#5x50Chal – Days 6-9

Well it’s been a super-busy Easter weekend and the weather has vastly improved since the start of the challenge. Thank goodness!

As I was playing hostess for much of the break, I didn’t quite get the time to update the blog as I’d have liked to – so I am now…Mostly in pictures. It’s been a lot of walking this weekend…in Luss, Glasgow’s East End, and in various southside areas. #5x50chal - Day 6Luss was lovely as ever! Weather did leave a little to be desired but nothing compared to the beginning of the week so I won’t complain!
#5x50chal - Day 7An East End of Glasgow saunter with friends – Neil and Cathie. We had a long walk to Richmond Park in the east end and then back again, winding up at West brewery at Glasgow Green.

day8collageA nice way to spend an Easter Sunday morning in the park. Enjoyed a short break in the Walled Garden. Soon the hyacinths will be in bloom and I can’t wait!

 Easter Monday #5x50chal – another walk around the southside and along the River Clyde.
#5x50chal - Day 9
That’s about all for this #5x50chal update. Still going strong. Still trying to combine a walk or run with the AB workout. Just need to cut out the chocolate and I’d be slimming down in no time…

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