6 Inspiring Youtubers for Design and Creativity

6 inspiring youtubers for design and creativity - merch, print on demand or simply art

6 Inspiring Youtubers for Design and Creativity

Today I am here with another quick post to share with you some favourite tutorial makers. More specifically, here are 6 inspiring Youtubers in the creativity space that offer tons of value on their channels. Each channel shares amazing tutorials, tips, resources and so forth. Every day is a school day for all of us. These types of videos might just inspire you and help you take your skills to the next level. They are in no specific order.

Crafty Stax

Based in Canada, I believe, the Crafty Stax channel is one of my go-to channels to watch for POD (print on demand) information, inspiration, tips, resources and more. Only a few months old, I probably average one of his videos on this channel every day! The about section of the channel says it all:

Here’s your spot for crafting resources – free designs, places to find high-quality images and all sorts of inexpensive and fun things to help you with your projects. Crafting for fun or for profit, this is the place to be!

Check out Crafty Stax on Youtube.

Zen Watercooler

By the same Canadian, I actually discovered this Zen Watercooler before the Crafty Stax channel. Both excellent. This one launched in June of 2019 already has  almost 15,000 subscribers and well over half a million views which is good going. This channel has everything from places to get elements, passive income and wealth-building tips, reviews of Print on Demand platforms, and wonderful tutorials…

Find a wide selection of information and inspiration on Zen Watercooler’s channel here.

Satori Graphics

Design your future today says the graphic on the top of the channel. While many of the videos are based around Adobe products (ahem) I throughly enjoy his take on typography, logos, branding, and design in general…even when he’s slamming Canva templates just a little

As he even points out in that Canva video – design is “subjective” and “personal opinion” but as he says “there are many different rules in graphic design lay the foundations for efficient design”.

See Satori Graphics channel here.

Detour Shirts

I first learned of Detour Shirts on Instagram, before Juna had started his Youtube channel. Was fortunate enough to speak to him ever so briefly and the Merch Conference in Seattle 2018 (at least long enough to tell him how much I loved his Instagram feed). Juna has been teaching people how to do design better and his primary focus is on t-shirts. I absolutely love his videos and get inspired each time I watch them. Love this one about the “Grid method” for designing tshirts which has made me want to go back over my 800 or 900 tshirt designs to completely overhaul (of course I won’t because who has that much time).

Juna’s Detour Shirts Channel.

Follow Canva on YT: Canva - Design anything. Publish anywhere.


Nope not biased at all (smirk). Well, OK, of course Canva’s gonna have to make my list. Some of my fabulous fellow ambassadors are starting to create some tutorials for the channel. I just need to get out of my comfort zone to do one myself. I do check out most of the tutorials on the Canva Youtube Channel and manage to pick up new ticks and tricks – every – single – week. Seriously. (You also may enjoy the Design with Canva channel)


Similar to Canva, and arguably a top competitor, Envato is another Australian company and a “leading marketplace for creative assets and creative people.” I sometimes will swing by their channel to check out their short tutorials that catch my eye. In truth I use their Placeit.net more than watch their Youtube but people starting out, it might be worth swinging by Youtube to see what’s on show. I personally like their Design Trends type videos.

In Conclusion

If you enjoyed this post, I did another similar blog ‘Watch These 5 Canva tutorials Now’ here that you may enjoy as well. If you have a topic you’d like me to cover, then please feel free to reach out.

Also, if you’re interested in amping up your design skills and taking advantage of even more awesome features, grab a FREE Canva Pro Trial here.

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