Blogher14 – Blogging Conference in San Jose

Attending Blogher 14 for the first time - in San Jose

This has been a pretty cool year for me – conferences wise – starting with the CES conference in Vegas. Enjoyed the techie talk, keynotes and gadgets. A lot! Then it was the Digital 2014 conference in Glasgow last month.  Now, I’ve just signed up to attend Blogher14 – their tenth anniversary, and my first time attending.  I’m pretty excited, I have to admit.

Attending Blogher 14 for the first time - in San Jose

There are some pretty excellent break-out sessions, keynotes, sponsors and bloggers in attendance. Seems like a good few parties happening there to boot!

One thing that excites me most is the talk of Guy Kawasaki with Adriana Huffington. Does it get any bigger or cooler than that?

My main aim for attending Blogher14 is to work on ways I can monetize my 14-year old website/blog – But my secondary aims are to learn some new things and meet some great people. I can’t help but wonder what some of the egos will be like at this sort of thing. Hopefully not too big.

Will write more either just before or after it…probably not during it. But you may find the odd tweet if you follow me on twitter…

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