variety of options to choose from).

While in all previous years, I managed the 5k (in fact I managed to average 5 miles a day!) this time I opted to do the 30 minutes a day – hence the Option B. It’s still better than what I’ve been doing the past few months…

Today’s 5×50 Challenges

I started off day 2, first thing, with my 8-min ABs workout. Then, I stalled and stalled, all morning, hoping for better weather, and eventually gave up and just went out at 2pm.

It was a run today, and when I say “run” I actually mean very slow jog. Frankly I reckon I did OK with my two 15-minute miles…Not as good as many of you out there but better than nothing…The fact I did more than 30 minutes, non-stop, was impressive to me. It was the first run I’ve done in weeks (or more).

#5x50chal - Day2 - Thea Newcomb Glasgow

By the time I was crossing the River Clyde, I was being pelted by hailstones the size of jawbreakers – led by strong winds. It was not at all pleasant. In fact, it was painful,…but I did it. #noexcuses. The picture in the hate was taken just after the hail, so the smile was indicating my relief the hail had passed!

Note: There was a slight discrepancy between my iPod stopwatch and my Pebble Smart Watch, because I forgot to hit stop on the Pebble until I got back into my house. That is all.


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