3 Book Hackers Specials for Budding Self-Publishers

3 Book Hacker Specials for Budding Self-publishers

3 Book Hackers Specials

Updated Feb 2023: If you’re new to my blog, you may not have seen my previous post about Book Hackers 101. Since that post, my Self-Publishing pals Cindy and Tammie have been busy building out their offerings, and now have 3 Book Hackers Specials (my term, not theirs). I even heard that there may be some Black Friday deals to boot. If that happens will update that post soon…For now let’s look at the Book Hackers Specials to date.

Book Hackers Course

The first thing the ladies launched was a Book Hackers 101 course to get you started in self-publishing. It was a low priced offering on a course to get you started. Myself and many of my connections purchased it. Even though I’ve published over 200 books, there are still some areas I am not all that strong in – e.g. Amazon Ads and A+ Content in particular.

Their ACE framework is a real highlight of the course – and it stands for Audience | Content | Eyes. The course will walk you through these crucial steps toward self-publishing success with KDP.

Join the book hackers club - a monthly membershipBook Hackers Club

After Tammie and Cindy created the BH101 course, they took their knowledge and offering to the next level and created the Book Hackers membership club. It’s a slightly bigger investment to be part of the Club – but you can pay monthly or annually – depending on what works best for your budget.

From the website:

The Book Hackers Club helps self-publishers generate and sell more books and builds a solid business foundation to help you be in this for the long game.

Unlike courses and clubs, that just teach you how to make the books, this membership club offers the full 360 business lifecycle. It takes into account things like building your brand, marketing your books, keyword research, finding niches and business mindset to set you up for publishing success too.

Find out more about the Book Hackers Club Membership here. Or if you aren’t quite sure, why not try Book Hackers Club for a month for just one dollar?

Click the pic to sign up now for the Plan & Expand Challenge

Book Hackers Plan and Expand Challenge

Do you need to focus and have accountability? Then this program, Plan and Expand, 10-day challenge will help you map out your book publishing success.

The plan and expand self-publishing business goals challenge – helps you set your self-publishing business goals, break them down into small manageable tasks and will help you track your progress on a quarterly basis.

Whether you’re a new self-publisher who’s getting their business off the ground, or have an existing self-publishing business that needs to get back on track, this BH challenge will help you to build a sustainable publishing business.

This “Plan and Expand Challenge” 10-days challenge will help you get more focused and keep your business accountable.

Learn more about the Book Hacker Founders on these featured posts.

Cindy Minear

Tammie Chrin

If you would like to learn how to create and self-publish a book, learn more here.


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