How to Create Simple Cute Animations in Canva

Animations in Canva - - butterfly path

Animations in Canva

Did you know you can make cute little animations in Canva – even on a FREE account? Now there are a few different ways to animate things in Canva but today’s post will focus on the newest ‘Create an Animation’ that you see when you click on the word Animate above your canvas (on Canva desktop or Web).

Create simple animations in Canva - set the speed, the path and movements. Canva Screenshot.

Using this feature, you can set the path, its movement style, speed and even orient the element to the path! (That means you can make it turn along with the course, picture a loop de loop on a roller coaster). Canva Animations work on text, photos, stickers and graphics alike. It’s super addictive and rather therapeutic too. Ready to give it a try…

Simple Steps for Creating Animations in Canva

  • Start by adding some text, a photo or perhaps a graphic like my butterfly. Once you’ve added it to your canvas, position it to your starting point. Once you’ve decided where it begins and ends, then click on it and then choose the word Animate.
  • Holding your mouse down, drag your element/item on the path you want it to take.
  • In my example, I had some squiggles that I wanted to follow the path along.
  • Set your speed and try turning on the orient the path button to see if you like it better.
  • Once you’re down, download your creation as a video or share it to directly to your social media.
  • Rinse and repeat.

5 Tips for Animation Creation

  • Tip 1: Start with a storyboard
    Even if it’s a basic animation you’re creating, think about what elements you might like to include. Focus on conveying your message clearly and simply. You can even use stick figures or simple shapes to map out your animation.
  • Tip 2: Keep your animation short and sweet
    Sometimes less is more, so don’t overcomplicate the animation by having too many things going on for too long. Just a few bit of movement can create a super effective animation. Stick to a length of 5-10 seconds. Consider the pacing and timing of your animation.
  • Tip 3: Use simple shapes and avoid too many details
    Choose basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. Avoid using too many details or complex designs. Keep the animation simple and easy to follow.
  • Tip 4: Pay attention to timing and pacing
    Consider the speed and duration of each movement. You can even mix it up by having some move slow and others move fast just make sure it works.
  • Tip 5: Add sound effects and music
    Choose audio that matches the tone and purpose of the animation. Use sound effects sparingly to emphasise key moments. Consider creating your own music or sound effects to add a personal touch. Canva actually has a tool in its Apps, called Soundraw that let’s you create your own track using AI. It’s a hoot.

In Summary

I hope you found this useful. It really is a case of just diving in and having a play. Please note: though you can make animations in Canva with the FREE version, everything is better with Canva Pro. You get access to the entire library of images, templates, graphics, icons, sounds, videos, photos etc. Plus you will be able to use all the fabulous features including Magic, Background Remover, Resize and more.

Learn more about a Canva Pro Free trial here If you want to learn more about Canva Pro then check out this Canva Pro FAQs post.

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I’m Thea, Scotland’s first Canva trainer and a Verified Expert with a decade of Canva experience. I’m passionate about empowering businesses like yours to unlock the magic of Canva and unleash their inner creative rockstar.

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