#ThisIsTotally80s – My ’80s Books Are Out Now

#ThisisTotally80s - 80s books by Thea Newcomb

#ThisIsTotally80s – My ’80s Books Are Out

Updated 2022: “…And now for something completely different”,…Well, sort of. Most of this blog has centered around Canva (at least for the past few years). Though not about that, this post has a tenuous link to Canva – in that I am creating a series of ’80s books using Canva.

Well right now the first of a series of books while in discussion with the lovely folks in London at Totally 80s. Now, please note that there are a number of “Totally 80s” brands out there if you do a search in Google. This is the one I am talking about today. It’s an award-winning, globally syndicated radio show that’s been going for over two decades now. Together we’re sort of a marriage made in heaven, hopefully.

Essential 80s Pop Quiz Book

Back in 1998, not even very far out of the flamboyant decade, I created an 80s pop trivia book called ‘Essential ’80s Pop Quiz‘. I not only wrote it but I self-published it too. (Still have a few residual boxes left over from the initial print run. Want one? Message me. Ha!)

Recently however, I was approached by Blue Revolution’s founder, radio presenter, entrepreneur and all around good guy, I think, Paul Hollins. His team makes the Totally ’80s radio show (among many others) and asked if I’d like to collaborate. I admit that, not only was I flattered to be asked, but I thought the idea was fun. The possibilities of working together are truly endless.

Many Irons in the Fire

I am not at liberty to say much just yet. We haven’t got anything down in writing, or set in stone, but through several discussions, we have ideas-a-plenty. With an equal passion for the genre, there is so much scope for collaboration between us or possibly a full on joint venture.

The older I get the more conscious I become about choosing the life I want to live. Basically, in short, I want to work less, earn more and have fun in all I do. So that’s my mantra, and why not?

Speaking of fun, I’ve twisted Paul’s arm into giving me control of the The Totally 80s Facebook page and have been fun resurrecting that community. Please give it a follow or even just tag the page in any content you think is great and share-worthy on said page! Thanks.

Do You Want to Know More?

If you want to know more and perhaps get added to my sort of VIP list, then leave a comment with “Count me in” (or something similar) and I’ll add you to my ever-growing mailing list. I promise it will be worth it and I won’t spam or sell your details to anyone else 🙂

It’s all very hush-hush now, but soon I will reveal more.

Find the Totally 80s books on Amazon in your country.

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