9 New Canva Features Updates & 1 Question for Users

New Canva Features Updates March 2022 - 9 and a Question for Canva Lovers

9 New Canva Features Updates

Great news, this post, which may not be grammatically well-titled, does feature the Canva update I have been waiting for and wanting for years. It will also feature eight other Canva feature updates or releases. I have recently blogged about one or two of these already, which I will link to below, but here’s the main recap for March 2022. It’s not all, but it’s the ones I’ve come across. If I am have missed any, you eagle-eye Canva peeps can let me know in the comments below! Also if you spot typos, feel free to tell me. There are no doubt some, but I operate on “done is better than perfect” when it comes to blogging…

Canva animations update March 20221) Animations Updates

You now have a little more control over certain animations. Notice from the image above that Canva users can now do things like move direction, apply to in or out or both, and change the durations etc. I know many people have been wanting this one. It’s especially good for quick animations and presentation movements.

Canva moves download button to under Share2) ‘Download’ Button Now Under ‘Share’

This is the absolute biggest change in a long time (in my humble opinion). It’s been met with extreme confusion and frustration from members of my community. It’s thrown me too, to be honest. It will take a bit of getting used to and actually involves more clicks than I would like.

When downloading one page, within a multi-page document (which I do all day every day for both my social media creations and print on demand designs) it’s extra clicks. Sigh. Oh well…

Change all fonts in Canva - March 20223) Change All Fonts

Hooray! This one pleases me no end. We now have the opportunity to ‘change all’ fonts across our designs. This one is sure to be a time saver for anyone with multiple page doc types. What do you think?

Audio Effects finally drop in Canva - hooray4) Audio Effects in Canva At Last!

This one is the one I’ve been wanting for a few years now. 100% my most desired Canva update. ‘Probably due to my background being in radio, I never could stand having either “cold starts” or “cold ends” (abrupt music or audio) to my videos. I like a bit of a fade in and definitely a fade out. So yeah, with this one, Canva’s made me a happy lassie.

Share Canva Templates has a new location in Canva5) ‘Share as Template’ has a new area

This one will be relevant to content creators who create templates – either for their clients or to sell on platforms like Etsy or Creative Market and so forth. You are now finding this feature under ‘Share’ under the ‘More…’

It’s billed as ‘Template link’ at the top. (Note: Once you use it you’ll likely find it next time living right under the purple download button. At least that’s what I am seeing now, the ones I’ve used most recently under ‘Share’)

Canva presentations new additional shortcut6) Additional Presenter Short Cuts

If you have been a Canva Presentation type of person, like me, you will have already been using their keyboard short cuts, right? I did a keyboard shortcuts blog about these already a week or two ago. (And actually, there was another general post of my fave keyboard shortcuts you might enjoy if you don’t know them already). Anyway, the two new additions are Letter U for curtain call (press once to open press again to close) & Letter M for a mic drop!

Canva reactions in comments7) New Reactions in Canva Comments

There are some sticker reactions to reply to Canva comments with…to comment on any document, you have to click an element, photo or text box and on the right side of your document you will see the speech bubble icon, and if you click it you can comment there. The person can then reply by click the sticker under it. Honestly I thought they’d been there for a while so not sure how “new” this update really is.

Slight line update8) Canva Lines Update

This is one of the newest updates discovered by my pal across the water Robson (in Dublin). It’s a minor update to the lines features but it’s still pretty cool. they simply re-jigged the line type (solid, dashed and dotted), ‘Rounded end points’, and the line weight now.

New Style update in Canva Styles9) Style Update Under Styles

Last, but not least for this month’s updates, is a minor update to the ‘Styles’ menu. Have you had a play with Styles? I love it. Essentially you simply pick any template in Canva’s library and click on the Styles icon (if you’ve never used it, it will be under ‘More…’) Styles allows you change your font and colour combinations with a few clicks. The new feature is the option has a sort of kaleidoscope button to spool though.

Canva Brand Kits - Copy the Colors to a New KitBonus Update

After finishing the graphics for this post, I came across yet_another_post in my special ex-CCC group from my colleague David Svoboda in Czech Republic. He noticed something I hadn’t yet come across…“Copy color palette to another brand kit”. And that’s a wrap. Any new ones after this moment will come in the next Canva updates.

Finally a Question from Canva…

How would you answer the question of what Canva feature you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments below. (I won’t see it if you post over there amongst the thralls of replies on FB….There are thousands of responses on that post!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what feature you wish Canva had and what you hope this new feature update is. I will update the post once they roll it out. Before you go do have a quick scan of my links page to see a whole plethora of FREE tools, apps, resources, extended pro trials and so much more

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