#5x50chal – Update through Day 15

Update on the #5x50chal

I seem to have left my daily blogging by the way-side. I’ve managed to do the challenge all week as committed to – but I haven’t been doing so good with updating this blog I guess. The week has been spent walking. Weather for the most part has truly held out.

Today my friend G and I walked around Newlands. Was good to catch up and go to a park I’ve never even seen before.
#5x50chal Run Day 14

Day 14 – Yesterday I ran, solo, for two-and-a-half miles (38 minutes) all around the River Clyde. I’m running a bit longer each time I do. I’m still not quite at the 5k mark but not too bad for an ole gal, I reckon.

#5x50chal collage | Thea

Also during the week my #5x50chal workouts were spent doing things like walking home from town, twice (appx 2 miles by the time I got weaved my way home). Friday was a walkabout in the West End. One night during the week was through one of my fave Glasgow neighborhoods.

So basically I do my best to mix up the #5x50chal  both in terms of areas but also with type of fitness. So far it’s mostly been walking and running but soon I ought to pull the roller skates and my bike out to really mix-it-up.

Watch this space.

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